APVlab Crystal, Apprentice & RDA Series Interview

Vaping360 checks out two inexpensive box mods and three affordable RDAs from APVlab.


APVlab’s Affordable Lineup

At SoCal Vape Convention, APVlab showed off five interesting vaping products. On the device side, the company had the Crystal and Apprentice box mods. On the atomizer side, it displayed the RDA Series, which is comprised of three drippers with interchangeable parts. APVlab’s Mike Bang was kind enough to walk me through the lineup. Check out the video above and read on for more details on all five pieces of vaping hardware.

3 Atomizers, 2 Boxes, 1 Love

APVlab RDA Series
APVlab RDA Series

Aimed at newer vapers or those with relatively modest power needs, the APVlab Crystal is a variable-wattage box-mod that can fire as high as 35 watts. It has a unique crystalline shape, with several angles. The company offers customizable “face-plate macles” for people that like to put their own brands, funny images, or naughty poems on their mods.

The APVlab Apprentice has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s old television show (I asked). It’s an unregulated device primarily made out of sturdy 6061 aluminum. It can accept atomizers as low as 0.1-ohms and has a number built in safety features that Bang detailed in the video.

The APVlab RDA Series offers three different decks and three different caps. One is geared towards cloud chasers, one is aimed at flavor fiends, and one is for vapers that want a little of both. The decks and caps can be mixed for additional vape customization. At the show, the company had some sweet laser-engraved editions of the RDA Series that I wanted to steal.

High Five, Low Price

Both APVlab box mods have an MSRP under $50, while the atomizers in the RDA Series have an MSRP of $35. While I can’t speak for the quality of each product, at the very least APVlab’s lineup is certainly worth checking out, considering the relatively low prices. Do you have any thoughts on these box mods and atomizers? Kindly share your feelings in the comments section.

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