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Oil and Wax Concentrate Reviews

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Does the Vivant Dabox mark the latest evolution of cannabis concentrate vaporizer technology or is it just another glorified wax atomizer?
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MigVapor, makers of the popular Sub Herb and Sub Herb Black has a new vaporizer attachment and this one is for wax/concentrates. Let's see how it vapes....
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PAX Labs, the creator of the original PAX and PAX 2 vaporizers, just released the PAX 3. What did they improve this time? Let's take a look and find out....
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Mig Vapor has an improved dry herb attachment called the Sub Herb Black. We take a look and see how it vapes compared to the original Sub Herb.
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Today we take a look at the Gravity by Kandypens, a wax vape pen that combines some of the best features from their popular Galaxy/Donuts series.
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Today we have a look at the Kandypens Mini, a sub ohm vape pen for waxy concentrates with that can be used with two different types of atomizers.
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Today we have a look at the PAX Era. Is it revolutionizing vaporization by being the first pod mod for THC concentrates? Let's take a look and find out....
MigVapor Matrix
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Today we take the "green pill" as we enter the Matrix with a portable new vaporizer by MigVapor to find out one thing and one thing only: How does she vape?
V2 Pro Series 3
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V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Review - TBEC Review look at the new V2 Pro Series 3, which is a "3 in 1" vaporizer device that can vape e-liquids and dry herbs!