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February 23, 2022
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Wotofo Airy Disposable Vape Review

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Jeremy Mann
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Wotofo Airy

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Product intro and specs

The Wotofo Airy is a rechargeable disposable vape made for DL hits by way of an open draw and a 0.6-ohm nexMESH coil. It comes with a whopping 12 mL of prefilled juice in 3 mg nicotine, and 850 mAh of battery capacity. And there are six total flavors to choose from: tropical fruit gummy, Hawaiian fruit, granny smith, lemon pink berries, mango banana, and blackcurrant grape. 

Price: $14.99 (at Wotofo)


  • Product dimensions: 28 mm x 113 mm
  • Battery: 850 mAh
  • Juice capacity: 12 mL
  • Nicotine strength: 3 mg
  • Puff count: 1000

Kit contents

Size, weight, and feel

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The Wotofo Airy is a substantial disposable. This is not a stealth vape by any stretch of the imagination. It's 28 mm x 113 mm, and it weighs 70 g. There aren’t any removable parts or any adjustment settings. Just the device with an airflow setting meant for lung hits. When holding the device, it feels like more of a beefy AIO than a mere disposable.

Getting started

The only real action needed to get started is to take off the mouthpiece cover and pull off the airflow tab on the bottom of the Airy. Other than that, the device is ready to vape. However, if you feel your device isn’t hitting quite right, it may need to be charged. Remember, the Airy is a disposable that can be recharged. With 12 mL of juice on board, it’s likely that the 850 mAh battery wouldn’t make it through all of that juice anyway.

How does it hit?

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The Airy has an airy hit! Surprised? Jokes aside, the draw is meant for a DL hit, but it’s actually somewhere in between a DL and a restricted DL hit. If you take a slow draw, it feels like a restricted DL, but with a fast draw, it feels more open.

There actually is a little bit of a throat hit to the Airy. This is a little surprising considering the coil is 0.6 ohms and there’s only 3 mg nic onboard. Luckily, a little throat hit is a good thing. If you want more than a little, you’d be better off trying one of the high-nic strength Wotofo disposables with a tighter draw, like the Wotofo Mini+.

A disappointing thing that happened with one hit, on the mango banana Airy, is that it started auto-firing. It’s not a good thing for some big device to auto-fire without an off button. I slammed it down on the concrete to get it to stop. There needs to be a kill switch on disposables.

Are the flavors any good?

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The flavors are bright, sweet, and fruity. Some of them have some iciness, but not all—which is a relief since so many disposables are mostly “ice” flavors.

One issue that affects the flavors is that it feels as if the power and open draw seem at odds with the flavors. It's hard to say exactly what the issue is, but some of the flavors don’t taste as saturated as they could be with a similar draw on an AIO or the like.

Tropical fruit gummy

This is a good one. It’s got this berry/pineapple thing going on, with a very small amount of cooling.

Granny smith 

An accurate and dense aroma. The taste lacks the oomph of the aroma though. It’s good enough to vape, but a bit of a letdown without a deeper flavor. Maybe caramel or something? 

Blackcurrant grape

A loud aroma that’s a bit off-putting. The actual flavor of the vape is more subdued and palatable than the smell, and it’s at least accurate in its taste. 

Lemon pink berries

The pink lemonade is obvious but it overpowers the berries a bit. You can taste the target flavors, but it’s just mostly pink lemonade. A good flavor regardless.

Pros / Cons


  • Rechargeable
  • DL draw
  • Large juice capacity
  • Simple to use
  • 1000 puff count rating


  • Airflow is too airy without intended benefit



The Wotofo Airy is a decent cloud disposable, but there were a couple of issues. The auto-fire of the mango banana and the off taste of blackcurrant grape were a letdown. But on the plus side, the other flavors were good and the ability to recharge the disposable is great when you know there’s still juice on board. All in all, I don't mind keeping these as emergency devices, but they don't suit me for frequent use. If you like the convenience of disposables and an airy draw, you might like these if you think the flavors suit you.

Wotofo Airy

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Jeremy Mann

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Jeremy Mann

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