Augvape Alleria RTA Review

We review the Alleria by Augvape, a new see-through RTA

Augvape Alleria RTA
Augvape Alleria RTA

Augvape Alleria RTA Intro

The Alleria is an RTA from Augvape, a Chinese vaping hardware manufacturer. It was designed by Augvape. With a 23mm diameter and 3ml capacity, the Alleria is the smaller sibling tank to Augvape’s other RTA, the 25mm diameter and 8ml capacity Boreas, from the same design team. (I’ve reviewed the Boreas separately because the two tanks, while similar, vary in design and construction.)


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Augvape Alleria RTA Specs and Features

  • 23mm diameter
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • PEEK insulator
  • 3ml capacity
  • Glass chamber and chimney; visible build, wick, and vapor
  • Delrin drip tip
  • Compatible with 510 drip tips
  • 14mm Velocity-style build deck
  • Juice flow control for vaping high VG juice
  • Adjustable air intake
  • Top fill system

Notable Remarks


The Alleria RTA is available online for prices ranging from $29.00–$39.00. Shipping may be extra.


Augvape Alleria RTA Topfill/Driptip
Augvape Alleria RTA Topfill/Driptip

Having already reviewed the Alleria’s big brother, the Boreas, with unrestrained praise, I was curious about how the Alleria would compare.

The two tanks differ in design. The Alleria is something of a peacock, with her glass chamber (inside the glass tank) that covers the deck and coils, displaying them to the vaper in all their glory. By contrast, the Boreas is more demure, hiding its deck inside a stainless steel chamber. Turning the proprietary drip tip screws down the glass chamber of the Alleria to adjust the eliquid intake chambers: clockwise turns of the drip tip progressively shut down the liquid intake by covering the channels with glass, while counter-clockwise opens them up again.

The Boreas is a 25mm diameter monster, as big as a SMOK TF-RTA (although with almost twice the eliquid capacity — 8ml versus 4.5 for the TF-RTA), while the Alleria is more diminutive in a standard 23mm diameter size with 3ml eliquid capacity. Also, the Boreas has a different eliquid flow system to the coils, with holes on the floor of the deck. The Alleria uses the more traditional semicircular channels for flow of eliquid to the wicks. Wicking is more critical — and more finicky — on the Alleria.


Augvape Alleria RTA Deck
Augvape Alleria RTA Deck

The decks on the two Augvape RTAs are similar, although different size: 17mm diameter for the Boreas versus 14mm for the Alleria. Both decks are Velocity-style, with dual posts that have two holes in each post and grub screws on the sides. Builds on either deck is easy and convenient, although the larger Boreas deck allows 3mm ID coils, while the Alleria seems better suited to 2.5mm ID coils. Since the chamber that covers the Alleria’s deck is glass, however, it might be possible to stuff in larger coils, since shorting out against the chamber wall won’t be an issue with glass.

I did the same build on both RTAs: simple 26-gauge stainless spaced dual coils that came in at 0.25 ohms. I used cotton wicks for the Boreas, rayon for the Alleria. Initially, my rayon wick tails were too long and went to the bottom of the Alleria’s eliquid channels. Not good. The result was diminished wicking and slightly singed rayon. Happily, the design of the Alleria allows removal of the base and deck without emptying the tank. I re-wicked with rayon that barely entered the channels, and the improvement was immediate and wonderful.


Augvape Alleria RTA Looks
Augvape Alleria RTA Looks

Once I corrected the wicking, vaping performance was very good — not as superb as the Boreas, but close enough for horseshoes, as they say. Flavor and vapor production were both ample. With my simple build and rayon wicks, I found 45-50 watts to be my personal Baby Bear’s porridge sweet spot on the Alleria. I’m pretty sure that a coil-building master could set up the Alleria to allow higher wattage vaping and additional performance from the tank.

For me, the Alleria performed best with the eliquid flow adjustment entirely open. Screw down the glass chamber over the intake channels to close them off before filling or refilling the tank, but be sure to open them up again all the way before vaping, or dry hits will result. The adjustment (turning the drip tip) to open or close the eliquid flow control does require many turns, but that’s a slight niggle.

Personally, I liked the draw with the air slots wide open, which was smooth but with slight resistance. The Alleria isn’t the airiest tank I’ve ever vaped, but it’s easily within the standards of sub-ohm, direct lung requirements.

Build quality on the Alleria was acceptable, but not as refined and precise as that of the Boreas. The Alleria’s threads weren’t crunchy by any means, but they weren’t as buttery smooth in machining as her big brother’s.


  • glass inner chamber makes the coils and vapor visible
  • easy deck to build
  • innovative eliquid flow control system
  • performs very well when built and adjusted properly


  • can be a bit finicky in wicking and adjustments


Augvape’s Alleria RTA is a very nice tank with some interesting, innovative, and unique features. While the vape quality didn’t impress me as much as its big brother — the Boreas — that’s hardly a criticism, since the Boreas is nothing short of awesome.

The inner glass chamber that covers but reveals the deck, coils, and vapor is such a distinctive attribute that I’d probably give the tank a thumb’s up for that feature alone. Happily, the Alleria’s overall performance makes it easy to recommend.

I’ve vaped and reviewed so many great new RTAs recently that my head is swimming. RTAs have sure as shootin’ come a long way very fast in sophistication and performance. I’m stunned and impressed by the number of good rebuildable tanks now available. 2016 does indeed seem to be shaping up as The Year of the RTA, and the Alleria takes its place in that attractive lineup of sophisticated, well-designed tanks. It may not be the Leader of the Pack, but this is the major leagues, folks, and just playing on the team implies impressive credentials, talent, and skill.


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Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sweet review, Sir. Now I want to get a Boreas, as 3mm ID coils are my jam.

    • Bill Herbst


      While the Alleria is an interesting, quality RTA and worth consideration, the Boreas is an absolute beast — elegantly designed, beautiful, and a direct competitor to the SMOK TF-RTA, but with more eliquid capacity. For Augvape, the Alleria represents a solid two-bagger double, but the Boreas goes yard, as they say, and hits the ball right out of the park.

    • Audrey Saccogna

      I’ve been running 3.5mm horizontal or 4mm vertical 🙂

      • Bill Herbst


        I’m suitably impressed. Those are some big, honking coils!