Wotofo Troll V2 Review

The Troll face is back again! We review the Wotofo Troll V2 RDA.

Wotofo Troll V2 RDA Silver & Black

Wotofo Troll V2 Intro

The Troll v2 is the latest RDA from Wotofo and the second iteration of the popular Troll RDA.  This time around, it comes with a Velocity-style deck instead of a split center-post, provides an alternate airflow configuration and has a massive juice well.  It’s a pretty simple and straightforward RDA and sometimes that is great.  Let’s see if it’s simplicity is a gift or a curse.

Wotofo Troll V2 Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Troll RDA
  • Standard stainless steel drip
  • Delrin chuff cap
  • 3 twisted coils
  • Muji cotton pad
  • Multi-purpose screwdriver
  • 4 extra post screws
  • Wide array of extra o-rings


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Velocity-style deck
  • Two different adjustable airflow designs:
  • Three offset horizontal slots
  • Three diagonal slots
  • Gold-plated 510 pin
  • PEEK insulator
  • Triple o-ring base
  • 22 mm diameter
  • 26 mm tall without the drip tip
  • 33.5 mm tall with the standard drip tip
  • 37 mm tall with the chuff cap
  • 6.5 mm x 1.5 mm diagonal airflow slots
  • 6.25 mm x 1.25 mm horizontal airflow slots
  • 2.7 mm post holes
  • 10 mm deep juice well
  • 10.5 mm bore on the standard drip tip
  • 13.5 mm bore on the chuff cap

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

Wotofo Troll V2 RDA Taken Apart

The machining on the Troll v2 is pretty good, certainly on par with other atomizers in this price range.  It’s nice to see that Wotofo has stepped up their machining to match the quality Vaping360 has seen from Geek Vape.  There are no burrs to be found and the atomizer doesn’t feel cheap in the hand.  Unlike some other Velocity-style decks in this price range, neither of the posts lean to the side and stand perfectly vertical as far my eye can tell.  The o-ring tolerances on the other hand are pretty tight making it pretty difficult to take the outer barrel and airflow controller out for re-dripping.  Fortunately, the included drip tips are wide enough to allow for easy dripping, but have your rubber gloves handy when it comes time to rebuild it, you’re going to need them.

Build Deck

Wotofo Troll V2 RDA Deck

The build deck is a typical Velocity-style two-post deck with large 2.7 mm post-holes.  Not much else to say here since we’ve all seen this deck around for quite some time, it has replaced most of the three-post and split center-post decks for the most part.

Ease of Build

Wotofo Troll V2 RDA Airflow

As expected with any Velocity-style deck, it is very easy to build on and can fit some pretty large diameter wire since each lead has it’s own hole.  No lead bending is required since there are two holes oriented vertically in each post.  It really seems like the Velocity-style deck has become the new standard.  It goes without saying, but I definitely prefer this deck over the original’s split center-post deck.

Juice Well

Wotofo Troll V2 RDA Juice Well

The juice well is 10 mm deep and holds a ton of juice.  It eliminates the need for constant dripping and can be considered a drip-and-go atomizer.  In order to get my nicotine fix, I only need to drip twice per session which is pretty convenient.  The wide bore drip tips allow for such easy dripping that you can literally do it while walking.  As a matter of fact, I don’t even really drip, I just squirt an entire droppers worth of juice in it and call it good.  Be careful though, even though the juice well is deep and holds a lot, if you tilt your mod when it’s full, it will most likely leak.  On several occasions I had juice run down the side of my mod.

Airflow and Controller

Wotofo Troll V2 RDA Shaft-Airflow

The airflow controller is pretty straightforward but also provides a fair amount of options.  There are two diamond-shaped cutouts in the outer sleeve and the slots are cut into the inner sleeve.  You can choose between three offset horizontal slots or three diagonal slots and in each configuration, you can adjust the airflow by turning the top cap section which rotates the inner sleeve.  When you close down the diagonal slots, you can choose a setting anywhere between zero and three open slots.  When closing down the horizontal slots, there will always be three vertically-oriented slots offset in a diagonal fashion, but the length of each slot can be controlled.

