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March 6, 2024
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G Pen Dash+ Review: A Fuss-Free Starter Vaporizer

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Hayley Heidelbaugh
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G Pen Dash+

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G Pen’s Dash+ Vaporizer had big shoes to fill—and still managed to surpass expectations. Like the Dash before, the Dash+ is a compact dry herb vaporizer built to maximize ease and flavor. Features include hybrid heating, a full-color LED display, and precise temp control. Backed by a robust 1800 mAh battery.

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What is it?

Having debuted in mid-2023, the Dash+ is G Pen’s recent follow-up to their original Dash portable dry herb vaporizer. As far as handheld weed vaporizers go, the Dash+ ticks the boxes you’ve come to expect: temperature control, hybrid heating, USB rechargeability, and a battery hearty enough to handle multiple sessions on a single charge.

Something that’s worth addressing right out of the gate: while the Dash+ is technically the original Dash’s successor, it hardly feels like a new iteration of the same device. Had they not shared the “Dash” alias, I would have assumed these vaporizers were (at least directly) unrelated, aside from the common manufacturer and dry herb angle. Their features, design, and price brackets are distinct.

Even though I’d say that the Dash+ is an overall superior device, the Dash still has a place in the market—and a pretty unique one, at that. It isn't defunct just because there’s an upgraded version available. And although neither is revolutionary, not every device needs to be. Sometimes, you just want a vaporizer that can get the job done without fuss. That’s where the Dash+ really shines.

Price: $149.95 (at G Pen)


  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches
  • Compatible: Dry herb
  • Warranty: Two years (three years if registered on the G Pen site)
  • Heating: Hybrid (conduction/convection)
  • Magnetic mouthpiece with spiral ceramic air path
  • Titanium heating chamber
  • Zinc-alloy casing
  • Dual clean air intake channels
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
  • Display: Full-color LED display
  • Three-button operation
  • Precise temperature control (320℉ - 420℉ / 160℃ - 215℃)

Kit contents

What’s in the box?

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Much like the device inside, the Dash+ arrives in compact, sleek black packaging. You’ve probably seen something similar if you’ve purchased a dry herb vaporizer in the past. Attractive, but not the most eye-catching.

Sticking with the theme of convenience, you’ll receive most of what you need to get started:

  • The Dash+ vaporizer
  • A tool to help pack/clear out your oven
  • A silicone mouthpiece sleeve
  • A USB-C charging cable
  • All that’s missing are swabs, alcohol wipes, or whatever your preferred cleaning equipment is.

    Product features

    The Dash+ is lightweight and compact, with an ergonomic, magnetic mouthpiece. Popping off the top, you’ll find an easy-to-clean titanium oven with space for around 0.25 to 0.35 grams of ground bud. More room than the original Dash, but pretty standard for a device of its size. You’ll get about the same with full-size PAX vaporizers.

    While the Dash is practically keychain-sized, the Dash+ is just compact enough to slip inside a large pocket. But I wouldn’t use this as a slight against the Dash+. Again, there are plenty of advantages to bulking up a portable device. There’s no way around it: you just aren’t going to get the best vapor production out of a pen tiny enough to wear on your belt. (To give credit where it’s due, the OG Dash isn’t the only bite-sized herb vape. It is, however, one of the most cost-effective.)

    Discretion isn’t a reason I’d recommend the Dash+. Compared to the alternatives, it’s a similar size—nothing world-shattering.

    The Dash+ key features include:

    • Precise temperature control: Not too uncommon in newer vaporizers, but appreciated. Sessions geared toward specific terpenes or cannabinoids can benefit from precision. You’ll only get this in the Dash+, seeing as the Dash relies on three preset temperatures.
    • USB-C charging: Unlike some devices, the Dash+ doesn’t utilize a special charging dock. Any compatible cord or adapter will do.
    • Twenty-second heat up: The Dash+ reaches your desired temperature in around 20 seconds, give or take a couple.
    • Session timer options: Choose from eight session lengths (between one and four minutes in 30-second increments, or four minutes and twenty seconds—wink wink).
    • Entry-level vapers may appreciate the Dash+'s ease of use and simplicity, though temperature features can come with growing pains. You’ll want to explore the best temperatures for vaping weed before using the Dash+ as your introductory vaporizer.

      How to use the G Pen Dash+

      Getting started with the G Pen Dash+ isn’t difficult. In fact, I find it to be more intuitive than the original Dash despite having more settings and customization opportunities. Maybe it’s just easier to navigate when the device doesn’t rely on one button to do everything.

      • Before loading, give the Dash+ a charge. Unlike the original Dash and other popular portables that still haven’t ditched the old micro-USB port, the Dash+ charges through USB-C.
      • Pop off the magnetic mouthpiece and load your ground bud into the chamber. The Dash+ performs great with a medium-fine grind. Dry herb only, no waxy concentrates. Dab pens heat to higher temperatures than you’ll get out of the Dash+.
      • Reattach the mouthpiece and hold the power button for three seconds. This will bring up the temperature selection screen, where you can use the left and right arrows (beneath the LED display) to navigate between 320℉ 420℉ (160℃ 215℃).
      • Press the power button twice to lock in your temperature. The Dash+ fully heats in around 20 seconds, making it one of the more efficient options out there.
      • You’re ready to puff away. After the session timer has reached zero, the device will remain in standby mode for one minute before automatically shutting off. Alternatively, hold down the button for three seconds to power down.
      • If you’d like to change your session length, press the power button five times to open the settings menu. This is also where you can adjust the brightness, toggle between Celcius and Fahrenheit, or manage haptics.

