Atom Vapes Yakuza Review

We take a look at the brand new mod and tank combo by Atom Vapes, called the Yakuza.

Atom Vapes Yakuza Box Mod and Tank

Atom Vapes Yakuza Intro

Today I am taking a look at the Yakuza kit from Atom Vapes. A follow up to their GCeramic coils this kit includes a brand new mod as well as the Kyodo tank from Atom Vapes complete with their new GCeramic coils to provide us with the first ever mod kit that has a ceramic mode. Let’s see how the Yakuza kit works below!


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Atom Vapes Yakuza Specs and Features

Atom Vapes Yakuza Kit Content
  • 1x Yakuza Mod
  • 1x Kyodo Tank
  • 1x Heat Dispersion Drip Tip
  • 1x 0.5Ω GCeramic coil (25-100w)
  • 1x 0.4Ω Clapton coil (25-45w)
  • Spare O rings
  • 3x Yakuza Skins
  • User Manual
  • Wattage Range: 1-70w
  • Temperature control with Ni and Ti wire
  • Ceramic Mode
  • 4ml e-liquid capacity

Notable Remarks

Design and Styling

Atom Vapes Yakuza With Sticker

One thing Atom Vapes are known for with their products is that their exterior is always on point and very unique looking. The Yakuza kit is no different. This box has a similar feel to the Kanger Subox Mini but with a few extra curves and indents here and there.

Atom Vapes also provide some stickers, which although are hard to apply, once they’re on they give the mod a whole new look that I love. Everything about this mod feels fantastic. It is obvious that Atom Vapes have taken their time with the design and tested everything fully. Some fantastic styling, will the performance live up to the exterior?

Using the Atom Vapes Yakuza Kit

Atom Vapes Yakuza Box Mod and Tank

I have to say I was quite impressed with the Yakuza box. The screen is fantastic, nothing like anything I have seen before. I really like the cool logos, which indicate which mode you are in, a nice touch. Also the colour of the text is cool, not the standard white we see on most devices.

Something also to note is even in bright sunlight you can still clearly see the screen. That is a big plus for me as all to often I will be out and about and not be able to see what wattage I’m vaping on due to the reflection and glare from the screen.

Different Vape Modes

Atom Vapes Yakuza Box Mod Side

The Yakuza kit has 4 different modes. A wattage mode, ceramic mode, temperature control mode and a bypass (mekmod) mode.

Wattage mode works just like any other variable wattage device and has a 10 second cut off to stop the mod from constantly firing in a bag or pocket etc. The temperature control modes work well with both types of wire, no bugs or switching out of TC mode so everything is good on that front too.

The bypass mode essentially turns the device into a mechanical mod, and instead of putting out a certain wattage it will just sent the power from the battery straight to the coil. If you use mechanical mods and like using them, this can be a good feature within a regulated device to get that mech mod style vape.

However, due to having to be very specific with your builds on a mech mod, if you don’t use them too much I don’t really think you will find the bypass mode anything 0.5 or 0.4Ω coil like you get with the Kyodo tank.

Ceramic Mode

Atom Vapes Yakuza Box Mod

Perhaps the most interesting of all the modes is the ceramic mode. This is something we haven’t seen before and essentially this mode attempts to control the heating of the ceramic coil to prolong both coil and battery life.

Ceramic retains heat much better than a standard wire and cotton wicked coil. So the ceramic mode heats the coil slightly slower and then drops off the wattage as you vape because the ceramic doesn’t need as much power to maintain its heat.

The slight flaw with this mode is I find it hard to understand how the chipset can tell the temperature of the ceramic and know when to drop off the wattage. Also there seems to be a much shorter cut off time, around 3 seconds, than regular wattage mode.

For some vapers 3 seconds is a long enough draw, but I prefer a longer draw and so I found the cut off a little too short which meant I reverted back to using the device within wattage mode.

