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April 10, 2024
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RabBeats RC10000 Touch Review: Swipe and Vape!

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Jeremy Mann
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RabBeats RC10000 Touch

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The RabBeats RC10000 Touch is a modern marvel in the disposable vape space. It features three power modes, a touch LED screen for mode selection and juice/battery monitoring, 620 mAh of battery power, and 14 mL juice capacity for a puff rating of 10K. There’s a lot to love, especially when you try the 12 tasty flavors on the menu.

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Product intro and specs

Introducing the RabBeats RC10000 Touch, featuring the first-ever touch screen on a disposable vape. This is the second release from RabBeats and it’s effectively an upgraded RC10000. The differences are that the Touch contains 4 mL less juice (14 mL,) but it adds 3x power modes, a beautiful and easy-to-use touchscreen, and a different menu containing 12 flavors (still at 5% nicotine salt). Of course, it’s rechargeable, and like the RC10000, it utilizes a USB-C port with a 620 mAh battery.

If you’ve read my review of the RC10000, know that the Touch has its own flare. The new features of the Touch make it a distinct experience to vape with. Which begs the question: Which one should you get? I’ll skip the teasing and say that it simply depends on the flavors you want. But if you’re more interested in experiencing this device for its features, let me explain in this review why it’s an easy recommendation.

Price: $18.99 (at Mi-pod)
Flavors: LA mint, dragon strawnana, coconut banana, citrus grape, blueberry watermelon, blue razz ice, OMG, Georgia peach, cherry lemon, mount splash, ruby raspberry, watermelon bubble gum


  • E-liquid capacity: 14 mL
  • Nicotine strength: 50 mg
  • Puffs: 10,000+
  • Dimensions: 85 mm x 43 mm x 22 mm
  • Battery capacity: 620 mAh
  • Modes: Three (light, smooth, strong)
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Mesh coil
  • Color screen: High resolution, mirrors when off

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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In the original RC10000 review, I called it a “fresh new disposable with a familiar design.” I think the Touch now owns that title. Although this one keeps the same look, there are differences in the bodies, and obviously the addition of the touch screen changes things up a bit.

The RabBeats RC10000 Touch has a hard plastic exterior, whereas the RC10000 has a rubberized exterior and a shimmery front panel. That front panel now is the touch screen, which turns into a mirror when off. It’s a subtle but high-quality detail that really ups the ante for getting your dollars’ worth. My only cons with this new design are that the mirror is the biggest fingerprint magnet ever, and the plastic exterior is slightly slippery with its matte finish. Otherwise, it’s a nice-looking device with a comfortable hand feel.

The RC10000 Touch measures 43 mm x 22 mm x 85 mm and weighs about 60 grams, which is also the same as the original. And I’m happy to say, they kept the same mouthpiece, which is a slim and flattened duckbill-style tip that protrudes just enough from its backstop to be really comfortable to draw from. It’s also got a fairly wide, circular bore that makes the draw flavorful and smooth. Mouthpieces are hard to describe when it comes to why one is better than the next, but I hope it's clear here that it’s a great mouthpiece. It’s thoughtfully designed.

Although I’ll discuss the screen and its functions in the next section, what I want to point out here is that it’s super-easy to read but not so bright that it lights up a dark room. While taking puffs, there’s a small screensaver image of a rotating ball inside a cloud. It’s all well executed without overdoing a good thing. If you hold it with the screen facing your hand, it can easily be a stealth vape.

Getting started

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Once you take the RC10000 Touch out of the packaging, it’s super simple.

  • Tap the screen to activate.
  • What first appears is the battery and juice indicator. The battery indicator is on the left, shown with a meter and a lightning bolt icon. The juice is on the right, shown with a meter and a droplet icon.
  • To change the power modes, swipe to the right. There are “light,” “smooth,” and “strong” options. The default setting is “light.”
  • Tap the screen to toggle through the options. Once you get to the “strong” option, to go back up to get to “light,” swipe back up.
  • Swipe to the right to exit out of the power selection mode.

That’s it. Even writing it out like that makes it seem more complex than it is. It’s all super intuitive, and if you’ve used any modern smartphone, this will all be second nature to you. One minor detail that I like is that swiping back to the right to exit the power select mode ensures that you’re not inadvertently switching modes.

If you’ve never used a device with these types of power modes, it’s fairly self-explanatory. The intensity of the flavor, warmth, and volume of vapor increase with the higher modes. But it’s important to know that the battery life and juice capacity will drain faster when you’re using “smooth” and “strong.”