        How does it perform?

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        Looking at its actual functionality, my main complaints about the Dash+ are light.

        I didn’t go into the Dash+ expecting the densest, most flavor-rich clouds to ever grace my senses. And sure, while that ended up being true enough, I wasn’t dissatisfied with what I got. The Dash+ trumps its predecessor in both vapor quality and output.

        Not to say that the original Dash spits out anything harsh or unsatisfying, but don’t anticipate a complex sensory experience. Its output is definitely on the wispier side.

        None of that came as a surprise, of course. With fewer features to work with, the OG Dash is at an instant disadvantage. Flavor-focused vapers on a budget may find the Dash+ to be a sufficient compromise. Go with the Dash for efficiency and the Dash+ if you prioritize the ride as much as the outcome.

        Just to run down the list, because there are a number of features here that work well for me:

        • A spiral ceramic airpath keeps the vapor and mouthpiece at the right temperature for comfortable hits, especially if you’re using the silicone sleeve;
        • Heat is well-dispersed, and the device doesn’t get too hot in your hand;
        • There is just the right number of buttons, adjustable settings, and haptics to keep the Dash+ intuitive—a step up from the Dash’s screenless, single-button interface;
        • The hybrid (conduction and convection) heating is effective, and I haven’t needed to stir the bud midway through my Dash+ sessions. Everything seems to be cooking evenly.
        • I’ve been testing the Dash+ for several weeks at the time of writing, and while I haven’t seen any signs of trouble yet, I can’t say for sure how the vaporizer holds up over time. It feels sturdy enough and has a nice heft. Fortunately, the Dash+ doesn’t have the “cheap” feel that similarly priced devices can fall prey to.

          Battery life and charging

          Charging the Dash+ is speedy and straightforward. Each device arrives with a brand-new USB-C cable. Keep tabs on your vaporizer’s power level using the battery meter, found on the interface’s upper right corner. This will be visible whenever the Dash+ is powered on.

          An 1800 mAh battery isn’t short-lived, though it does fall well below competitors like the PAX Plus (3000 mAh), PAX 3 (3500 mAh), and Arizer Solo II (3500 mAh). You’ll get up to 40 minutes of continuous use on each charge of your Dash+ vaporizer.

          How to clean the Dash+

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          As long as you stay on top of it between sessions, cleaning the Dash+ is quick and simple. Wipe down the chamber and mouthpiece just like you would your PAX or any comparable vaporizer. You can also use the G Pen tool (included with your device) to scrape out ground material.

          First-time dry herb vaper, or just looking for a refresher? You can typically get the job done with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol wipes might also come in handy. For a quick clean, dampen a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe in and around the heating chamber, then move on to the mouthpiece. You’ll want to keep both the interior and exterior clear of residue.

          Make sure to do a thorough clean-out every few sessions. Resin buildup can negatively impact the flavor and functionality of your Dash+, and could even block its airpath.

          Start by removing the mouthpiece insert. Pop out the screen and spiral airpath, soaking both components in isopropyl alcohol. Don’t soak the rest of the insert or the mouthpiece itself. Make sure everything is fully dry before reassembling and using your Dash+.

          To clean the silicone mouthpiece cover, it’s best to nix the alcohol altogether. Hand soap and warm water can do the trick without risking deterioration.


          Pros / Cons


          • Minimalist and easy-to-master interface
          • Precise temperature control
          • Competitive price
          • Heats up quickly
          • Low draw resistance
          • Good flavor
          • Hybrid heating (doesn’t require stirring mid-session)


          • Not the longest-lasting battery (non-replaceable)
          • Dry herb only
          • Can’t be used with a water pipe
          • Not a true budget vaporizer (unlike the Dash)
          • Session timer can only be adjusted in increments



          All in all, the Dash+ performs just beyond what I’d expect from a vaporizer in its price range—and that’s meant as a compliment. In my experience, devices in this middle-of-the-road slot can fall just about anywhere on the quality spectrum. It’s always nice to see a moderately priced vaporizer that gets the job done without hiccups.

          If you’re determined to spend up to $150 and aren’t looking to max out on battery life, I’d recommend giving the Dash+ a shot. For harder-hitting options and more battery life, you’ll need to spend at least $50 more. And it’s not entirely fair to compare the Dash+ to more premium devices like the Mighty+ or Crafty+, so I’ll stop myself from falling into that trap. New vapers will need to weigh their priorities against how much they’re comfortable investing.

          Even before factoring in goals and experience, the Dash+ strikes a nice balance for me: it’s functional and reliable, offers just enough customization to suit most vapers’ needs, and isn’t the biggest financial commitment.

          G Pen Dash+

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