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Wotofo Profile M Tank RTA lifestyle pic
January 25, 2021
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Wotofo Profile M RTA Review: Leakproof Mesh

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Stu Dowling
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Wotofo Profile M

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Product intro and specs

Wotofo and MrJustRight1 have brought us another RTA from the Profile series. It's the Profile M RTA, and it has a few design changes that make it easy to use, and even better to vape.

The Profile M is a 24.5 mm RTA that comes with both a straight glass and a bubble tank, with the bubble tank being PCTG. The straight glass holds 3.1 mL while the bubble tank holds 4 mL. It has top airflow that travels down the chimney and through honeycomb style air holes on each side of the coil, and because it's top airflow, there's no leaking.

Let's see what other features the Profile M has to offer.

This RTA was sent to me by Wotofo for the purpose of this review.

Price: $39.95 (at Wotofo)

Colors: Black, SS, blue metal, gold, blue, rainbow


  • Diameter: 24.5 mm 
  • Capacity: 3.1 mL (4 mL bubble tank) 
  • Materials: 316 stainless steel / Pyrex glass reinforcement 
  • Sliding top fill system 
  • Postless clamp style build deck 
  • Side secured by Philips head screws 
  • Single coil installation - mesh or traditional 
  • PEEK insulator 
  • Adjustable top honeycomb top airflow 
  • 810 resin drip tip 
  • Threaded 510 connection

Kit contents

Build quality and design

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The Profile M RTA has the same high-quality construction and materials we've seen on previous versions, as I would expect from Wotofo. The machining is good, and all of the O-ring tolerances are perfect. When I unscrewed the top cap for the first time, the O-ring for the drip tip fell out. It was probably a fluke, but I felt it is worth mentioning. If you do lose it, there's another one in the package.

The Profile is currently available in five different finishes. I received the blue metal version and at first it looks like gunmetal, but when you look at it in the light, you can see a faint hint of blue. There is some knurling around the base to help disassemble the tank, and there is some branding around the airflow control ring and on the bottom of the atomizer.

The RTA measures 24.5 mm in diameter and is 27.8 mm from the base to the top, not including the drip tip. It comes with a low profile 810 drip tip, and there is another one included in the package.  The atomizer is really short overall, which reduces the distance the vapor has to travel and therefore increases the flavor. Top airflow is provided by two slots that direct the air down and to the sides of the coil through honeycomb style air holes. This helps to prevent leaking, and it works well because I haven't had any issues there. It has both a top cap that can be removed and a push-to-fill system where you simply push the top cap to reveal a fill port that's covered with a thin membrane. This membrane also helps prevent leaking while the cap is in the open position. 

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Overall, the RTA is pretty easy to use. I haven't had any trouble assembling or disassembling it, and being able to remove the top cap allows you to change or clean the gasket for the push fill system. However, if you don't push the sliding mechanism at just the right spot, you won't be able to thread the top cap back on. I personally like push fill top caps, but there is the possibility of it coming open if you put it in your pocket. Like any other mesh build deck, it's pretty straightforward, although the Phillips head screws that secure the clamps are incredibly small. But we'll get to that in the deck section of this review.

The tank holds 3.1 mL of e-liquid with the straight glass, and while the website only mentions PCTG, I believe it is Pyrex glass from what I've read on retail sites. The bubble tank is frosted, with a capacity of 4 mL, and it is PCTG. It's a little harder to see your juice levels through the frosted tank, so if you're one who likes to see how much liquid you have, you may want to stick with the straight glass (even though it has a smaller capacity).

*Check the kit contents drop-down menu to see all included parts and extras 

Build deck and wicking

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The Profile M RTA has a mesh style deck with a clamp on each side that is secured with Phillips head screws. The screws are incredibly small, and I had to use the included screwdriver, even though I have two quality sets of precision screwdrivers that I normally use. Even with the included screwdriver, it wasn't a great fit, and I was afraid of stripping the screws. I torqued them just enough to secure the mesh and didn't have any problem with the connection or with them coming loose, but I had to mention it. Along with the clamps, you also have the spring-loaded ceramic block to help push the cotton against the coil.


The RTA has a stainless-steel build deck that takes us back to the original Profile days in that it uses the same, smaller mesh strips that the original Profile RDA uses. They are also the same size that the Profile Unity RTA uses, whereas the Profile 1.5 and the Profile RDTA use the larger mesh strips.


