Aeolus V2 Pro RDA Review

Aeolus V2 Pro RDA
Aeolus V2 Pro RDA

Aeolus V2 Pro Intro

The Aeolus v2 Pro by Syntheticloud (SC) is the follow-up release to one of the most popular RDAs of 2015 (so far), the original Aeolus. Like the original, the Aeolus v2 Pro is a slick-looking, top-fed airflow RDA with a three-post deck. There are a few things that are different about the Aeolus v2 Pro from the original Aeolus like more airflow options and a gold-plated deck, but likely the most significant difference is its size. It has a reduced chamber and no heatsink fins. It’s essentially the Aeolus mini, though it is not named so.

The Aeolus v2 Pro was positioned well to be at least as successful, if not more, than the original. The original was heralded as a flavor machine and just an overall great atomizer! And while I was not fortunate enough to have purchased the original, theoretically I should be able to get a similar experience with the v2 Pro–if not a better experience–when you factor in the reduced chamber (which is supposed to increase flavor), increased airflow options (which the v2 has) and the ability of the manufacturer to address any possible shortcomings with the original.

But since this is not about the original, I am not going to do a comparative review of the two versions because 1) I don’t own the original Aeolus and 2) The Aeolus v2 Pro is its own device and the only one of the two that is currently available for purchase.

Before I get into the actual review, I’ll say this upfront: I have grown to love how the Aeolus v2 Pro performs! It has a very smooth draw that is a real treat to use. The vapor and flavor from this RDA can compete with many of the best (if your building skills are up to snuff). And the Aeolus v2 Pro is one sexy RDA! But, from an overall design standpoint, there are a few choices SC made with the Aeolus v2 Pro that I am not at all fond of. How I feel about the Aeolus V2 Pro is a love/hate kind of thing.


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Aeolus V2 Pro Specs and Features

  • 1 x Aeolus V2 Pro
  • 1 x Full set of replacement o-rings
  • 1 x Full set of replacement post-screws
  • 2 x Replacement deck-screws
  • 1 x Instructional manual


A dark blue, logo-branded, small cardboard tube to house the atty and parts.

  • Syntheticloud’s Vertical Airflow System
  • Syntheticloud’s Anti-Leak System
  • PEEK Insulators (649.4ºF)
  • New Features/Improvements:
  • Wider Range of Airflow Configurations
  • 3x More Maximum Airflow
  • Additional Small Airholes for Tighter Draws
  • Shorter Barrel, Lower Profile
  • Two Piece Deck
  • Reverse-Threading System
  • Anti-Spin Square Centerpost
  • Larger, Square Post Holes
  • 18K Gold-Plated Brass Contacts

Notable Remarks


​The Aeolus v2 Pro is machined beautifully. The finish of the brushed barrel and polished airflow ring is simply sweet! The tolerances on the different parts are pretty good, though the o-rings seem to cause some fit issues. The one o-ring on the top cap has my top cap a little too loose and the o-ring on the base is a little too thick (I’ll address that shortly).

Build Deck (including the Juice Well and Barrel)

Aeolus V2 Pro RDA Gold Posts
Aeolus V2 Pro RDA Gold Posts

Aesthetically speaking, the build-deck is nothing short of beautiful. Seriously, just look at it! It’s 18k gold-plated, naval brass for crying out cloud. Aside from the gold-plating, some of the features of the deck:

  • Three-post design.
  • Huge square post-holes. You can easily fit Claptons (and the like) as well as 22 gauge or thicker wire.
  • Staggered post-holes for easier insertion of coil-leads.
  • Square center-post which will keep it from spinning.
  • Beefy flat-head screws that won’t back out or clip the wires.
  • Two-piece deck.

The barrel of the atty fits onto the base by a reverse threading and an o-ring on the outside of the deck. Because of this design, technically speaking, there is no juice well in the traditional sense. The deck is mostly just flat (save for the threads on the outside of it). The juice well is created by the height of your coils and the walls of the barrel. That part works well (so to speak), but…

The 18k gold-plated deck is on top of a stainless steel deck and it is held together by four screws.

Note: the screws on the base of the build deck are *not* for trapping coils!

Performance (Vapor and Flavor)

The Aeolus v2 Pro is a really solid performer. There are a few reasons why I can speculate as to why this atty produces such clean-tasting flavor, but I’ll just say that in spite of all that I dislike about the RDA, the performance is not one of them!


The Aeolus v2 Pro has two sets of four vertical air inlets, and they are not merely top-fed air holes either; their vertical chutes run about 4.9mm deep. Three consecutive inlets on each side are (according to my measurements) ~2.78mm in diameter and the last one is smaller, measuring ~1.98mm. The smaller inlet is for those that like to tighten up their draw.

