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Why wait for e-liquids to taste good when someone else can pre-steep them for you? We review the new pre-steeped line from VapeWild.

Vapewild e-liquid

To steep or not to steep? Or pre-steep?

Not all flavors are born equal. That’s why steeping e-liquids can work wonders sometimes. The simple process of time=oxidization is an essential part of any DIY e-liquid setup. This is especially important for more complex flavors, such as desserts, bakery, and tobacco notes, which, like a fine wine, take longer to mature. Furthermore, most flavorings come suspended in a PG solution, and they will take longer to steep if your e-liquid of choice has a higher VG ratio.

When you order e-liquids online, the trip through the postal service may be the only steep your new e-liquid has had. You could just vape it fresh. Or shake it up, get some fresh air in there, and store your bottle in a cool dark corner for 1 to 2 months. Some people swear by hot water baths. But not everyone has that kind of patience.

That’s where pre-steeping comes in. VapeWild has launched a new range of 12 pre-steeped e-liquids, selling for $9.99 for 30mL, and $17.99 for 60mL. They come in tinted glass bottles with eye dropper, feature a 35/65 PG/VG blend as standard, and are available in zero nic, 3, 6, and 12 mg/mL.

But if you’re feeling fancy, don’t stop there. Three further flavors are available – Space Pawn, PGGB, and MeaüxHox. They’ll set you back $99, $500, and $999.99 respectively. If you’re looking for unicorn tears, real moon dust, or a third eye awakening, VapeWild has you covered. At present all three deluxe flavors are out of stock. We sadly didn’t receive them for review!

VapeWild’s pre-steeped range is priced 30% higher than their normal e-liquids. Therefore, the deciding factor will be whether you like the flavors themselves, and whether steeping makes any difference to the overall experience. We contacted VapeWild to find out how long their steep is, and they told us they use a proprietary steeping method that is not open to the public.
Let’s try out the VapeWild pre-steeped range and see how they vape, shall we?

Set up
All the e-liquids we received came with 6mg/mL nicotine. We used a variety of typical MTL setups (Nautilus tank, Nautilus X, and Jac Vapour S-22 tank) to try them out at 1 – 1.8 ohms, between 15 – 20W.

Disclaimer: We received five flavors from the VapeWild Pre-Steeped line from VapeWild for the purpose of this review. Your take on these flavors may differ. Opinion is subjective after all. Vive la difference!

Let's drip it into the tanks

Brexit at Tiffany’s


They say: No need to leave the European Union to enjoy this flavor! No one does toffee like the Brits and we took a page from their book and blended the creamiest caramel toffee with our beloved banana.

We say: If there would be a category in e-liquid reviews for concept, then this e-juice is the pick of the bunch! I feel like vaping away the UK and EU’s sorrows with Brexit at Tiffany’s. The first impression is a mild banana taste, not too strong. It tastes more natural than some – it’s not banana runts for example. I can also taste caramel in there but I wish the toffee note would be stronger. If you like banana flavors, you’ll enjoy Brexit at Tiffany’s.



They say: We took a trip on our Nimbus 2015 to meet with the creators of Butterbeer from the Three Broom Sticks in Hogsmeade to find this delectable treat for the holiday season.

We say: I’ve never been to Hogsmeade. But I am a huge butterscotch fan. As such, I was looking forward to this Butterbeer-inspired e-liquid. However, it left me a bit underwhelmed. The butterscotch isn’t strong enough for my taste, and the rest of it tastes like vanilla. It’s a light, pleasant vape but nothing really stands out. Maybe, as an all-day-vape, that’s what you’re looking for. For me it was kinda boring.

Morning Rituals


They say: This flavor brings back all the reasons why your mornings were great by combining a smoky tobacco flavor with Irish aromatic coffee.

We say: This is a dry tobacco flavor, almost like a roll-your-own, with a distinct black coffee note. I really like it for not being too sweet. The tobacco lends a slight chocolate note to it. Morning Rituals is a flavor I could vape all day long, not just in the AM. In general, I’m finding that flavors that are a bit less saccharine really stand out to me these days.



They say: We took the divine taste of summer’s favorite fruits and melded them with the sweet crunch of cucumbers and shot ourselves to the stars above.

We say: A sweet fruit flavor, most likely cantaloupe. I love me some cantaloupe on a hot summer’s day but as a flavor here it tastes artificial. Stardust does have a refreshing, crisp note to it, but I don’t taste cucumber. This is a light, fruit flavor that goes easy on your tank. It could easily be an ADV, but not mine.

Shamrock’s Irish Milkshake


They say: A magically delicious blend of creamy vanilla and smooth mint, with a classic whipped cream finish.

We say: St. Patrick’s Day has been and gone for another year but the flavor of this Emerald-Isle-inspired vape has a way of lingering on. Aside from the obvious notes of mint and vanilla I also taste coconut in this one. I think of it as a creamy flavor with a mint vibe. Personally, I find the combination weird to vape on. But then, mint flavors aren’t anything I reach for normally.



With so many different flavors out there, VapeWild e-liquids will probably be on your purchasing list at some time. While the pre-steeped flavors I tried were a bit hit-and-miss, none of them were unpleasant to vape. My personal favorites were Morning Rituals and Brexit at Tiffany’s. Two out of five doesn’t look great on paper, but if two of those are keepers then it was well worth finding that out.

I feel like even with all the pre-steeping spiel, some of these flavors will improve with time. As with all things taste, let your own nose and tongue be your guide. The question is, should you buy e-liquids for how they taste now, or how they might taste later? Alternatively, invest in an ultrasonic cleaner with a self-timer and experiment with accelerated steeping…

Do you vape e-juices straight out of the bottle? How long do you steep for and what methods do you use? Let us know in the comments.

Meyrick Payne
Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.

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