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Primary Jane Cartridge
January 29, 2021
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Primary Jane Distillate Review: Rich in Terpenes and Cannabinoids

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Dave Kriegel
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Primary Jane Distillate

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Primary Jane was founded in 2017 by Jeffrey and Jacqui McGurren, a couple from New Hampshire. After discovering the healing potential of CBD in their personal lives, they started Primary Jane in order to provide high-quality CBD products to the rest of the world.

They offer a variety of products including CBD flower and vapes. Today we will be testing out a few of their PJ Pure CBD distillate carts. They contain 300-600 mg of cannabinoids, and are uncut. That means they contain no PG, VG, PEG or MCT, only naturally-derived ingredients. They’re available in six different terpene profiles and in 0.5 mL and 1 mL varieties.

They also are available with or without their signature auto-draw battery and charger for an additional $10.

These products were sent courtesy of Primary Jane for the purpose of this review.

Price: $48-$68 per cartridge (includes battery and charger)

Strengths: 300-600 mg

PJ Pure CBD Cartridges

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The first thing that caught my attention was the pristine packaging that the cartridges come in. They look like the more upscale CBD carts you would get in a top tier cannabis dispensary. Each cart comes in a metal tin, with a printout of the strain info on it. It also gives you an overview of the cannabinoid content with a traceable batch number. From what I can see, these cartridges are rich in a variety of cannabinoids and terps and contain less than 0.3% THC.

When you open it up, the cartridge is in a tube, which is seated in a nice cork material. It’s a bit over the top, but at the same time it’s well packaged and aesthetically pleasing. Inside the tin, you get a detailed info card about the strain itself. One of them came with a detailed terpene breakdown and the other focuses more on the effects and flavor profiles. The cartridge has the Primary Jane logo on the mouthpiece, and PJ Pure printed on the side. Looking good so far.

What do they mean by “uncut”? I couldn’t help but wonder, if the cartridge has a volume of 1000 mg, and it contains up to 600 mg of cannabinoids, then what’s the rest? After visiting the Primary Jane website, I found out that they use around 5% plant-derived terpenes and the rest is pure cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and molecules from organic hemp plants. No carrier liquids, cutting agents or oil, and it’s triple distilled from non-GMO organically grown hemp.

Testing was done using the Primary Jane auto-draw battery and a few 510 threaded vapes. The airflow on both cartridges is very smooth, especially using the included battery. I haven’t gotten any burnt or dry hits, and I’ve put in at least a good 100 puffs on each cartridge already. The PJ battery charges via micro USB, has a 3.7-3.3 volt operating range, and a 350 mAh capacity.

Ekto Kooler

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Ekto Kooler is rather complex, and yet simple at the same time. I remember drinking from those juice boxes with the Ghostbusters character on them as a child, and this strain tastes a lot like that. There is an intense tangy citrus flavor, accompanied by fruity, citrus, and floral notes with hints of diesel. The flavor is so intense that it reminds me of some of the live resin THC carts I’ve tried.

But flavor aside, the effects were actually very noticeable. This comes as no surprise—it is so potent and loaded with terpenes and a range of cannabinoids including CBC, CBDV and CBN, for a total of 575 mg. Since it’s a hybrid, it just made me feel mellow and relaxed, but didn’t make me feel sleepy. I like how you really notice the effects, which is usually more subtle with other vapes and tinctures.


Forbidden Fruit

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This is a straight indica, so the effects were a lot heavier with this strain. I didn’t get sleepy but there was a more noticeable body sensation. It feels like a big hug. The cannabinoids aside from CBD include CBN, CBC, CBDV and CBG. This cartridge also comes out to 575 mg in total. Every eight puffs deliver approximately 14 mg of cannabinoids.

The flavor is also pretty unique. It’s a bit of an acquired taste, but it's a distinguished fruity cherry taste paired with grapefruit, with slight hints of cedar. It comes with a little card with a complete breakdown of the terpenes and effects. There are nine terpenes listed on the card, and sixteen additional mentioned at the bottom. The flavor really grew on me, it’s an interesting combination

Other terpene profiles

These are the other strains the PJ Pure carts are available in:

  • Limoncello
  • Blue Zkittles
  • Wedding Cake
  • Strawberry Cough
  • I would love to try the Wedding Cake and Strawberry Cough ones in the future since those are some of my favorite strains. They seem to have a nicely balanced line in terms of terpene profiles and strain variety.

    Pros / Cons


    • Terpene-rich flavor
    • High potency
    • Good cartridge performance
    • Well packaged
    • 510 threaded
    • Fully traceable batch info
    • Detailed terpene breakdown
    • Smooth hits for a distillate
    • From organic hemp


    • Only six strains currently available
    • Contains THC (< 0.3%)
    • No pass thru charging with battery



    I couldn’t really come up with any genuine cons, but I’m sure anyone who has tried them could only hope for new flavor varieties in the future, like me. Other than that, if you’re concerned about the THC content, which is within the legal limit, they might not be for you. It’s not an issue for me, but that would be the only reason why somebody wouldn’t like them. Other than that, if you’re looking for some premium organic hemp distillate, I would easily recommend them.

    I’m probably most impressed with the flavor, but they’ve exceeded my standards in terms of traceability, lab testing, and general performance. The flavors I get from each strain are intense, and the effects are noticeable with just a few regular-sized puffs. It doesn’t get me high, but I definitely feel something similar to when I vape hemp flower. No burnt or dry hits and the airflow isn’t too tight. The hits were also pretty smooth for such a potent full spectrum distillate.

    What do you think of Primary Jane distillate cartridges? Leave a comment below.

    Primary Jane Distillate

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