Throne Liquids Review | The Taste of Malaysian Juice [Update]

We review the Throne Liquids line, straight out of Malaysia. These e-liquids, inspired by shisha flavors, combine the best of tropical fruit with a distinctive cooling effect.

Throne E-Liquids

Tropical e-liquids… inspired by shisha

Throne Liquids is a team of e-liquid brewers based in Malaysia. Their original line consisted of three e-liquids taking inspiration from shisha and tropical fruits native to southeast Asia: The Lady, The Mad Queen, and The Mother. Together, these 3 e-liquids make up the “Queen” bundle.

Now the Malaysian brewers are back, with three more flavors, the “Kings” of the suite: The Bastard, The Kingslayer, and The Mountain.

All six flavors come in 50 mL bottles with child-proof caps. They’re available in two strengths: 0 mg/mL or 3 mg/mL. Throne Liquids blends their juices to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio and recommend vaping them at higher wattages, to bring out the flavor profiles and clouds. A distinctive feature of all 3 flavors is the presence of a cooling agent, a variation of menthol that is dissolved in the liquid.

One 50 mL bottle costs $10 before shipping, the 3-pack bundle goes for $27.99, and the royalty bundle (all six flavors) goes for $53.99. Vape Club MY is the exclusive vendor for Throne Liquids and kindly sent us the line to review. They ship internationally but bear in mind shipping times vary. Our first bundle took 5 weeks to arrive. Since then, shipping has improved massively. Our second bundle arrived in less than one week!

Let’s try out the Throne Liquids line and see how they vape…

Disclaimer: We received the Throne Liquids line from Throne Liquids for the purpose of this review. Your take on these flavors may differ: opinion is subjective. Vive la difference!

Notable Remarks

Set up

For this review, I used a variety of high-wattage tanks (Cleito 120, SMOK TFV12, Innokin Scion) from 100 – 150 W.

The Lady

Throne E-Liquids

They say: The Lady is a sweet succulent mango designed to fulfil your taste buds’ desires. A blend of Philippines mango and other secret exotic fruits.

We say: The first impression is of ripe, juicy mango. However, it’s not sickly sweet – the taste is authentic. As you inhale the mango gives way to a very cool, very smooth menthol sensation. The mango tastes somehow layered: it’s a good combination of sweet and tart. The cooler remains in the throat and mouth after the mango disappears. Vapor production is plume-like, and higher wattages only improve the overall profile. I enjoy this flavor for a complex take on mango. The Lady is well suited for a hot summer’s day.

The Mad Queen

Throne E-Liquids

They say: The Mad Queen is made with shisha lovers in mind. This flavor encapsulates the refreshing double apple with a hint of aloe vera, designed to simulate the perfect shisha experience.

We say: The first note is a sour, tangy apple. It’s been a while since I did shisha but the double apple flavor here is instantly recognizable. The cooler is present, but it hits less hard than in The Lady. The aloe vera, though subtle, blends nicely with the apple for a rich, decadent flavor. Tart, sweet, and cooling all at the same time. Mad Queen is smooth on the throat, with very little resistance. Plenty of vapor here too.

The Mother

Throne E-Liquids

They say: The Mother is a delectable passionfruit cognac blend designed to overpower your taste buds. The Mother is a blend of high quality cognac (does not contain alcohol), passionfruit and papaya.

We say: The sweetest and most obviously “tropical” of the bunch, The Mother kicks off with a note that sits somewhere between papaya and passionfruit. It’s a bit too sweet for my taste, reminding me of multivitamin juice. Upping the wattage, the flavor opens up around the middle and I taste something smooth and mellow on the tongue – is that the cognac? Could be. The characteristic cooling agent is present in The Mother too, and you’ll feel it on your throat. Of all the e-liquids, this is my least favorite. It’s too much of a fruit cocktail – for me.

The Bastard

Throne E-Liquids

They say: The Bastard is a delectable Jägerbomb flavor. A fantastic blend of Jägermeister and Red Bull flavor gives this e-liquid a taste like no other.

We say: I’m struggling to say what this flavor is. I’m guessing at a stretch, it may be strawberry or some kind of pink champagne. There’s nothing wrong with this flavor, but it’s less defined than the previous three in the line. After reading the description, I notice the typical tartness and sweetness of red bull in the flavor more, but it’s still not Jägerbomb, by my taste buds at least.

The Kingslayer

Throne E-Liquids

They say: The Kingslayer is a ripened pineapple flavor designed to flood your taste buds with all its tropical splendor. All in all, a rich and ultra tasty pineapple flavored e-liquid.

We say: This flavor has something instantly sweet and juicy about it. It’s definitely something tropical, like lychee, or papaya… Then it hits me. Pineapple. Yep, this is an authentic, tropical pineapple flavor. I like it a lot – especially with the cooler added to it.

The Mountain

Throne E-Liquids

They say: The Mountain is a great orange vanilla flavor modeled after the popular smoothie Vanilla Sunrise that is fruity and rich at the same time. Vape it to believe it!

We say:
The first thing I taste is anise. Then oranges. The taste is rich, spiced, with citrus notes and tang. It also reminds me of Sangria, red wine with oranges, and cloves. Orange notes predominate, but there’s enough going on to keep things interesting. One of the stronger, bolder flavors from the Throne Liquids range.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Throne Liquids range. On the surface, they are single-profile fruit flavored e-liquids. Our first shipment took forever to arrive. So, was it worth the wait?

Most definitely. Most flavors taste authentic and aren’t artificially sweet. Although The Lady and The Mad Queen are essentially single-profile flavors, both come out surprisingly complex and deep. Higher wattages only bring out more dimensions to the flavors. I wasn’t a fan of The Mother but as a general tropical flavor it has appeal.

The newer flavors in the range add some welcome variety to an already strong suite of e-liquids. My favorite of the new “Kings” line has to be The Mountain. But honestly, all the flavors have something to offer.

My favorite element and biggest surprise was the cooling agent used in the e-liquids. Similar to menthol, but smooth and subtle, I liked how it played off against the flavor profiles.

Considering the 50 mL bottle size, the price is decent – just factor some time in for shipping. That said, our second batch arrived barely days after it was sent, so head over the Vape Club MY and see what shipping options are available for your area. Great for summer, and undoubtedly worth a try. Recommended.

Meyrick Payne
Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.

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