I think this chipset is a great starting point for ceramic modes but maybe needs a little refining. Due to the screen and the new ceramic mode, I believe Atom Vapes have made this chip themselves rather than just adding a different screen to an already existing board. They should be commended for this as most companies simply buy a chip from Yihi or Evolv so making the effort to create a brand new chip is a fantastic achievement. Although I do think a little tinkering and refining is needed.

Kyodo Tank

Atom Vapes Yakuza Kyodo Tank

After extensively covering the ins and outs of the Yakuza mod, we should definitely not ignore the Kyodo tank that comes with the kit. This is a great little tank, and like every Atom Vapes product, has some awesome styling.

The tank comes with a 0.5Ω Gceramic coil and a 0.4Ω clapton coil. The flavour from the ceramic coil was very good; the vapour production was also quite impressive in comparison to the 0.9Ω ceramic coils offered by Atom Vapes for tanks such as the Kanger Subtank series and Aspire Atlantis.

The clapton coil worked well too although to really test out the kit, I mainly used the Gceramic coil to test the ceramic mode of the Yakuza box mod.

One flaw I did find with the tank is a lack of top fill. Nearly every tank on the market now has a top fill design so I was a little surprised to see Atom Vapes miss this. Also the tank doesn’t actually show you how much juice is left in the tank. The frosted glass doesn’t portray the whole juice section, which can mean you’re filling up the tank even though there is e-liquid left over.


  • Great styling and design
  • Brand new chipset
  • Lightning port charging capability
  • Excellent screen


  • No top fill
  • Ceramic mode needs refining


This device is a great little kit. Although similar to other ‘starter kits’ I wouldn’t put this in the same bracket. I would say this is more of a ‘ceramic kit’ due to the ceramic mode and the bypass mode on the device.

The styling, as always with Atom Vapes, is very impressive and very original. The performance is pretty much perfect bar the little refining issues needed with the ceramic mode.

I love the lightning port charging ability. A great little feature as I always have my phone charger with me so now I can charge my mod too!

I really like the way Atom Vapes is going with this mod attempting to control the ceramic to improve coil life and performance and hopefully with a little more work this could be a truly awesome kit although right now I think it suffers from a couple of small flaws.

I’m looking forward to see what Atom Vapes can do with their chip and hopefully a new Yakuza V2 to really take ceramic vaping to new places and we might just see a real breakthrough of ceramic coil tanks and mods!


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Sam Bass-Cooper
Sam is a UK Based reviewer currently studying applied sports science at university. Vaping for over 2 years and with a passion to keep vaping alive his enthusiasm and desire to help others get the best experience comes across in his reviews. A sport loving aspiring athlete with a particular interest in Pole Vaulting.
  • Isaac Link Linkletter

    Just picked up a Yakuza kit in black, and I have to say: I love the box mod, but despise the tank.

    1. Absolutely stupid liquid chamber. Turn it upside down, fill to the brim and reinstall, and it looks like I have less than half a tank.
    2. Maybe I’m not doing it right, but running a 10ml nic at 75%VG the gCeramic coil tasted like harsh, hot ass at any wattage and mode, even after being thoroughly saturated and primed, with little flavor and subpar cloud production. That exact same bottle of juice in my TFV4 on the Yakuza box with the TF-Q4 coil produced a robustly-flavored, warm cloud of thick vapor at a mere 40w, with no harshness whatsoever.
    3. The tank seal material was absolutely stained with ghost flavor after the first fill. Started with a Monster Energy flavored liquid, and now 4 fills later, I can still taste that bright citrusy flavor overriding my nice mellow caramel, and this is after a full hot water scrub + Everclear soak + new coil, and immediately after the clean, I could still smell the Monster when I sniffed the seals (cam out of the glass and metal parts of the tank just fine.
    4. Coil limitations suck. For a company that specializes in coils, to put out a product that can only use two very limited-range coils was a complete mistake on Atom’s part.

    This was just my two cents, but my final conclusion is to ditch the Kyodo and pick up something better, like a Uwell Crown or TFV4 Mini