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Geekvape Geek Bar Pulse Review: Astronomical Flavor!

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Jeremy Mann
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Geek Bar Pulse

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The Geek Bar Pulse is a 650 mAh disposable vape with 2x modes and 19 flavors to choose from. It’s one of the most flavor-dense disposables on the market, sure to change your opinion of how good a disposable vape can be. Mexico Mango might be the best mango in vaping.

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Product intro and specs

The Geekbar Pulse from Geekvape is an acclaimed disposable vape that received rave reviews earlier this year, sparking our interest here at Vaping360. Despite not being a brand-new release, we wanted to give our readers our take. Is it really as good as everyone was saying, or was it all hype? And in the rapidly evolving disposable vape market, is it still noteworthy a few months later? Here is a brief introduction to the Pulse.

The Geekbar Pulse is a 650 mAh disposable with a 16 mL juice capacity and a USB-C charge port. Its key features are two power modes activated by a physical switch, the world’s first full-screen smart LED for monitoring juice and battery levels, and a dual-core chipset that fires a dual mesh coil, with each coil activating alternately to ensure long-lasting flavor. The two modes are regular and pulse, with puff ratings of 7500 and 150000, respectively. There are 19 flavors to choose in 5% nicotine, that are said to be some of the best flavor experiences in a disposable. Let’s see about that!

Price: $15.99 (at Mi-pod)

Flavors: sour apple ice, blue razz ice, California cherry, fcuking FAB, juicy peach ice, meta moon, Miami mint, strawberry banana, strawberry mango, Mexico mango, tropical rainbow blast, watermelon ice, Taurus blueberry watermelon, Gemini grape lemon


  • Nicotine strength: 50 mg
  • Modes: 2 (standard/pulse)
  • Puffs: 15,000 standard mode / 7500 pulse mode
  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • Advanced Dual Core
  • Full Screen Display
  • Dimensions: 82.6 mm x 52.6 mm x 22.7 mm

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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The Geek Bar Pulse is a playful-looking disposable vape meant to evoke a futuristic, space-age capsule of some sort. The exterior colors are high-key and indicate the flavors, made of hard and glossy plastic. Sitting behind the transparent side panel with a black backdrop, the screen lights up to display different “cosmic-style animations” depending on the mode you’re vaping in. Personally, I think it’s a bit too toy-like, and you can’t turn off the screen lights, but I also get the vibe Geek Vape is going for and feel that they pulled it off. 

The body is like a rounded box mod, featuring an off-set “bite-friendly” mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is a firm rubber that does not feel cheap or porous like many rubber mouthpieces. You may not even notice it’s rubber without biting it. It’s a bit thicker than I normally like (being a fan of flatter duck-bill style mouthpieces), but it fits well with the design and is an absolute pleasure to use. 

Overall, the Geek Var Pulse feels good in the hand and is small enough to be palmable and pocketable. It measures approximately 52.6 mm x 27.7 mm x 82.6 mm and is similar in weight to other 650 mAh disposables. While holding one, the glossy body feels good to grip, which is accentuated by some of the raised lines of the artwork. It’s a device I like holding more than I like looking at, but I digress.

Getting started

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Getting started is as simple as any other disposable, with just one tiny exception located on the bottom of the Geek Bar Pulse. A little switch takes the device from an off position to the regular mode, and then to the pulse mode. Just slide it over, and it’ll click in place. 

If you forget what mode you’re in, the pulse mode is indicated by a rocket icon and red light that tracks along the outer edges of the screen (when taking a hit), whereas regular mode has a dashed circle in the middle of the screen with a green light tracking the outside edge. All the other information on the screen (battery and juice levels) is easy to read and clearly indicated by droplets and lightning bolt icons. The screen is on when vaping and turns off seconds after your hit is over. 

Although the Pulse doesn’t have traditional airflow control, each vaping mode comes equipped (in the switch itself) with its own airflow. The regular mode is a super loose MTL, and the pulse mode is a restricted lung hit, both activated by just inhaling. 

As stated in the intro, the various modes affect the battery and puff rating differently. The Pulse mode puts out about 20 watts and has a puff rating of 7500. The regular mode has a puff rating of about 15000. In the pulse mode, you’re going to eat up battery (and juice) quickly. It’s a great vape in pulse mode, but if you want to make your device last longer, maybe don’t keep it in pulse mode indefinitely. I like to switch between the two. 

