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November 19, 2019
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IVG Mixer Range Review: Five Refreshing Lemonade Flavors

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Spyros Papamichail
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IVG Mixer Range

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IVG is a UK-based e-liquid manufacturer which was established in 2016. They have made a name of themselves after winning a series of juice awards and have become one of the most recognizable names around. Their catalog now includes over 40 recipes in eight distinct lines, with a selection of these being available in nic salts and concentrates. Their juices are sold in six continents and over 60 countries around the world.

IVG sent me their Mixer Range, which includes five lemonade juices. They sent them in 70/30 shortfill and 20 mg nic salt form, but depending on where you are on the map you may have access to them in a variety of configurations—including higher strength salts.

The IVG acronym stands for “I Vape Great”. Keep reading to find out if their juices stay loyal to their name.

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What are shortfills

Shortfills appeared in the EU shortly after the TPD landed on the 20th of May 2016. With nicotine-containing juice limited to bottles of 10 mL, the costs were skyrocketing for EU vapers. E-liquid companies started producing nicotine-free juice offered in bottles with extra space, meant for the user to add their preferred amount of TPD-compliant nicotine shots. Most shortfills come in 30, 60, and 120 mL bottles, and can usually go up to 3 mg or in some cases even 6 mg with the use of nicotine shots.

How to use shortfills

Shortfills are easy to prepare. Just remove the bottle cap and the dropper cap, add the preferred amount of nicotine base, and fill up the rest of the bottle with VG and/or PG if needed. Put everything back together and shake the bottle for a couple of minutes. As soon as the bubbles disappear you can start vaping. For better results, you can leave the bottle aside for 24 hours to allow the juice to homogenize.

IVG Mixer Range flavors

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I tested the flavors using the Wotofo Recurve RDA built with Wotofo’s 0.3-ohm Alien coils, and also vaped the salts in various pod systems. IVG sent me the full line of shortfills but included a Fresh Mango nic salt instead of the Pink Lemonade for some reason. I won’t include the Fresh Mango in this review, but it seems to be the same juice as the one they use in the IVG Starter Kit pods, and it’s not bad at all.

Fresh Lemonade

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Their take: A handful of freshly squeezed ripe lemons blended with a dash of sugar for sweetness, a brilliant yet simple classic lemonade that’s perfect for any occasion.

My take: A refreshing and realistic homemade lemonade flavor. What I really like in this juice is the fact that the sweetness and iciness are very balanced—most lemonade juices these days tend to be strong on the menthol. Maybe they could have made it a bit more sour, but that’s more of a personal preference. It is a great base for the rest of the line to be built upon, and a must-buy for fans of pure lemonade flavors.

Citrus Lemonade

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Their take: Handpicked sour grapefruits infused with the zest of oranges & lemons, creating a natural tangy citrus lemonade. A true all day vape.

My take: This is a grapefruit lemonade with a hint of orange, and it’s one of my favorites of the line. These fruits work great together as the sweetness of the orange smoothens the edges of the grapefruit. The grapefruit dominates the inhale, but there is a fair bit of orange in the exhale. The juice is spot on, and as with the Fresh Lemonade one, sweetness and iciness are very balanced. Two thumbs up!

Pink Lemonade

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Their take: Your favourite lemonade with hints of sweet grapefruit.

My take: That’s the first time I have seen grapefruit in a Pink Lemonade, which is one of the most popular juice profiles around. But I feel that they kinda missed the description on this one, as there are clearly some delicious berries in the recipe. The grapefruit flavor is not nearly as pronounced as it is in the Citrus Lemonade, making it a very different juice—and a sweeter one. I love the berries on the exhale, and the grapefruit twist on the pink lemonade profile. I am ranking this as my number one of the line.

Honeydew Lemonade

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Their take: Juicy honeydew melon puree combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice, garnished with crushed ice. A truly mouth-watering vape.

My take: That’s an interesting combination for me, as I have never tried a honeydew lemonade be it in real life or vaping. But it works! The honeydew in this juice is very ripe, which fits with the description, making it a touch sweeter than the previous three. I like the fact that the honeydew and lemonade parts are present both in the inhale and the exhale, and I am confident that this juice will satisfy honeydew fans.


Riberry Lemonade

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Their take: A perfect blend of crushed blackcurrants and wild berries paired with refreshing lemonade, an extremely satisfying taste.

My take: The riberry is an Australian red berry, and I have a feeling that IVG was being creative with the name of the juice. In any case, that’s the sweetest juice of the line and the berries are prominent both in the smell out of the bottle and the flavor. I really like the berries they’ve used, but I can barely detect the lemonade and I would have preferred if they kept the sweetener lower—although the sweetness is not as pronounced on a pod system. Give it a try if you like sweeter juices, but for me that’s the one I can live without.



The IVG Mixer Range is a great line for fans of lemonade vapes. The five juices are so different from each other that it will be hard for lemonade fans to not find at least one they’d like. All juices are clear, relatively easy on the coils and, unlike a lot of lemonade flavors on the market, not hard on the menthol. All in all, the Mixer Range is a solid collection of refreshing flavors, and it gets my full recommendation.

Have you tried any of IVG’s juices? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

IVG Mixer Range

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