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November 27, 2019
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Knockout CBD Cartridge Review: Formulated with 300mg CBD

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Dave Kriegel
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Knockout CBD Cartridge

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Recently, I have been testing out a few products from Knockout CBD. They are a newly established company, but they already have a diversified line of CBD products. I've previously reviewed their CBD vape juice and CBD vape pens, today I will be focusing on their CBD carts. They also offer CBD pods, CBD oils, capsules, gummies and flower.

Knockout CBD does third party lab testing on all of their products for potency, and publishes the results on their site. Their packaging has a QR code on it that you can scan to access the lab tests for your particular batch. I would like to see more in-depth testing performed in the future for terpenes, contaminants, pesticides, etc. At least you know you are getting the right amount of CBD, which is important for finding your CBD dosage. They also make sure to point out that their cartridges do not contain Vitamin E oil.

These CBD cartridges were sent courtesy of E-Juice Plug for the purpose of this review.

Price: $24.99-$29.99

Strengths: 300 mg

Knockout CBD Cartridges

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Knockout CBD cartridges come neatly packaged in a little black box. That's pretty standard for most cannabis carts, but I like their presentation. It has the Knockout logo, a picture of the fruit flavor, and a QR code for lab test results. The carts are 1 mL and contain 300 mg of CBD. I don't understand why it has a 1000 mg label on it even though it only contains 300 mg active CBD, which is still a decent amount for a 1 mL cartridge. I guess it technically does contain 1000 mg CBD e-liquid, because 1 mL weighs about a gram, but only 30% of that formula is actually CBD. I have seen them advertised as full spectrum, but based on the lab test results that I've seen, they are THC-free and include a few additional cannabinoids. So, technically, it would be considered broad spectrum.

There is no information listed about the coil or wick type, but it looks like your typical ceramic cartridge. It has a comfortable rounded metal mouthpiece and the tank section is made of glass. The carts are 510-compatible and worked with all of my 510 thread batteries. Depending on your device and style of inhaling, you'll probably get around 250-350 puffs out of each cartridge, with about 1.5-2 mg CBD per puff.

Their cartridges produce more vapor than their vape pens, but the flavor is a bit more muted. I haven't gotten any burnt hits, but I did notice a burning feeling in my throat after a few puffs, which I don't experience with their vape pens or e-liquids. I would probably attribute it to the style of vape tank they use, or the VG/PG levels.

They are available in two flavors: Mango and Blueberry. I've tried their Mango e-liquid before, and it was pretty good. Here is a brief summary of the two flavors that their cartridges are offered in:

Mango: This flavor is one of the most natural-tasting fruit flavors from their line. It has a hint of candy, but it mostly just tastes like a fresh, ripe mango. If you like the taste of mango nectar, or just like a more natural fruit flavor, you will probably prefer Mango.

Blueberry: This flavor is only offered in cartridge form by Knockout CBD. Blueberry is a hard flavor to pull off without it tasting artificial, but they did a good job with this one. If you enjoy the taste of blueberry candy this will probably be your favorite of the two.



While the flavors are good, the cartridges don’t really do them justice. I’m not a big fan of these style of cartridges when it comes to e-liquid. Their mango e-liquid is way better with my own refillable vapes. For the price, it’s a good value, but if you’re looking for flavor, you’re way better off with their CBD e-liquid. I also think they should have just put a 300 mg label on the package, instead of a misleading 1000 mg one. In addition, I would like to see more extensive lab testing performed on their products in the future. Although I prefer Knockout CBD’s vape pens and e-liquid, their cartridges are not a bad deal for 300 mg CBD.

Knockout CBD Cartridge

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