Aeolus Lite RDA Review

We take a look at the Aeolus Lite the third RDA in the Aeolus line by Syntheticloud

Aoelus Lite RDA Garnet
Aoelus Lite RDA Garnet

Aeolus Lite RDA Intro

The Aeolus Lite is the third RDA in the Aeolus line by Syntheticloud.  The original Aeolus was one of the first RDAs to make top-airflow popular and was nearly a perfect atomizer.  A few months later they released the Aeolus v2 Pro to much criticism due to the reverse-threaded sleeve and the lack of a single coil airflow option.  Syntheticloud is back with yet another iteration that is meant to combine the best features of both Aeolus’ into one; so were they successful?

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Aeolus Lite RDA Specs and Features

  • Aeolus Lite RDA
  • Standard 510 drip tip
  • 11mm delrin competition top cap
  • 2 extra post screws
  • 2 extra standard airflow controller o-rings
  • 1 tight fit airflow controller o-ring
  • 2 extra deck and/or top cap o-rings
  • 1 extra drip tip o-ring


  • Combination of the Aeolus v1 and v2 Pro
    • Three-piece assembly with an aluminum sleeve
    • Double o-ring sealed base
  • Signature vertical airflow system
    • Entry from side top
    • Funneled into four differently sized air holes
    • Adjustable
    • Anti-leak design
  • Split-positive build deck
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 18K gold plated center post
    • Flathead screws
    • Deep juice well
  • 18K gold plated brass contacts
  • PEEK insulators
  • Anti-spin square center post


  • 22mm diameter
  • 22mm height without drip tip
  • 75mm height with competition drip tip
  • 5mm height with standard drip tip
  • 2mm post-holes
  • 4mm deep juice well

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

Aeolus Lite RDA Taken Apart
Aeolus Lite RDA Taken Apart

The machining is very good for the price.  I can’t say it feels any nicer than a $40 RDA due to the aluminum construction, but the quality control seems to be very good.   Don’t get me wrong, the tolerances are great, but there’s something about the lightweight aluminum that makes this atomizer feel cheap in the hand.

The o-rings do seem a bit tight, especially the top cap o-rings.  It feels like it should’ve been the other way around; the top cap o-rings should be looser than the sleeve o-rings to make it easier to take off for dripping.  The only reason to take the entire sleeve off is for re-wicking and rebuilding so tighter o-rings there would’ve been nice.

One thing to note is the tabs built into the outer barrel; these sit flush on the edges of the deck so it cannot be pushed through to the other side.  It also assists in attaching and removing the atomizer from a mod; just turn the barrel until the tabs catch on the posts, then keep turning.  I really love this subtle feature and it’s something I wish more designers would consider.

Build Deck

Aeolus Lite RDA Deck
Aeolus Lite RDA Deck

The build deck is a typical split center post, four hole design.  The holes are 2mm in diameter, the center post is made of 18K gold-plated brass and the negative posts are milled into the deck for better conductivity.  It’s a well-accepted design that just works.

Ease of Use

Aeolus Lite RDA
Aeolus Lite RDA

Building the Aeolus Lite is a breeze since on a dual coil build, each lead has its own post-hole.  The center post-holes are higher than the negative post-holes, requiring less bending to mount the coils.  The large post-holes make it easy to fit fat leads in here but be careful, the deck isn’t the largest.  In order to fit something large like a framed staple coil, you will need to keep the wrap count down and use a 3mm screwdriver or smaller in order to get them to fit comfortably for proper wicking.  The flathead screws hold a strong connection and won’t clip leads due to the solid posts.  Overall, this build deck is an improvement over the three-post design of the Aeolus v2 Pro.

Juice Well

The juice well is about 4mm deep and even though leaking isn’t an issue, you still should be careful about over-dripping because you’ll end up getting a ton of spitback.  With that said, it still comfortably holds about 32 drops max VG on a dry wick in a dual coil setup.

Airflow and Controller

Aeolus Lite RDA Airflow
Aeolus Lite RDA Airflow

This has always been my favorite part of the Aeolus series.  It’s hard to describe, but the draw is incredibly smooth, almost velvety smooth.  They kept the same design as the Aeolus v2 Pro which was my favorite upgrade from the original design.  There are four holes on each side and you can close them off in succession by turning the airflow controller; this allows you to have finer control over the restriction of the draw.  Wide open, it’s just slightly more restricted than the United Chaos RDA.

However, just like the Aeolus v2 Pro, there isn’t a single coil option.  Syntheticloud did make that possible through the single coil only drip tip available as aftermarket accessory for a reasonable $15.


Aeolus Lite RDA Aesthetics
Aeolus Lite RDA Aesthetics

I have always been a big fan of the Aeolus look; the plain sleeve, the elegant font of the logo on the airflow controller and the staircase look the top cap and drip tip create.  The only difference between the Aeolus v2 Pro and the Aeolus Lite in the aesthetics department is the height; the v2 Pro is about 2mm shorter.  With all the different colors you can now also pick the one that best suits you and your favorite mod.  Personally, I love the look of my crimson red Aeolus on the Praxis Decimus with red doors.


My first build was a dual 22g, 9/10 wrap with a 3mm inner diameter and the flavor and vapor were fantastic.  After that, I went with a dual 2×26 Kanthal-A1/36g, 4.5 wrap with a 3mm inner diameter and flavor got even better.  This atomizer definitely performs better with exotic builds than bare wire builds due to the extra cooling the top airflow provides.

As much as I love the looks of this atomizer, the performance is where it really shines.  I wouldn’t say the flavor is intense but crystal clear.  All of the subtle notes in your juice really pop especially with a fused clapton or similar build.

I’ve tried a fair amount of other top airflow atomizers and the Aeolus line has been my favorite due the buttery smooth draw and the super crisp flavor it delivers.  It’s like all the parameters are perfect from the amount of potential air flow to the size of the chamber; I just get better flavor on the Aeolus line than I do on the Thump and the Sapor.



  • Awesome flavor
  • Incredibly smooth and pleasant draw
  • Easiest Aeolus to build
  • Uses the more versatile airflow controller of the v2 Pro


  • Extremely leak-resistant
  • Sleeve tabs make tightening and removing the atomizer a breeze
  • Color options add more customization options
  • Hybrid mod compatible center-pin



  • The aluminum construction makes it feel cheap
  • Deck o-rings are bit too loose while the top cap o-rings are bit too tight


I can say with absolute certainty that this is the most refined Aeolus RDA to date; the reverse-threaded deck is gone, the versatile airflow controller is here to stay and the split center post deck is the easiest Aeolus deck to build on to date.  On top of that, the price is nearly cut in half and there are a ton of new color options as well.  For $40, this is an absolute no brainer and definitely a great first RDA for someone who wants to start building.  In the end, I like my atomizers to feel as high quality as they vape and unfortunately, this is not one of those.  If you already own an original Aeolus or an Aeolus v2 Pro, there’s no reason to make the purchase unless you really want one in your favorite color.  However, if you’re new to RDAs or are looking for an affordable yet quality addition to your collection, you really should consider the Aeolus Lite.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Kyle Formeck
My name is Kyle and I have been vaping for almost a year now. I started vaping to kick my 9 year smoking habit and got hooked on trying to get the best flavor out of my atomizers. I am a software developer living in upstate NY and in my free time I like to write shoegaze and dream pop music.
  • Tony Nguyen

    Nice detailed review! Been eyeing this one down. How’s the flavour compared to the petri v2? I know both are flavour attys and wondering if picking this one up (already have the petri) would be redundant.

    • Jeremy

      Not at all redundant.