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April 16, 2024
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UWELL Caliburn BAR S12000 Review: Boosted Performance!

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Jeremy Mann
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UWELL Caliburn BAR S12000

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The UWELL Caliburn Bar S12000 is an 800 mAh/20 mL disposable vape that caters to a loose MTL draw all the way to a restricted lung hit. Featuring 2x power modes and a smart screen, the S12000 can satisfy new users up to experienced vapers. Choose from a catalog of 15 flavors, all in 5% nicotine.

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The Caliburn BAR (aka CaliBARn) S12000 is the latest entry in the highly regarded Caliburn line of products from UWELL. It is a disposable vape rated for up to 12000 puffs with a liquid capacity of 20 mL. Its menu consists of 15 flavors, all of which come in 5% nicotine.

The Caliburn BAR S12000 is an 800 mAh disposable with two modes (BOOST and REGULAR), accessible via an airflow-integrated power switch. These two modes allow users to select the type of experience they want: laid-back or intense.

The BAR S12000 is not just featuring the Caliburn name; it's also powered by the recently updated UWELL patented Flagship Dual Coil atomization system. With this 1.2-ohm dual coil, each coil fires independently, designed to increase flavor and consistently produce high-performance. Toss in a smart screen for monitoring juice and battery level and we have the makings of a strong competitor in this segment of the market.

Price: TBA
Flavors: Blue razz ice, double apple strawberry mango, grape ice, mango honeydew, Miami mint, mixed berries, peach watermelon, raspberry lime jam, strawberry kiwi


  • Materials: PCTG, PC, aluminium alloy
  • Dimensions: 101.5 mm x 47 mm x 22.6 mm
  • Coil type: Dual 1.2-ohm coils
  • Battery capacity: 800 mAh
  • Nicotine strength: 50 mg
  • Flavors: 15
  • E-liquid capacity: 20 mL
  • Puff count: 12000
  • Output power: 16 W (Regular); 22 W (Boost)
  • Charging: Type-C

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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The Caliburn BAR S12000 is a box-style disposable with rounded edges and a centralized, wide-bore duckbill mouthpiece. It measures 101.5 x 47 x 22.6 mm and is comparable in size to the notably large BLVK Bar. Yet somehow, the Caliburn BAR S12000 feels much more svelte in the hands.

The bodies are colored-transparent cases made of PCTG and aluminum, decorated with symmetrical steampunk artwork—like a mechanical Rorschach test. I enjoy the aesthetics of these devices. They’re playful and intriguing to look at without being too toy-like. Overall, I’d say they’re tastefully designed.

On the front panel of the S12000 is an embossed plate that displays the branding of “KOKO,” another one of UWELL’s products. The feeling of that plate adds a nice variation in texture from the glossy plastic body.

As an aside, I think the device's name could be hard to remember. I think that’s an unforced error from UWELL. The device has the “KOKO” branding and “Dual Coil Flagship.” But nowhere on the device does it say S12000. On the back, it says “CaliBARn.” I get what they’re trying to do there, but I think it unnecessarily adds to the confusion.

Getting started

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Getting started on the Caliburn BAR S12000 is as easy as the flip (or slide) of a switch. After removing the device from its packaging and plugs, turn it upside down. Located on the bottom is a slide switch with an integrated airflow that adjusts the power to boost or regular. The “off” section is in the middle.

On the switch are two distinct airflow configurations. For the REGULAR mode, the airflow is set to deliver a slightly loose MTL draw. The airflow on the BOOST mode side produces airflow perfect for a restricted lung hit.

  • REGULAR: 16 watts; loose MTL
  • BOOSTED: 20 watts; restricted lung hit

Due to the way the switch is designed, sometimes you may not know which mode you’re in. And I don’t see any indication of a different mode displayed on the screen. That’s a con. With the device right side up and the screen facing you, REGULAR mode is on the left.

The smart screen sits on the bottom front panel. It’s a simplified LED on a circuit board, visible through the transparent screen. I like this screen and readout. It prominently shows the battery percentage and a liquid meter. Normally, you have to take a hit from a disposable to get the screen to engage. The BAR S12000’s screen turns on when sliding the switch to one of the modes.


How does it hit?

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The hit from the Caliburn BAR S12000 is smooth, robust, and consistent. Each puff is lively and full of flavor. The Flagship Dual Coil can be heard at a low-pitch hum, particularly in REGULAR mode. In the BOOSTED power mode, only the slight rushing sound of a stream of airflow is audible. That sometimes throws me off as to which mode I’m in. It seems like the coil sounds would be the reverse.

That said, if you don’t have 50 disposables in rotation, when you’re in the BOOSTED power mode, you will feel it. The vape will be warmer, more flavorful, and more intense.

UWELL Caliburn BAR 12000 best flavors

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UWELL sent me two sample packs to try. I'm impressed with most of what I’ve tried. Even though many of these flavors are the same types of flavors in other brands' lines, the common flavors have their own personality. It’s hard to describe. They taste good and familiar, yet somehow different. The flavors are well-balanced; not too sweet, tart, or sour. But they do have a fairly strong cooling effect, regardless of whether “ice” appears in the name or not.

The menu is mostly just fruits. I’d like a little more creativity and a variety of types of flavors. However, a few of them, like raspberry lime jam, mango honeydew, and dragon fruit berry, appear to be some adventurous flavors. I didn’t get to sample mango honeydew, but raspberry lime jam and dragon fruit berry were some of my favorites. These are the five I liked most:

Raspberry lime jam: Bright, tart, and sticky sweet. I can’t say it tastes like jam per se, but it’s a very good flavor. High level of cooling.

Grape ice: An aromatic and flavorful candy grape flavor that’s sure to make your mouth water. High level of cooling.

Watermelon ice: A complex watermelon flavor of sweet and sour notes, with much more flavor density than normal watermelon vape flavors. High level of cooling.

Blue razz ice: The most common flavor in disposables done right. It’s identifiable without looking at the device. They nailed the classic candy flavor. High level of cooling.

Dragon fruit berry: A darkly tart and mysteriously flavored vape. I don’t know what I’m tasting, but I like it. It’s a very unique taste that keeps you coming back for more. High level of cooling.

How long do they last?

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Like most disposables with power modes, the S12000 will last longer (for liquid and battery life) if you’re in regular mode. When in BOOSTED, you’ll easily deplete your battery in less than a day, and your liquid will get drained faster than you may like. That’s the tradeoff of the increased performance. A full battery in REGULAR mode can get you through one tick of the liquid meter, whereas BOOSTED goes through two.

When it comes to charging the Caliburn BAR S12000, it takes about 70 minutes to go from 0% to 100%. While it charges, the screen display prominently shows the charge status, so you don’t have to guess as to how much is left.


Pros / Cons


  • Great flavor
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Two power modes
  • A perfectly restricted lung hit in REGULAR mode
  • Can access screen details with the switch


  • No visual indication of modes
  • The name is complicated and isn’t on the device



The Caliburn BAR S12000 is a strong contender in the disposable vape market. There are a lot of things I like about it. Aesthetically, I appreciate its transparent body styling, lines, and various textures (especially the embossed artwork).

The BAR S12000 just works. The flavor is great, the restricted lung hit is amazing, and the flavor and vapor from the BOOSTED mode are incredible. The only real con I have with the device is its lack of indication for which mode you’re in. And there’s the wonkiness with the name, and it not even being featured on the device.

Setting those minor quibbles aside, I have no issues with the S12000. What I think is most noteworthy about it is the vape performance. The S12000 performs like a finely tuned machine. 

Highly recommended.

UWELL Caliburn BAR S12000

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