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Linx Vapor Eden Review: Pocketable Convection Under $100

Jeremy Mann
August 8, 2019

What is it?

The Eden by Linx Vapor is a new pocketable convection vaporizer with an all quartz chamber and a pure vapor path for just under $99. Built like a high-end tube mod, the Eden can handle flower, concentrate, or even a flower/concentrate dual load. With a strong 2500 mAh non-removable battery, the Eden has four preset temps to satisfy flavor chasers or heavy hitters, beginning at 360 F/182 C and maxing out at 428 F/220 C. One more aspect to mention about the Eden—as with all Linx Vapor products—is that it’s manufactured to be clean. Sticklers for quality materials, Linx Vapor could be called the “anti-plastic taste” vaporizer company. If you’re familiar with burn-offs and trying to rid a device of an industrial taste that won’t seem to go away, Eden is different. Out of the box, the Eden is clean as a whistle.

There’s a lot to like about the Eden, but as always, there are some things you need to know.

What’s in the box?

There are a lot of extras and accessories that Linx Vapor puts in this classy corrugated box. Inside you’ll find:

1 x Instruction manual
1 x Linx Eden, with all quartz heating chamber
1 x Linx Eden magnetic mouthpiece cap
3 x Linx Eden silicone mouthpiece cap
1 x cleaning brush
3 x glass mouthpiece tubes
1 x USB-C charger
4 x filter screens
3 x Linx Eden lava plates
1 x silicone top cap cover
1 x silicone sleeve

The only thing that I expected to be there but didn’t find in the box was a dab tool. But honestly, with so much already included, that’s like me quibbling about not getting a USB cord with a vape. And speaking of a USB cord, Eden uses a USB Type-C charger. I think that elevates the device, even if just because they’re more durable and less likely to be a point of failure in the future.

There are other accessories available—like a water pipe adapter—but I’m only reviewing the basic kit. Check out the Linx Vapor site to see the full line of accessories for the Eden.

Product features

Linxvapor Eden

With a true convection oven, an all-quartz chamber, and a glass tip, the Eden can produce lively tasting vapor and then some. At this price, I don’t even know of another legitimate convection vape to compare it to (I’d be happy if someone could point me to one). This price of $99 is most definitely a feature! Most pocketable convection vapes are at least double, if not triple the price of Eden.

It’s made of medical stainless steel and it comes with a matching magnetic cap to cover the mouthpiece when you’re not using it. It’s a simple accessory but the magnet is strong and it does what it’s supposed to do.

What I like the most is that there’s no funny business going on inside the device. If you want to get away from vaping on the taste of plastic, the Eden was designed for you. Whether you like flavor or simply getting stoned, Eden has four color-coded temperature presets that should do the trick. The temp gets reached in about 30 seconds, and the device has a short pulse of vibration to let you know it’s ready. It stays on for four minutes before shutting off. These are the temps and colors:

  • 360F / 182C (blue)
  • 380F / 193C (green)
  • 400F / 204C (yellow)
  • 428F / 220C (red)

Although the Eden doesn’t go up very high, the device can get warm and flat out hot on the top cap and the short-stem glass mouthpiece (there’s even a laser-etched warning inscribed on the top cap about the heat).

While that’s not exactly a feature, Linx says the excess heat is because the device has no synthetic insulation. Luckily, they include a sweet black silicone sleeve and cover for the main body, the top cap, and a (clear) silicone mouthpiece. The silicone does a fairly good job at keeping the heat contained, and it fits the Eden perfectly. I do wish the mouthpiece was black though.

The Eden features a glass tip and a filter-section that can be fully disassembled. Since it’s a true convection vape, cleaning up after vaping bud only really requires a little brushing. You can save the iso for when you dabble in concentrates. When you do want to use concentrates, that’s when you grab the lava plates.

Performance and usage

The basics of using the Eden are simple. Load it, then turn it on with a quick five-click press of the button. Three clicks toggle through the presets. Wait for the vibration (about 30 seconds), then begin inhaling. Don’t forget: use the silicone sleeves.


I can’t find an official load recommendation in the manual, but I’ve found that the Eden works well from 0.05 g to around 0.15 g. The smaller the pack the more I tamp. I shoot for a grind finer than medium but not too fine. A couple twists in my two-piece Space Case and I’m good to go. If you want to flavor chase with your bud, you can get solid flavor with the Eden. And the little aroma coming out of the tip is pleasant. It never smells like you’re cooking weed.

But if you’re a flavor chaser, you may not see much vapor at the lowest two settings. Frankly, even at the highest two settings, I get flavor that’s worlds better than smoking. So I’m good. I’ve tried the Eden at the lowest two settings, but I’m a guy that must have the vapor production. I tried, but couldn’t get vapor at the low settings. Maybe just a little wisp or two, but barely anything visible even with overhead light. I’m sure there’s some method for getting more vapor with the low settings, but I’m fine going hot. That’s why I pretty much stay at the 428F / 220C (red) setting.

At the red setting, I have no problems at all getting multiple sizeable hits even on a 0.05 g pack. Actually, most of the time I take one and then turn it back off. Since it’s convection, the herb does not continue cooking. I find the Eden to be quite effective for micro-dosing. After one full session, my herb still looks better than the herb I smoked in high school.

But unlike the recommendations in the manual to take slow and steady drags, I add a little more force behind my pull. I start out by taking a couple long and slow hits right after the temp is reached, then I start pulling harder as the temperature rises. I don’t mean I rip it fast like it’s a bong, but I do get in there and pull the vapor out. I got no complaints in the vapor department, and I’m basically a vapor chaser.