Whether being used wide open (at most, three inlets at a time on each side) or closed off to the smallest inlet, the draw of the Aeolus v2 Pro is glorious. It’s hard to qualify the feeling of a draw, but to me it feels incredibly smooth, round and even. For comparison’s sake, the Vector by VLS is designed similarly with two sets of four vertical air inlets, but on the Aeolus v2 Pro it truly feels like the airflow actually “scoops” the vapor (something VLS claims but I could not feel). The airflow system is claimed by SC to work by “…directing airflow directly over and around the heated coils, then evenly clearing out all vapor produced within the chamber.”

Airflow Controller

Aeolus V2 Pro RDA Inlet House and Door
Aeolus V2 Pro RDA Inlet House and Door
Aeolus V2 Pro RDA Inlets
Aeolus V2 Pro RDA Inlets

The airflow controller is not all that user-friendly. The controller is a ring encapsulating the drip tip opening on the top cap. There is no knurling to latch onto and the surface area of the ring is approximately 2.38mm deep and 3.57mm wide (according to my measurements). I don’t even have big hands, but there is very little even for me to grab onto here. It would’ve been nice to have been able to just turn the drip tip to achieve the same adjustment – that is if they didn’t want to change the aesthetics of the controller, otherwise some kind of knurling or something of the sort would’ve been useful.

The airflow controller only allows for three full inlets to be open at once (with full or partial adjustments in between). If you want to use the three ~2.78mm at once, just make sure when you peer into the slots that house the inlets, you don’t see the internal sliding door (see pic). The smallest inlet is kind of set back inside (out of view) and will be accessed by turning the controller to the right (and you’ll begin to see the internal sliding door emerge). I don’t like how you have to use the airflow controller, but I do like how it works—if that makes sense.

Note: The Aeolus v2 Pro only has a dual-coil airflow, so you will not have the option of making a single-coil build—view this as a dual-coil RDA. This is becoming increasingly more normal with RDAs these days, and though it sucks for those that prefer single coils, I am fine with it since I do love dual-coil builds.

510 Connection

The 510 connection on the Aeolus v2 Pro is very long. Too long, if you ask me. The RDA itself is not going to sit flush on all mods. The connection is just too long. I imagine that this atty was designed with a focus on it being parked on direct-connection mods (often called “hybrid” mods). I know there is a nice-sized market for direct-connection mods, but it seems like a semi-strange choice to go this route considering how popular regulated mods are. And even for direct-connection mods, the 510 connection itself needn’t be this long.


  • Gorgeous looking RDA
  • Really clean-tasting flavor and generous vapor production
  • Amazing feel to the draw
  • Adjustable airflow with several options
  • Good RDA for direct-connection mods


  • Difficult to adjust airflow controller
  • Reverse threaded deck that can unscrew itself when switching mods
  • O-ring on deck causes gap on the barrel
  • 510 connection is too long
  • No option for single coils

The problems I have with this design

1. The o-ring above the threads of the deck is a smidgen too thick and when trying to screw down the barrel, it stops short of the bottom causing an unsightly gap. Apparently you can lube the o-ring with water and the barrel is then supposed to sit flush with the deck, but that didn’t work for me. Luckily, SC gave me the suggestion to take off the o-ring and that did work. It hasn’t leaked yet, but that is the point of the o-ring – to prevent leaking.

2. You’ll have to install the deck on the mod before building because you would not want to grip the posts when the coils are installed (you could nudge them out of their spot); and of course, if you have it wicked and juiced, it would be just a mess to try and screw it down using the posts. I, like a lot of other vapers, often prefer to build on an ohm-reader or on another mod than the one I plan on vaping with.

3. If you try and take the atty off of the mod and put it on another (which I often do), you very well could run into problems trying to tighten it down because once the barrel feels any resistance going clockwise, it will start to unscrew from the deck/base because it is reverse threaded. So you’d have to try and screw down the deck using the posts – but at this point, the atty would be built and you run the risk of messing up the build.

SC stated they went with this design due to so-called threadlocking. That is what happens when an atty can get stuck on your 510 connection (mostly with mechanical mods) and can be a real struggle to get off (though it has only happened to me once). In those cases, often times the barrel will spin and there would be nothing to get leverage with short of taking off the cap and grabbing hold of the posts. To me, there were other ways this could’ve been addressed without using a reverse threading. Note: The Vector by VLS accomplishes the same thing but without using reverse threading (see my review on it to see how they did it).


I think SC over thought some of the design on the Aeolus v2 Pro and, had they kept it simpler, I believe it would’ve been an undisputed winner. As it is now, I feel it is a really good atty with issues that I’d rather not deal with. However, I am sure there are those that will still love this atty in spite of what I dislike, and I imagine there may even be some who will love it because of the reasons I do not – but I am also certain many will feel exactly as I do. My conclusion is one thumb up and one down. A strong-performing atty with unnecessary weaknesses.


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Jeremy Mann
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