Augvape Boreas RTA Review

We review the Augvape Boreas, a new beast of an RTA with a massive 8ml e-liquid capacity

Augvape Boreas RTA
Augvape Boreas RTA

Augvape Boreas RTA Intro

The Boreas is an RTA from Augvape, a Chinese vaping hardware manufacturer. It was designed by Augvape and Roxy, who is a member of Vaping360’s family of writers/contributors. With a 25mm diameter and 8ml capacity, the Boreas is the big brother tank to Augvape’s other recent RTA, the 23mm/3ml Alleria, from the same design team. (I’ve reviewed the Alleria separately because the two tanks vary considerably in design, features, and construction.)


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Augvape Boreas RTA Specs and Features

  • 25mm diameter
  • 17mm huge Velocity-style build deck
  • 8ml capacity
  • Delrin drip tip
  • Compatible with 510 drip tips
  • Comes with two separate decks:
    • 2.0mm juice hole deck (for regular vaping)
    • 2.5mm juice hole deck (for vaping 80 watts up and high VG juices)
  • Airflow direct to coils
  • Juice flow control
  • Adjustable air intake
  • Top fill tank

Notable Remarks


The Boreas RTA is available online for prices ranging from $35–$40. Shipping may be extra.


Augvape Boreas RTA Taken Apart
Augvape Boreas RTA Taken Apart

The Boreas has all the features that are rapidly becoming standard among this new generation of superior RTAs: stainless steel construction, top fill, a huge 17mm Velocity-style deck with dual posts, each of which has two large holes with side-mounted grub screws for a wide variety of builds, plus an eliquid feed system through holes in the floor of the deck (2.0mm on the standard deck, 2.5mm on the higher wattage/high VG deck). A parts bag is included with a hex wrench, four grub screws, and a generous supply of additional O-rings. Instructions are sparse, but YouTube reviews are a good resource for information about construction and how to build coils on the Boreas. The entire tank dismantles for easy cleaning.

All parts of the tank are machined with great precision and buttery smooth threads. Eight air intake holes — four on each side of the tank base below the deck — are infinitely adjustable via control ring that’s firm to turn, but not stiff. The tank sat perfectly flush on my RX200 and was a good match to that powerful, large mod.


Augvape Boreas RTA Decks
Augvape Boreas RTA Decks

The spacious 17mm Velocity-style deck is a joy to build. Designed for dual coils, the deck will accommodate almost any wire size and coil builds from simple to exotic. I chose the simple route (typical for me) of 26-gauge stainless steel spaced coils, seven wraps each at 3.0mm inner diameter, for an overall resistance of 0.29 ohms, with Kho Gen Do cotton wicking. Since eliquid is fed to the coils through holes in the deck’s floor, wicking is straightforward and not at all finicky. Use an ample amount of wicking material, then tuck the wick ends under the coils, and the tank is good to go.


Augvape Boreas RTA Airflow
Augvape Boreas RTA Airflow

Even with my simple build, the Boreas performed brilliantly. I found my preferred draw with 2-3 holes open on each side. I tried wattages from 50 to 75, which was about the limit of the wicking capabilities. Had I used the alternate deck with its larger 2.5mm feed holes, the wicking flow would probably be maintained even at power limits well in excess of 80 watts. That’s for those who like to walk on the wild side and push the envelope, of course; I was totally happy at 65 watts using the standard deck.

Flavor and vapor production were as good as any RTA, RDA, or sub ohm tank I’ve tried. Impeccable. Stunning. Delightful.

With my modest, simple dual-coil build, the Boreas was thirsty, but not voracious about drinking eliquid. More exotic builds or higher power vaping would probably increase the rate of eliquid consumption. That’s no surprise, though. Lovers of aggressive, high-end builds are prepared to go through eliquid like crazy. It comes with the territory of current vaping technology.

I tested the Boreas to confirm that MTL vaping was possible at lower power (under 40 watts) with only one air intake hole open. In fairness, however, it’s designed for direct-lung vaping, and that’s where it shines.

The air intake is ganged with the internal eliquid flow control. Adjust the air intake, and the flow of eliquid to the coils changes accordingly. With only a single adjustment to be concerned with (the air intake ring), operation of the tank is simplified, but with no loss of sophistication or performance.

Instructions in the package state that the air intake should be closed off to half a hole when filling the tank to prevent leaks, and that’s advice to be taken seriously. The one time I forgot to close of the air intake when refilling, the tank leaked eliquid out the air holes for a couple minutes before the internal pressure re-stabilized. The leaking wasn’t a flood, and I don’t regard it as a major flaw, but it was messy enough to teach me not to forget again.

Other than that — which was my own fault — I have nothing but praise for this amazing RTA.


  • Innovative Design
  • Impeccable Manufacturing
  • Spacious deck is a joy to build
  • Holds a ton of eliquid (8ml)
  • Totally smooth draw at every adjustment, from wide-open to almost closed
  • Performance is brilliant, providing a full, rich vaping experience


  • Leaks after filling if the air intake isn’t shut off


The Augvape Boreas is every bit as good as my earlier 25mm large tank champ, the SMOK TF-RTA, and with a much larger eliquid capacity: 8ml versus 4.5 for the similarly-sized TF-RTA. I’m not ready to crown the Boreas as the new heavyweight champeen, but if this were a prize fight, Las Vegas bookmakers would give even betting odds.

The Boreas earns our highest recommendation.


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Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Henrik Ringtved

    Good review some beast of a tank 🙂

    • Bill Herbst

      Yup. The Boreas is not only a monster, but a handsome monster.