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VOOPOO ARGUS P2 Review: A Feature-Packed Sequel!

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Anthony Victor
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The VOOPOO ARGUS P2 is a square-shaped pod vape with a stunning see-through design. It houses a large 1100 mAh battery and is compatible with the ARGUS series of pods. It features airflow and wattage adjustability, programmable LED lights, and 2A charging. The P2 comes in seven color options.

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Product intro and specs

The ARGUS P1 is one of the latest pod systems by VOOPOO. It is a compact square-shaped pod vape that serves as the sequel to the P1 and is released alongside the ARGUS G2, which comes in the more traditional stick shape.

The P2 is a semi-advanced pod vape with various features and a see-through tech-inspired design. Its internal battery is listed at 1100 mAh and comes with two pods with a standard 2 mL capacity. The device is made for MTL or restricted DL vaping with the included coils.

The ARGUS line has always been a really good line of pod systems for me, and I've reviewed many of them, including the original ARGUS P1 about a year ago. So let's see if the P2 can live up to its namesake.

Price: $24.99 (at Element Vape)
Colors: Matte black, titanium gray, ruby red, emerald green, violet purple, steel blue, crystal pink, pearl white


  • Materials: Zinc Alloy + PC
  • Dimensions: 78 mm x 48.5 mm x 17.5 mm
  • Output power: 5-30 watts
  • Output voltage: 3.2-4.2 voilts
  • Resistance: 0.4-3.0 ohm
  • Battery capacity: 1100 mAh
  • Pod capacity: 2 mL
  • Pod material: PCTG
  • Resistances: 0.4 ohm / 0.7 ohm

Kit contents

Build quality and design

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The ARGUS P2 is designed very similarly to the original P1. It’s a very small square-shaped pod system that easily fits into the “key pocket” of a pair of jeans. It can also be worn around your neck and is more than light enough to do so with the included lanyard.

There are some minor differences in design and a nice upgrade of features. They kept the same body style, where the color panel is over the battery, and there is a clear part where you can see the chip, which I love. It looks great. However, they removed the lanyard loop that was next to the pod itself and instead hid it on the body, which is much better. Where the loop was, there is now a single button (which I’ll go over later).

Behind the clear part is a full black-and-white screen, which is awesome because it provides all the necessary information, including battery charge in percentage, power/mode setting, coil resistance, and puff counter. Under the screen are five rectangular LEDs, each with three modes. There is also an air slider on the side for adjustable airflow.

They offer a total of seven colors. The violet purple and steel blue have a color fade design, while the rest are single-colored. Also, the “ARGUS” logo is metal and comes in different colors. I got the pearl white one, which looks fantastic. The ARGUS logo does look iridescent in the right light but also silver without the light. I’ve had no color-chipping issues with mine, which is good. Overall, the design is simple yet techie due to the clear casing and LEDs.

Getting started

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The ARGUS P2 is an advanced pod, but still very simple to use. Most people will be able to “set it and forget it.” It’s made mostly for low to high-wattage MTL vaping, but can be used with the 0.4-ohm pod to do a restricted DL vape at low watts.

Remember that button I spoke about? Well, it’s the do-almost-everything button, because it’s actually NOT a fire button. I prefer it this way because there is no need to worry about accidental fires while pocketing without turning it off. It’s an inhale-to-fire system only. 

Hold the button to switch the LED mode. It’ll cycle to the next one every time you hold it. There are three modes. M1 (rainbow cycling lights,) M2 (white lights,) and Off (no lights). Press the button once to turn on the screen. Press the button five times to enter the menu.

The menu has three options: Clear puffs, Switch mode, and Turn off. There are two modes: Power mode and Shift mode. Power mode lets you set your wattage but protects you from setting it too high for the coil. Shift mode gives you three power settings: Eco (low), Normal (medium), and Sport (high).

