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October 25, 2022
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PCKT Two Review: A Rugged Oil Vape Made for Your Pocket

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Dave Kriegel
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The PCKT Two comes with a series of updates over the PCKT One Plus. The device has a 660 mAh capacity and five heat settings ideal for vaporizing THC and CBD oil carts. It comes with a magnetic adapter so you can pop in your cartridges with ease, charges through Type-C, and has a 5-level haptic feedback.

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Product intro and specs

The PCKT returns! A few years back I reviewed the PCKT One Plus device. Today we are taking a look at the latest edition–the PCKT Two. PCKT vapes are CNC-machined out of a single block of metal. The Two feels robust and has a very high-end look for a weed oil vaporizer. It has a 660 mAh battery, five power modes, haptic feedback, and USB-C charging.

I will be testing the PCKT Two using a variety of pre-filled carts. This includes some CBD and THC carts, and a ceramic cart that I filled myself with live resin oil. I am interested in how it compares to previous PCKT products like the PCKT One Plus and the PCKT VRTCL. It’s been a few years since the PCKT One Plus dropped, so I’m curious to see how they’ve upgraded it.

The PCKT Two was sent courtesy of PCKT for the purpose of this review.

Colors: Onyx, Purple Haze, Golden Gate, Badablue, Napa, Tahoe.

Price: $79.95 (at PCKT)

Build quality and design

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The PCKT Two looks almost exactly like the PCKT One Plus at first glance. It wasn’t until I took it out of the box and held it in my hand that I noticed a difference. The edges are smoother, and it’s no longer boxy. It feels more ergonomic in the hand. It now features a USB-C charging port on the bottom instead of the original Micro-USB port. Everything else looks very familiar though.

The PCKT Two stands at 3.54” tall, 1.65” in width, and 0.94” inches thick. It weighs in at 60 grams, or around 90 grams with an oil cartridge, which is the same size and weight as the PCKT One Plus. It definitely doesn’t feel cheap. It has a nice sturdy feel without being overly heavy or bulky. It’s literally designed to live in your pocket, so it clearly lives up to its name.

I received the PCKT Two in Onyx and Purple Haze. Both of them have that very cool matte brushed finish that has been featured on previous PCKT devices. It also utilizes the same gold magnetic adapters as the PCKT One Plus–which come in two sizes, for different size carts.

Another improvement on the PCKT Two is the voltage configuration. It utilizes the same voltage range as the VRTCL, which goes from 2.43V up to 3.84V. This is the ideal range for most oil carts these days. You’re much less likely to burn out a coil if your device caps off at 3.8 volts.

The PCKT Two now features dual-activated firing. In other words, the fire button doesn’t have to be a fire button. The device has a puff sensor–but it also fires when the button is pressed. The only downside is that there is no preheat function on the device anymore, since holding the button will just fire at full voltage. Last but not least, the PCKT Two now provides five different adjustable vibration strengths, in addition to being able to adjust the LED brightness.

How to use the PCKT Two

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The PCKT Two is not complicated to use.  All you have to do is thread the proper-sized magnetic adapter to your cartridge, pop it in, turn it on, and start puffing. Here is a basic rundown on how to use and configure your PCKT Two device:

  • PCKT recommends fully charging the device prior to its initial use.
  • Use the large magnetic adapter for smaller carts (half gram).
  • Use the small magnetic adapter for larger carts (full gram).
  • Drop the cartridge into the hole on the top of the device.
  • Press the button five times to turn the device on/off.
  • To vape, just inhale or hold the button down while inhaling.
  • Press the button two times, then once to cycle through the power settings.
  • Press the button three times to adjust the LED brightness.
  • Press the button four times to adjust the haptic feedback intensity.
  • When you choose your ideal setting, hold the button to lock it in.
  • Press the button once to check battery life indicator.


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    The PCKT Two performed just as well as their previous vapes. There were some compatibility issues with a few wider carts that I wanted to test. But I do love how they provide two adapters, so I was able to use my half-gram and full-gram carts. Just not all of the carts I wanted to use. I did notice that they’ve improved compatibility with the auto-draw feature since the last PCKT.

    The airflow feels super smooth with every cart I’ve tested. I enjoy using the PCKT Two on the first two voltage settings. I don’t cough as much, and I love to taste all of those terpy flavors. The haptic feedback adds to the sensory experience of it all. It’s another way to know whether your vape is hitting or not. Even with the LEDs turned down, you can still go into stealth mode.

    The interface can get a little confusing for beginners. I almost take that for granted since I’ve been using PCKT devices for years. But it’s all operated by a single button, so it can get tricky. Once you get your settings dialed in, it’s a piece of cake. Just pick it up, turn it on, and vape.

    Very smooth hits, no burnt or dry taste. I was able to utilize the higher voltage settings, but I find them unnecessary for my vaping style. However, they nailed it with this voltage range. Battery life is great, it goes for days without charging! All in all, it’s a dependable vaporizer for oil cartridges. I feel like the voltage output feels more accurate than the original which felt like it was a bit on the cooler side. That is based on my experience, I don’t actually own any voltage testing equipment.

    Battery life and charging

    The truth is, oil vapes don’t even require much battery life. Since oil carts utilize high-resistance coils and low-voltage outputs, you can generally get hours of vaping time on a standard vape pen. The PCKT Two has 660 mAh, so I literally get days if not weeks out of a single charge. The device displays different color LEDs to indicate its charge status when you press the button:

    • Green: 100%
    • Yellow: 50%
    • Red: 25%
    • The PCKT Two charges up in under 45 minutes, which is very impressive. That’s the same amount of time it takes for the PCKT VRTCL to charge, which has less battery life. The PCKT Two also does pass-thru charging, so you can vape on it even while it’s charging. Overall, it has more than enough battery life for a full day of chain vaping or a few days' worth of sessions.

      Pros / Cons


      • Well built and rugged
      • Five voltage settings
      • Ideal voltage range for oil
      • Improved compatibility
      • Draw/button activated
      • USB-C charging
      • Perfect for pocketing
      • Improved ergonomic design
      • One year warranty (with option to extend)


      • Not cheap
      • Incompatible with very wide carts
      • Heavy for an oil vape
      • Single-button interface learning curve



      At the end of the day, the PCKT Two is an upgraded PCKT Plus. They didn’t need to overhaul the entire thing. They just made some minor improvements to keep it up to date. It feels better and looks better. It also comes with more features, like haptic feedback and USB-C compatibility. The interface might take some time to get comfortable with, but that has always been the case.

      Sure, it isn’t cheap, but it’s not just your average vape pen. The PCKT Two is a high-end vaporizer that’s meant to be used with your finest oil carts. Any old vape pen gets the job done, but the PCKT does it with style. It even comes with a one-year warranty with an option to extend it, because stuff happens. But it’s nice to know that you’ll get at least a year out of it, if not more.

      What was your experience like with PCKT vapes? Leave a comment below and let us know.

      PCKT Two

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