Wotofo Lush Plus RDA Review

Wotofo updates the Lush RDA, but the Lush Plus is more of a complete makeover.


Wotofo Lush Plus RDA Intro

When I think of the Wotofo company, Geekvape comes to mind. Both offer reliable and quality vaping gear at prices we all can afford. Wotofo has been in the game a bit longer (since 2009) and like Geekvape they have more recently given us a flurry of notable RDAs and RTAs including the Freakshow, Troll, Sapor, Serpent, Lush and variants on many of those names, in addition to tube mods and VV boxes.

In this review we take a look at the Lush Plus RDA which actually has very little in common with its predecessor other than the name.

The Lush Plus is a 24mm RDA with a stepped and angled dual split post design, meticulously machined from stainless steel. The understated cap is adorned with a simple Lush logo deeply engraved into one side, giving the Plus a clean look. The black delrin drip tip features a 9mm bore, but note that the Plus cap opening is too large to accept a standard drip tip, and too small for a Goon or Kennedy size tip.

Once mounted in the generous 2.4mm post holes, air is delivered to the bottom of your coils through four raised air holes machined into the floor of the deck, and with a reduced chamber the Lush should deliver a flavor experience that is normally reserved for much smaller RDAs.

The Lush Plus RDA is available in brushed stainless steel and black finishes at a retail price of $34.99USD.


Wotofo Lush Plus RDA Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Lush Plus RDA
  • Three staple coils
  • Two spare screws
  • Spare o-rings
  • Cotton
  • Screwdriver


  • Height: 32.5mm (including drip tip)
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Two post with 2.4mm holes
  • Delrin drip tip

Notable Remarks


As is common with a lot of Wotofo products, the Lush Plus RDA is packed with everything you need to get started: 3mm staple coils, cotton, and a screwdriver. It’s refreshing to get a screwdriver that ain’t the tiny blue variety, but even so the supplied driver did not inspire confidence. The tip is far too small to engage properly with the deck screws – so I’ll use my own, thank you.

I have no clue as to the origin of the coils and cotton, but the cotton looks suspiciously like a short strip of Cotton Bacon and should be good for quite a few re-wicks of the included staple coils. Some folks are leery of using cotton and wire of unknown origin, but I plan to take one for the team and build using the supplied materials. Call me fearless (or stupid).

Another quick note on the supplied coils: Wotofo packages three with the RDA. Why three? There is no true single coil option with the Lush Plus, so two or four would make more sense to me, rather than the odd number.

Lastly, I noted the the center pin on the 510 protrudes enough to be safely used on a direct-to-battery mod. Nice.



I took two of the included mystery wire coils and mounted them to the Lush Plus deck with little effort. The coils slipped right into the stepped post holes without any finagling. While I am not necessarily a fan of Phillips-head screws, the Lush screws are beefy and as I tightened them I never felt like the screw heads were in danger of stripping but as stated above I used my own screwdriver that was larger than the supplied driver. I also like the fact that you tighten from the top on all four screws. I like Velocity style decks, but I don’t like tightening the grub screws from the side. Not a big deal, but the Lush deck was easier and a nice change of pace.

I checked the dual coil build and my ohmmeter registered 0.22Ω after a quick burn. Now, back to the fearless (stupid?) part: I wicked with a piece of the mystery cotton, painted the coils with apple muffin juice and replaced the cap. The cap is a bit stubborn, so I put a drop of juice on the o-rings and it popped right on.

With the Lush Plus mounted on a direct-to-battery tube mech and a fresh Sony 18650 battery, I took my first few vapes.

I’ll start by saying that my smallish workroom looked like a San Francisco morning after just 3-4 drags, and the flavor was surprisingly good, really good actually. I was expecting that the flavor from the Lush Plus might be muted due to its size (yep, smaller is usually better in this case), but Wotofo has managed to wring quite a bit of flavor out of the 24mm Plus. The non-adjustable airflow is quite good, and though not the most airy I have used, it is more than adequate enough to give a decent lung hit and keep the build cool – it’s still nice and warm but never got too hot.

I did find that I was dripping often, which is no surprise with a 0.22Ω build, but the deck doesn’t seem to hold a lot of juice. At one point I tried 18 drops of juice and the Lush responded by pouring excess juice out of the bottom airflow holes.


  • Clean design
  • Nice machining
  • Stepped/angled deck posts
  • Reduced chamber
  • Vapor production
  • Flavor
  • Wide bore tip
  • Safe for direct-to-battery use


  • Smallish deck (juice capacity)
  • Proprietary drip tip
  • No airflow adjustment (subjective)

It is Lush, yet still a bargain

I like the Lush Plus. It is well made with excellent fit and finish, easy to build, looks good, and vapes nicely with a lot of flavor and vapor.

Though it would be nice if the deck were a bit deeper for more juice capacity I understand that dripping often can often be a part of dripping. The benefit here is the flavor produced by the reduced chamber, and for me it’s a welcome tradeoff.

And while some folks might lament the fact that there is no airflow adjustment, it works very well in this case. The airflow on Lush Plus is not super airy, but still provides a nice lung hit while keeping the build from getting too hot, and delivers a surprisingly flavorful vape. I know this is very subjective, but I think the vape is a near-perfect balance of airflow, flavor, and vapor – it is that good – in the configuration I used.

So, if you are seeking maximum airflow, or an adjustable draw, look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you looking for satisfying lung hit with a warm and intense flavor experience, the Lush Plus is another great RDA from Wotofo that won’t bust your budget. I would happily buy this RDA and use it daily.

Gary Joseph
Gary is a retired technical writer residing in the metro Detroit area. Besides vaping, and writing for Vaping360, some of his other interests include motorcycling, watch collecting, bicycling and fitness.

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Does this atty have the same driptip as the goon?


No – you can only use the tip that comes with the Lush Plus. It won’t accept a standard 510 drip tip either.


Is there any possibility to use it in a bottom feeder way?


Wotofo impresses again for quality and price.


Is there any possibility to use it in a bottom feeder way?


Unfortunately, no bottom feed pin is included. But as a dripper the Plus is superb.

I’m anxious to try the Psyclone Kryten for a dual coil flavor squonker. Though they are at least double the price.