The draw is smooth with plenty airflow.  Wide open, there is very little restriction and will satisfy almost every cloud chaser out there.  It can also be closed down for a restricted lung hit, but not enough to achieve what I would consider a mouth-to-lung draw.  That is fine though because this atomizer isn’t geared towards mouth-to-lung vapers.


Wotofo Troll V2 RDA Silver

This is definitely the worst part of this atomizer for me, I cannot stand that hideous troll face engraved on the side; it just looks ridiculous.  I know that is totally subjective, but if it didn’t have that engraving, I would’ve most likely bought one for myself had I not gotten it for free for this review.  Troll face aside, I think everything else looks pretty nice.  It’s tall, but not obnoxiously tall like the CLT4 RDA and the shorter stainless steel drip tip has the right width-to-height ratio to give it a nice proportional aesthetic.


Wotofo Troll V2 RDA DripTip Adapter

This is where this atomizer really gets me, I was not expecting it to perform this good.  Don’t get me wrong, the flavor isn’t on the same level as a high end atomizer with a small chamber and a tight draw, but for what it is, the flavor quality caught me off guard.  It’s not quite as good as the Tsunami, but it’s close.  I built it with the included twisted coils in a dual coil configuration with 6.5 spaced wraps around a 3mm screwdriver.  I placed the coils so they were as close to the airflow as possible and centered with the middle horizontal slot.  Firing this at 64 watts, the vape was dense and the flavor was certainly above average. I found the horizontal slots give off a little bit more flavor and the diagonal slots produce larger clouds.


  • Good flavor
  • Good vapor production
  • Easy to build
  • Deep juice well
  • Comes with a comfortable standard drip tip as well as chuff cap
  • Hybrid mod compatible center pin


  • No single coil option
  • Not very leak resistant
  • O-ring tolerances are really tight
  • The troll face engraving looks pretty dumb


The Troll v2 is a nice upgrade from the original with it’s new airflow options, Velocity-style posts and the 10mm deep juice well.  The performance and quality is certainly worth the asking price, but you might be wondering whether this atomizer is for you.  If you’re looking for something that puts out incredible flavor or want a new competition atomizer, this isn’t for you.  However, if you want something affordable that is easy to build, holds a ton of juice, puts out above average flavor and clouds, this might be the one to look at; if you can get past that horrid troll face engraving.

Kyle Formeck
My name is Kyle and I have been vaping for almost a year now. I started vaping to kick my 9 year smoking habit and got hooked on trying to get the best flavor out of my atomizers. I am a software developer living in upstate NY and in my free time I like to write shoegaze and dream pop music.

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Troll V2 i’ve used for months, is good RDA except:

1. Top cap is insanely hard to get off, even with juice lubed o-rings.
I have to use a steel coil jig (rod), bend my coils down out of the way, insert the rod through the air holes to then lever the top cap up, side to side then off with significant difficulty.

2. RDA itself can be very hard to unscrew from your Mod! – I have to use long nose pliers around the insulator posts to unscrew it, and now have bent the posts a few times.

3. The grub screws do not fit the provided allen key very well and hence you cannot acheive satisfactory tightness and they strip easily. You can fix this but it’s annoying to have to (wotofo have improved since then).

Does anyone else not have these problems?! Mine is the black version.
PS. Yes it’s real lol, purchased from authorised dealer etc.

If you are new to RDA’s I would check out the Sapour V2 it is frickin AWESOME I cannot flaw it. Once you get that, you just don’t need anything else.


I had one for a week now and I’d like to mention a couple of disagreements:

– You can connect a single coil and it still works. That’s how I’ve been using it for the past week. So “No single coil option” point is arguable.
– Also once you take it apart and rebuild it a few times, the juice really lubricates the o-rings. I strongly disagree with the “O-ring tolerances are really tight” statement.

– “Not very leak resistant” is the main takeaway from this review imho. I carried it in my coat pocket a few times and now my whole coat smells like lemon tart. You either have to wrap the whole thing in teflon tape or wet the coil manually before each puff. The deep juice well is a trap to get your pockets all wet. Probably a conspiracy involving textile industry. Hence the troll face