RabBeats rates the modes this way:

  • Light: up to 14K puffs
  • Smooth: up to 12K puffs
  • Strong: up to 10K puffs

How does it hit?

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The RC10000 Touch has a loose MTL draw but still has nice resistance. I thought that the original RC10000 draw was great but maybe a bit too loose, considering it’s basically in “light” mode. Although the RC10000s don’t have an airflow controller, the loose MTL draw shines best in the “smooth” and “strong” modes due to having a bit more airflow than something like the BC5000.

Like most disposables, there is a mesh coil inside that fires quickly. It’s a quiet and smooth draw, no matter the mode. The throat hit from the 5% nicotine is pleasurable without getting extreme, even in the higher mode.

A standout feature of the hit is that RabBeats incorporated an anti-burn technology that works like temperature control. When the liquid gets too low, you won’t be able to take a puff. I love that I don’t get a surprise burnt hit, ever.

RabBeats Touch RC10000 best flavors

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Yes, the flavors are good. But I think there are a bit too many citrus/fruit flavors, with dessert-style flavors almost entirely missing. There are a couple candy flavors, but besides coconut banana and dragon strawnana (which aren’t truly dessert flavors), that category is lacking.

The flavors they offer are accurate to the descriptions and contain nothing bland or off-tasting. Of course, like all menus, some you’ll like more than others. And I have to say, I am partial to the flavors from the RC10000 over the Touch (comparing the entire menus.) But I do have some favorites from the Touch. Here are my top five:

Coconut banana: The alluring aroma and taste of sweet baked banana with a creamy coconut. As mentioned, this is a flavor that taps into the dessert flavor. It’s great! Minor cooling.

Dragon strawnana: Take the bright tropical vibe from dragonfruit, mix it with the sweet earthiness of strawberries, and layer in that baked banana flavor. Each flavor can be picked out, yet it works together fantastically as a multi-flavor combo. Minimal cooling.

Blue razz ice: A flavorful mix of sweet and tart for the classic flavor. It’s the taste you’d expect, with probably more flavor than you’re used to. Minor level cooling sensation (despite being called an “ice” flavor).

Georgia peach: A sugary and juicy tasting peach with a deep level of flavor. Medium cooling. Very good. Best in “strong” mode.

Blueberry watermelon: A slightly tart blueberry flavor with the juicy brightness and ephemeral sweetness of watermelon. Again, like with dragon strawnana, you can actually taste the individual flavors while they still meld. Minor cooling. This is a sleeper!

How long do they last?

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As stated in the “Getting started” section, the puff rating and longevity of the battery life change depending on the mode you’re in.

If you don’t want to charge frequently, stay away from the higher power modes, especially “strong.” You can discharge the 620 mAh battery in a few hours. It’s almost absurd. But tradeoffs and all. I like the size of the device and don’t really want to sacrifice that for a larger battery.

To charge the device, just plug it into a power source and attach a USB-C cable. The charge takes approximately 80 minutes to complete. Another uncommon feature of the RC10000 Touch is that it has pass-thru charging. You can take a vape while it’s plugged in, just a minute or so from it being at 0% battery capacity. Awesome.

Mini rant alert: The RC10000 Touch is a disposable vape with a touchscreen, anti-burn technology, and three power modes… so why not add a puff counter? Just saying. I would love to be able to convey how long the juice capacity lasts, but there’s simply no way for me to do this. For all the puff ratings, why not go that extra step? This applies to all disposable manufacturers, but RabBeats put so much in the RC10000 Touch that this request seems most reasonable in these devices.


Pros / Cons


  • Touchscreen is intuitive and useful
  • Screen turns into a mirror when off
  • Mouthpiece is comfortable
  • Loose MTL draw shines in higher power modes
  • Three power modes add flexibility to the experience
  • Anti-burn technology ensures no surprise burnt hit
  • Tasty flavors
  • Small and lightweight
  • Pass-thru charging capability


  • Battery can drain quickly in higher power modes
  • Menu could use some dessert flavors
  • Can be slippery due to matte exterior



The RC10000 Touch is an easy recommendation. From the intuitive touchscreen to the anti-burn technology, the 3x power modes, and even the pass-thru charging, it’s a semi-advanced disposable that’s supremely easy to use.

My one minor gripe is that I think the menu could be better. Maybe more dessert-style flavors would be a nice addition. A strawberry and cream or something like that. As of now, the coconut and banana and dragon strawnana flavors are the closest to a dessert. But regardless of the flavors they don’t offer, I think the RC10000 Touch is a great disposable with what it does offer.

Highly recommended.

RabBeats RC10000 Touch

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Vaping360 placeholder image

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