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March 9, 2020
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The Dollar E-Juice Club Review: Sweets and Salts

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Jeremy Mann
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The Dollar E-Juice Club

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The Dollar E-Juice Club Nic Salt

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The Dollar E-Juice Club is an e-liquid based out of Southern California, aimed at the budget-minded vaper. But it’s not all about saving a dollar. They stand behind their products as firmly as any premium e-juice manufacturer.

The Dollar E-Juice Club sent me six e-liquids for review. Three salts and three regular nic liquids.

Although I’ve tried close to 20 of their e-liquids and reviewed about 10, this batch is all new to me. With something like 70 flavors to choose from, I doubt anyone outside of the company has tried them all. Actually, it wouldn’t be so difficult to do so if you wanted to. And you wouldn’t even need to stress out your credit card. The Dollar E-Juice Club sells small 5 mL sample bottles of all their flavors for as little as $0.99.

These liquids were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.

The Dollar E-Juice Club pricing

As I mentioned in a previous review, The Dollar E-Juice Club used to have some of the lowest prices around. They don’t look as inexpensive as they used to, since there’s such a huge market now for cheap e-juice. They're still competitively-priced though. It's just that the market has changed a lot and there’s never any shortage of competition in retail e-liquid these days. That said, there’s hardly anyone else out there selling sample sizes, let alone for a buck! Here’s the breakdown of their pricing structure.

Regular e-juice:

  • 5 mL: $0.99
  • 60 mL: $8.99
  • 120 mL: $14.99
  • Nic salt:

    • 5 mL: $1.99
    • 30 mL: $7.99
    • Use coupon code DJCVAPING360 for 20% off your first order!

      Free shipping for orders over $35 (subtotal). New customers get 15% off with "WELCOME15". California orders add $3.99 for CA Compliance Fee.


      The Dollar E-Juice Club Flavors

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      The salts were tested in a Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA with a 0.7-ohm round-wire contact coil. I have it set to 10 watts. The regular nic liquids were tested out of an OXVA Origin with a 0.3-ohm mesh coil.

      Berry Currant

      Clean and crisp, sweet, tart, and well balanced. For a simple profile like black currant and berries, this is one of the most intriguing liquids I’ve had from The Dollar E-Juice Club. The black currant flavor is the star of the show and it tastes natural. This one is a keeper.

      Rainbow Sherbet

      This is my favorite of the bunch. It’s right up there with any other rainbow sherbet juice I’ve had. It’s kind of amazing that you can taste the different flavors meant to make up the “rainbow.” You can taste the pineapple, orange and raspberry. It’s not overly sweet, but my sweet tooth is more than satisfied. I’ll finish this bottle.


      Based on the red, white, and blue summer favorite, Bombsicle is a cherry, white lemon, and blue raspberry flavored popsicle e-juice flavor. It’s pretty spot first! But the more time I spend with it, it gets way too sweet for my tastes—although it does have counterbalancing sour notes. In general, it’s just a bit over-flavored. But if you’re looking for a strong sweet flavor, you might enjoy this.

      Sour Green Apple (nic salt)

      This is a sour belts type of flavor. It’s one of those liquids that you don’t need to see the name to recognize the taste and aroma. It’s just like the chewy candy, and the apple flavor is unmistakable. It’s refreshing and bright, but I think the salt nicotine tastes a bit aggressive on the exhale. It’s okay, but it’s not something I would order again.

      Watermelon Candy (nic salt)

      I'm normally a huge fan of watermelon candy (and watermelon e-liquid in general), so I expected this to be my favorite. It was actually my least favorite. It's got an artificial quality that goes beyond the candy taste. This may have worked out better with an icy or mentholated version. As is, it’s not working for me.

      Milk and Cereal (nic salt)

      These kinds of creamy flavors don’t always work in salts, but I was rather impressed with this one. It’s not my new ADV, but I can see myself keeping this bottle in my car to fill up some pods. It’s sweet with a velvety mouthfeel that’s reminiscent of morning cereal and milk—I believe it’s Fruit Loops. Overall, good taste and an intoxicating aroma. This flavor is best to me in their regular nic, but the salt version is not too bad.




      Of this batch, I enjoyed the regular nicotine version more than the salts. The prices on their 30 mL salts are great though. For $7.99, I know they have something that will work for most people. I recommend taking advantage of their samples and picking out what catches your eye. Fill up a tank and take the flavors for a test drive. Out of everything I tried for this review, I’d recommend Black Currant, Rainbow Sherbet, and Milk and Cereal.

      The Dollar E-Juice Club is available in both the US and Canada. First-time customers can use coupon code DJCVAPING360 for 20% of your first order.

      The Dollar E-Juice Club

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      The Dollar E-Juice Club Nic Salt

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      Jeremy Mann

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