How does it hit?

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The Geek Bar Pulse hits like a dream. It’s fast, warm, quiet, and super smooth. The Geek Bar Pulse has a dual-core processor that activates the dual coil in a way that fires each coil in succession. I recently reviewed another disposable that performs a similar function, but that one produces an audible on/off sound of the coils alternating, whereas the Pulse makes no such sound or feeling. Again, it’s smooth!

The throat hit isn’t as pronounced as some other disposables, likely because the airflow is more generous. While there isn’t much throat hit in the typical sense, there is a chest fullness of the hit that you can feel that is just as satisfying. But a bit of caution: in pulse mode, the hit might be a lot to handle if you’re used to taking tootle-puff tokes off of an MTL device. Remember, this is 5% nicotine, so a big vaporous hit of a restricted lung hit may get you a little spun. Take it easy. 

Geek Bar Pulse best flavors

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I’ll go out on a limb here and say the Geek Bar Pulse produces some of the best flavor (if not the best) of any disposable I’ve tried. Most of the flavors are sweet, bright, and fully developed, although not very complex. The catalog ranges from candy to fruity flavors, and unfortunately, completely lacking in desserts.

The flavor line-up may not be as good as the flavor it produces. Some of the flavors are next-level good, but others are just okay. From my experience, the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro has the best flavors (and some of the best flavor from a disposable,) while the Geek Bar Pulse probably puts out the best flavor. These are my five favorites:

Mexico mango: OMG! Outstanding mango goodness in a vape. Imagine a fully ripe, super-sweet, and creamy mango puree turned up to level 10. This flavor is unparalleled. Minor cooling. (Recommended in pulse mode) 

Strawberry mango: A slightly more tamed mango underpinned with the sweet earthiness of strawberry. It's not as earth-shattering as Mexico mango, but it's still a good one. Minor cooling. 

Juicy peach ice: Similar to Mexico mango in effect, a super flavor-dense vape with all the aroma and sweetness of peach but amplified. It’s a natural tasting peach but with the flavor volume of a sweet candy. Medium cooling. (Recommended in pulse mode)

Grape blow pop: Although this is based on a candy flavor, I taste a creamy and sweet grape, more decadent than the simplicity of a “grape blow-pop” flavor. Moderate cooling. 

Blow pop: Similar to grape blow pop, there is more going on than just a generic “blow-pop” flavor. It’s got a little tart to balance out the sweet but with a whole lot of flavor and that unique creaminess in many of these Pulse flavors. Surprisingly tasty. Moderate cooling. 

How long do they last?

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For a 650 mAh battery, the Pulse doesn’t last long in pulse mode. You can go through approximately 20% of the juice in a couple of hours before the battery is drained. All that flavor comes with a tradeoff. In regular mode, you can get a good half of a day with moderate vaping. In regular mode, the vape time is similar to other 650 mAh battery devices. Luckily, the Geek Bar Pulse charges quickly. Using a USB-C charger (not included), the Pulse charges in about 55 minutes, compared to others like it that charge in 90 minutes or so. While charging, the battery readout on the screen shows the percentage the charge completion is at, so you won’t have to guess as to the battery charge remaining until completion.

Pros / Cons


  • Nice hand feel
  • Mouthpiece is bite-friendly and a pleasure to use
  • Toggle switch for modes is user-friendly
  • Charges faster than most 650 mAh disposables
  • Outstanding flavor
  • Mexico Mango is remarkable
  • Smooth draw


  • Looks too much like a toy
  • Pulse mode drains battery quickly
  • No dessert flavors



As it turns out, the rave reviews for the Geek Bar Pulse were not hype. It really is an amazing disposable. The flavor, functionality, and overall vape quality are super high. There is a lot to love about these devices, with my main gripe being that they look too toy-like. I think a similar space-age capsule effect could’ve been achieved with all black (or all white). But even still, it’s hard for me to take anything away from these vapes. The flavor from the Mexico Mango may just trounce your best sub-ohm tank.

Highly recommended.

Geek Bar Pulse

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Vaping360 placeholder image

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Jeremy Mann

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