To switch the power output in either mode it’s three clicks of the button. Shift will cycle through each mode with every three presses, and power will make the power blink, allowing you to press or hold the button to make the wattage go up; it’ll go to max and cycle back to lowest. Let it sit for a few seconds after the wattage is dialed in to save the setting. Personally, since it’s a pod, I prefer the simplicity of shift mode, which is the default it comes in. So, for easy use, you can just click three times to cycle the settings.

The new pods are labeled as “top-fill,” but really, it’s a side fill, as the rubber plug is on the side. It can be done while the pod is still in the device, which is nice. The pod itself is magnetic and just pops in and out with little effort. It’s not tight in there, but the magnets hold it in place well with no wiggle if you shake it.

The pod is pretty much fully visible (about 90%,) so seeing the level is very easy. However, they are tinted, which I'm never a fan of. Not too dark, thankfully, but you do need some light to see the juice level. I much prefer clear pods. When running low, you don't have to slant it because if you can’t see juice normally, it’s time for a refill. Overall, though, I'm very happy with the usage of the device.



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Now onto the pods themselves. It comes with two, and both are the new top-fill coils, which are supposed to be really leak-resistant and last longer. They come with the 2 mL version, but there is a 3 mL version sold separately if you want a little bigger capacity. It is also compatible with the older style coils, which are the same that are used in many devices like the P1, G2 (review coming soon), ARGUS pod, ARGUS Z, etc. As far as leaks go, I had zero issues with the P2.

The draw can be adjusted via the air slider for a restricted DL down to a solid MTL vape. Personally, I like these coils as a loose MTL, so about halfway on the slider. As for DL, I found the P2 to be in my “no man's land.” I just don't get a good DL vape on anything under 30 watts. It’s a personal preference thing, though. So I found both coils best using them as MTL vapes at up to 20 on normal or eco mode.

Using them this way, I found both to perform pretty similarly. You get a little more out of the 0.4-ohm pod vaping in the high teens compared to the 0.7-ohm pod, which is more mid-teens as far as wattage goes. But both performed great with no leakage, gave great flavor, and had great coil life. I know some companies exaggerate, but I usually expect 20 mL out of coils like these and I got over 40 mL on each. Overall, the new coils are excellent, and the device performs great overall.

Battery life and charging

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The internal battery is listed at 1100 mAh, and the charge rate is listed at 5V/2A (both listed on their site, which is great). The port is USB-C located on the bottom. Now, to be fair across the board, when I see specs like this I expect at least 880 mAh and a charge rate of 1.6A or higher as most companies round up and usable mAh is usually about 20% less than listed. So I'll only ding companies for being worse than the expectations.

I tested all this, and for the max charge rate I got 1.9A, so great job there. For charge time, it’s about 30 minutes, so it does an excellent job of quick charging. Most pods charge in 30-60 mins, so it’s on the better side of that. For battery size, it’s around 930 mAh usable. That fits into my expectations so no complaint there. It does have passthrough vaping (which the P1 didn’t have) so I'm happy with that. All devices should have that these days, and VOOPOO seems to be righting the boat with the P2. Overall, very happy with the charging/battery specs.


Pros / Cons


  • Great build quality
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • Good flavor and coil life
  • Beginner friendly, but advanced enough for people who want more
  • Great battery life and fast charging (30 minutes, 1.9A)
  • Lanyard included
  • See-through case is awesome
  • Great screen (with battery percentage)
  • Two pods included (one of each)
  • Programmable LEDs
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Passthrough vaping


  • Pods are tinted, would prefer clear pods



Overall, this pod system ticks all the boxes for me as an MTL vape. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. The only con was personal preference. It is tiny and has a long-lasting battery, fast charging, good flavor and coil life, adjustable wattage, and adjustable airflow. I really can’t ask for much more out of a pod system. It’s one of the top ones for me, for sure. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a compact pod vape that performs great.

Have you tried the VOOPOO ARGUS P2? How was your experience with it? Let us know in the comments below.


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Anthony Victor

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