Linxvapor Eden


The manual says to use about a grain of rice size for concentrate on the lava plates. I played around with some forgettable wax I just bought. The temp doesn’t really get hot enough to do concentrates real justice, but it has caught me off guard a few times. You know when you take a hit, blow it out and think… “I hope I don’t have to see anyone for the next 15 minutes!” I went from feeling like nothing was happening, to all of the sudden a big tear-jerker of a hit came out of nowhere. The problem is, I can’t really get it to be as consistent as I can with herb. This is something I’m going to have to play around with more. I did get lifted off this wax at a low power setting, but the flavor wasn’t profound enough to make me not still long for visible vapor.


If you’re going to do this, make sure to use all three included lava plates. Begin by dosing the bottom plate, then put on the next plate. Add some herb but leave room for one more lava plate. Then put the cap back on. If you don’t add that third plate on top of your bud, the filter section could get clogged up. I say this from experience.

On the red setting, I got some really enjoyable hits that I’ve never quite tasted before. Wax and herb at the same time, on a convection vape? Pretty good. But the concentrate and herb in the chamber makes things a bit more messy and in need of a good iso q-tip rub down. It’s not something I would do often, but every once in a while I could enjoy this.

Lava Plate instructions (and a correction)

As it turns out, I used the Lava Plates incorrectly. I got a little confused in the directions. Maybe I should’ve read them before having my first session? This is what it says in the instructional manual:

“Linx Lava Plates allow you to vaporize both extract and dry material simultaneously. Spread your material (about the size of a grain of rice) onto one side of the Lava Plate. Place a second Lava Plate on top of your extact. Load the Eden half way with dry material and place the Lava Plates on top. Re-attach mouthpiece, power on and enjoy.”

A commenter informed me that the Lava Plates are meant to be used with dry herb on the bottom—with only two Lava Plates sandwhiching concetrate on top—so that the concentrate doesn’t melt through and mess up the heating element. That makes sense! I tried it this way and it’s an overall good experience for flavor, but it still largely feels like a waste of concentrate.

Battery life

The battery life is pretty great. I counted eight sessions on a single charge, each taken to the cut-off, and I know I got a few more but I forgot to count those. Suffice it to say, the battery should most definitely get you through a day of solo use.

The Eden has a long charge. Mine charged somewhere between 3 hr 15 min and 3 hr 50 min. I fell asleep and missed the exact time it fully finished its charge cycle. It was hard to wait all that time for it to charge–I simply wanted to use it again. The first charge was when I realized how I really felt about the device. Not being able to use it when I wanted put it in perspective. I did try to use it while it charged, but that heat made me stop. Then I read in the manual that you should not use it while it charges.

Pros / Cons

  • Quality materials
  • All quartz chamber
  • Wide array of extras and accessories
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Great flavor
  • Nice vapor at the hottest setting
  • Good for micro-dosing (around 0.05 g - 0.15 g)
  • Can disassemble entire mouthpiece and filter section
  • Silicone sleeves and caps keep the heat largely under control
  • USB Type-C charger
  • Vibrate alert when temp is reached
  • Long charge
  • Hard to make vapor on lowest settings
  • Device can get uncomfortably warm


I think the Linx Vapor Eden is a high-quality device. Is it the best convection vaporizer at the $100-mark? To begin with, there’s not a lot of competition in this price range for true convection vapes…especially with Eden’s build quality.

I was satisfied with the vapor I was able to get from this pocketable convection vape when using the top two settings. The flavor was better in the lower two settings, but I preferred the overall experience with more heat. I enjoyed using it with dry herb/concetrates at the same time, but I doubt it’s something I’ll do often. As far as I’m concerned, the Eden shines most with just herb.

This is my first product from Linx Vapor, but their reputation for making clean devices was evident out of the package. I didn’t even feel compelled to do a burnoff! Aside from the Eden’s heat retention and whispy vapor at its low settings (which is fairly normal for this kind of vape), I consider it to be the best portable convection vape at or below $100. Recommended.

I'm a freelance reviewer here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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4 years ago

This device was not designed for concentrate only use , it specifically states in the booklet, the reason for this is so the concentrates do not melt through and end up on the heating element. Instructions are add herb then put concentrate on one lava pad and place another on top and the screw the top on and puff away, the third lava plate is a spare …just like you get 3 spare mouth pieces in three silicone guards.But I agree fully better as a straight herb convection vaporizer.

4 years ago

It gets oil smell and when I contacted its support here is what they replied

All of our units will have an “oil” type smell. This is due to the various heating elements.

3 years ago

Thank you so much for the tips on microdosing. I’m entirely new to vaping flower and I typically take super tiny hits on a concentrate pen for medicinal micro-dosing. I have a very low tolerance too and I like to have complete control over the size and spacing of my hits. I’ve got an Eden coming soon and I appreciate the advice!

Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore
2 years ago

Just bought the Eden as my 1st vape ever!! Been smoking weed on and off for 20 yrs but had to abruptly stop and switch 2 vaping because of my living situation. Ive never really vaped before other than trying friends stuff a cple times over the yrs. 4 some reason I can only seem 2 get clouds on the first 2 hits no matter how hard I pull. Not sure if I’m doing somethin wrong or if my weed is ground incorrectly since I do it by hand. But the flavor is amazing…didnt even kno weed could taste good..unless… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Jessica Moore

Try using an herb grinder to get a consistent grind of your material. Also, only pack the oven about 2/3 full, and don’t pack it tightly or at all. Hit it slowly, and for 6-8 seconds. I get about 2-3 good hits this way, then I open it up, stir the material around, and get about another 2-3 good hits this way. There is a bit of an art to using dry herb vaporizers, but after getting used to this one I think it’s pretty fantastic.