If you're already familiar with mesh decks, then you know how to install the mesh strips. Just use the included bending tool to bend your mesh strip and place each end into the clamps. Be careful when tightening the clamp screws because of the issues I pointed out earlier. Once your mesh coil is installed, you can dry fire it at around 10 to 15 watts to burn off any impurities or substances that may have been on your fingers.


You can also use a regular wire single coil build. Simply place one lead in each clamp and tighten it down. Dry fire to get the hot spots out, or if you're using a spaced coil, skip that part and start wicking.

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Wicking with the included 6 mm cotton was relatively simple, except for the Clapton mesh—the cotton kept getting stuck on the metal seam at the top where the Clapton wires are soldered. If you encounter this, simply press on the spring-loaded ceramic block with a screwdriver while simultaneously pulling the cotton through. That's what I did, and it and it seemed to work pretty well.

If you've wicked mesh coils before, then you know there are different ways to cut the ends of the cotton. I still use the old way of cutting it at around a 45-degree angle with the longer end at the bottom. That way you're not tucking a butt-load of cotton into the wicking channels. I've seen some people leave the longer end on top. Either way, if you find yourself having to force the cotton into the holes, then you're using too much. Thin it out or cut some more off. Too much cotton can mean dry hits, especially with mesh. Now you can prime the cotton and fill the tank.

If you're wicking for a regular wire single-coil build, simply wick it like you normally would. Depending on the size of your coil, you really shouldn't have to comb it out—but if you find it's a little tight in the juice channels, it might not hurt to thin it out just a little.


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The Profile M RTA has top airflow provided by two cyclops style holes that direct the air to honeycomb style airholes in the chimney (19 on each side to be exact,) which then direct the air to each side of the coil. It reminds me of the Zeus X RTA, and like the Zeus X, there are two notches in the chimney piece that align it with the deck.

The airflow is really smooth and fairly wide open. I don't know why I was expecting a restricted draw, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't. I find running it wide open gives me the perfect amount of airflow, but that's just me—your experience may be different. You can always let me know in the comments.

To adjust the airflow simply turn the AFC ring; it has a stopper and will stop at fully open or fully closed. It turns smoothly without being too loose or too tight. You can also remove the AFC ring for cleaning, you just have to unscrew the top cap and remove the sliding mechanism. Just remember that when pushing the sliding mechanism back in, it has to be right in the middle or it'll be difficult to thread the top cap back on. I find that pushing it all the way in until it stops and then pushing it back just a touch will get it in the right place.

Profile M RTA performance

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The Profile M RTA performs well for a mesh RTA. I think what gives it an edge is its size. Because it's such a short tank, the vapor has less distance to travel to your lips, and that definitely bumps up the flavor. I find that it has nice flavor whether I use mesh or a regular single-coil build.

Just like the Profile RDTA, I still think I get slightly better flavor from the Clapton mesh, even though I can't turn up the wattage as high as the others. With the coil coming out at 0.18 ohms, I found that 62.5 watts was the sweet spot. I was able to crank it up a little higher with the other mesh strips and had a slightly warmer vape, but I don't think I was getting any more flavor.

I finally settled for a single coil build using a Ni80 tri-core fused Clapton. I went with a simple 3 mm coil with five wraps, and only had to turn it up to 37.5 watts. With the atomizer being so short, I was getting a nice, warm, flavorful vape.

The airflow is smooth. It's not noisy and it's not turbulent. I was happy to find that it wasn't restricted when fully open, so if you like a somewhat airy draw, you won't be disappointed. And if you like more of a restricted draw, you can cut it down to your heart's content.


Pros / Cons


  • Good build quality 
  • Easy to fill 
  • 4 mL capacity bubble tank 
  • Smooth honeycomb airflow 
  • Easy to build and wick 
  • Great for mesh and regular coils 
  • Three mesh strips included 
  • No leaking (top airflow) 
  • Good flavor 


  • Sliding cap could come open 
  • Clamp screws are too small 
  • No knurling on top cap



I couldn't really find a lot of cons with this RTA. The machining and finishes are all top notch, and it performs well. The clamp screws could have been bigger, and the sliding fill cap could come open if you put it in your pocket. Mentioning that there's no knurling on the top cap is a stretch. Even though it would help, it isn't really needed. Aesthetically it would have been more fitting to have matching knurling on both the top and bottom, but this is just personal preference.

It vapes good using both mesh and regular single coil builds and in my opinion is a nice little flavor banger. So, whether you're just looking to add another Profile to your collection, or you just want a tank with flavor that doesn't leak, this isn't a bad choice either way.

Have you tried any of the previous Profile atomizers? What do you think of the Profile M RTA? Let me know in the comments.

Wotofo Profile M

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