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August 18, 2020
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Vessel Vista Review: The Most Advanced Vessel Ever Made

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Dave Kriegel
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Vessel Vista

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Product intro and specs

If you are not familiar with Vessel yet, they make some of the most attractive oil pens I have seen. Earlier this year I reviewed their first device, but today we are looking at the latest addition to the Vessel line called the Vista Series. It builds upon the original design with an upgraded battery that is now 320 mAh (instead of 240 mAh), and a drop-in design that allows you to see your oil.

The Vessel has been one of my favorite vape pens to use for THC and CBD. I've been using it regularly for the past few months. Aside from its incredible aesthetics, it provides smooth airflow and solid performance. Did one of the best weed pens just get even better? Read on to find out.

The Vista was sent courtesy of Vessel for the purpose of this review.

Price: $59-$69 (at Vessel)

Colors: olive/gray, teal/seafoam, crimson/gray, black, chrome

Build quality and design

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It doesn't feel like they cut any corners with the Vista. It's right on par with the original Vessel in terms of build quality, just with some minor design upgrades. The most obvious improvement is the ability to now see how much oil is left without removing the cartridge. It has a drop-in design with a slight gap in the middle. It kinda looks like your cart is wearing a little fancy collar.

The Vista stands at just under 120 mm (4.7") in height and just over 14 mm (.56") in diameter. It weighs about 30 grams, and slightly over 45 grams with a full 1 mL cartridge. All of the 510 carts that I've tried fit with no compatibility issues. Just be sure to never over-tighten your cartridges. The Vessel Vista comes in five attractive colors, but I personally think the black edition looks the best.

Another significant upgrade is the battery capacity which is now 320 mAh. The device still utilizes the same magnetic charging system and is compatible with the Vessel charging dock. They also improved the airflow which is now integrated into the 510 threaded connection. The power button is easier to locate now because they've added a bit of tactile texture to it. You can no longer mix and match parts like the original, this one is a solid one-piece design. Last but not least, it seems like the LEDs on the Vista are slightly brighter than on the predecessor.

Using the Vessel Vista

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If you already know how to use a button activated vape pen, the Vista will be a piece of cake for you. Despite the minor design upgrades, nothing has really changed from the original interface. Here's a quick rundown on how to use the Vista:

  • Five clicks to turn on and off and hold it down to fire.
  • The device has an automatic 8-second puff limiter.
  • To change the voltage, click the fire button three times.
  • The device will turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • The Vista will remember your most recent voltage setting.
  • The 3 LEDs near the fire button indicate your battery life.
  • The lights will blink when it’s charging and will stop when it’s fully charged.
  • Use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean the threads and connection every so often.
  • If you are still a little bit confused, Vessel provides a few informative and useful videos on their website to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about their products. Eventually you will get the hang of it and using the Vista will most likely become second nature to you.



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    Aside from the extended battery longevity and improved airflow, the performance is identical to the original Vessel. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing considering how well the original performs. The airflow was always smooth, but the Vista has slightly larger airholes integrated into the 510, which gives it the ability to provide a bit more airflow, depending on which cartridge you're using.

    The Vista has the same three voltage settings, which I find to be an ideal range for oil and distillates. The lowest (blue) setting puts out 2.8 volts, the medium (yellow) setting puts out 3.2 volts and the highest (pink) setting puts out 3.6 volts. I tend to prefer using it on the lower two settings so I can enjoy the flavor without killing my carts too quickly. The 3.6 V setting provides a more intense puff but you'll run through your oil faster. So far, I still haven't gotten one burnt hit! Keep in mind that the device will turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity, which is convenient if you throw it in your pocket and forget to turn it off. It's less likely to fire by accident in your pocket.

    I appreciate the slight update on the power button. It has a slightly embossed section in the middle, so you can find it easier in low lighting scenarios. The 240 mAh battery was barely enough to get through a full cart, so I'm glad they've improved the battery capacity on this version. The new collared drop-in design saves you the trouble of removing your cartridge to check your oil levels, and will save you some wear and tear on the 510 threaded connection. Aside from that, you can expect it to perform just like any one of your favorite vape pens.

    Using the magnetic charging system, it reaches a full charge in under 90 minutes. It's not the fastest I've seen, and unfortunately you can't vape it while it's charging. I feel like the charging dock allows you to charge it a bit faster, probably because it utilizes a USB-C connection.

    Pros / Cons


    • High-end look and feel
    • Available in five colors
    • Ideal voltage settings for oil
    • Very smooth airflow
    • Protective drop-in design
    • Easy to monitor liquid levels
    • Compatible with most 510 carts
    • Turns off automatically
    • 320 mAh battery


    • No pass-through charging
    • Charging dock not included
    • Six-month limited warranty



    Vessel didn't change much on the Vista, but they simply didn't have to. I didn't even know they were working on a new edition until recently. Having tested it out for myself, I can now say it is an obvious step up from the original. They addressed most of the things that could have been improved on the predecessor, mainly the improved battery capacity and cartridge visibility. If you are looking to upgrade your generic vape pen to one that is more stylish and dependable, the Vista is one of the best and most high-end options you can get right now.

    Vessel Vista

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