Vaping360 takes a look at the best sub ohm tanks on the market. Our team has vaped on hundreds of different sub ohm tanks over the past few years and the below sub tanks are our top 10 picks. There are hundreds of sub tanks now available to purchase, but we have done our best to provide you with the top picks (in no specific order).

If you are looking for a sub ohm tank then have a browse through our best of list below to help you make your purchase decision.

Best sub ohm tanks of 2018

  • Great overall performance
  • Locking top mechanism
  • Convenient half-twist top fill
  • Coils break in fast
  • Can handle a lot of power
  • Smooth quiet airflow
  • Good build quality
  • Cons
  • Doesn’t perform as well when tank is half full
  • Tank gets hot after chain vaping
  • Condensation build ups in drip tip
  • Specifications

    • 24.5 mm diameter base
    • 5.0 mL max capacity
    • Anti leak threaded top fill method
    • 3.5 mm x 6 mm dual fill ports
    • Crown 3 plug and pull replacement mechanism
    • 0.25 ohm SUS316 parallel coil 80 to 90 watts
    • 0.5 ohm SUS316 parallel coil 70 to 80 watts
    • Vertical coil design
    • Plug and pull design
    • Threadless design
    • Convenient and fast coil installation and replacement
    • Crown 3 key tool
    • Coil changing and tank cleaning
    • Precision triple adjustable bottom airflow
    • 11 mm x 2 mm each
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Available in other finishes
    • Quartz glass
    • Stainless steel 510 threading
    • 24 K gold-plated contact

    The Crown is back! One of the most popular tanks ever made is now better than ever. The Uwell Crown III is a 24.5 mm tank that holds 5 mL of e-liquid. It features an anti-leak threaded top fill with large fill ports. The Crown II utilizes a smooth bottom airflow design.

    The coil heads have been redesigned with a new plug and pull system. Instead of having threading like most coils, you simply just pop them in. Crown III coils come in 0.25 ohms that run from 80 to 90 watts and 0.5 ohm coils good for 70 to 80 watts. Both are made of 316 stainless steel. Enjoy crisp flavor in both wattage and temperature control mode with the Uwell Crown III.

    Save 10%
  • Resilient tank design
  • TPD compliant (when using EXO coils)
  • Big airflow slots
  • Resistant to leaking due to gasket seal
  • Still accepts original 0.4 and 0.2 ohm Cleito coils
  • Huge vapor/flavor production for a sub ohm tank
  • Includes spare drip tip
  • Cons
  • Non-adjustable airflow
  • Need to refill often when using EXO coils
  • Specifications

    • Size: 23.5 x 57 mm
    • Capacity: 2 mL (TPD version)/ 3.5 mL (standard version with 0.4 ohm coil)
    • Coil: 0.4 ohm (40-60 watts) / 0.16 ohm (60-100 watts)
    • Thread: 510 thread

    The Cleito is back and stronger than ever. It still accepts the original Cleito 0.4 ohm coil heads in addition to the new EXO coils, which convert it to a TPD-compliant (2 mL) device. Expertly machined using stainless steel and durable PCTG technology. Dual top air slots deliver more than enough airflow for mid-wattage vaping.

    The Aspire Cleito EXO is 23.5 mm large and holds 3.5 mL with original 0.4 ohm coils rated from 40-60 W. The EXO coils are 0.16 ohm claptons good for 60-100 W. The top cap has convenient knurling and a full-gasket seal. Last but not least it has a 24 K gold-plated 510 connection.

  • Convenient top fill system
  • Big dual 16 mm x 2 mm airflow holes
  • Beastly clouds and flavor production
  • Two types of coils available (0.4 and 0.5 ohm)
  • Good build quality
  • Cons
  • Not compatible with original Baby Beast coils
  • Specifications

    • Size: 24.5 mm x 59 mm (standard edition) / 24.5 mm x 57 mm (EU edition)
    • Capacity: 4 mL (standard edition)/ 2 mL (EU edition)
    • Coil: X Baby Q2 dual coil - 0.4 ohm (40-80 W)/ X Baby M2 dual coil - 0.25 ohm (3.7 V mech mod)
    • Material: stainless steel
    • Thread: 510

    Introducing the Baby Beast Brother! SMOK has reimagined the TFV8 into a new 4 mL device. Sizing in at 24.5 mm in diameter, it features the same top filling method that made the TFV8 popular. It also has two huge 16 mm by 2 mm airflow holes suitable for a nice direct lung draw.

    The build quality on the X Baby is pristine, as you would expect from SMOK. The tank was designed not to leak, due to its top hinge locking system. It takes M2 0.5 coils (30-50 W) and Q2 0.4 ohm coils (40-80 W). An excellent choice for those who love a flavorful mid-wattage vape.

    Save 5%
  • Small sized tank
  • Amazing flavor
  • Massive clouds
  • Top-fill
  • Cons
  • E-liquid capacity
  • Specifications

    • Tank capacity: 2.0 mL
    • Tank resistance: 0.50 ohms
    • Tank length: 71 mm
    • Tank width: 18 mm

    The Halo Reactor Mini is the little brother to the Halo Reactor tank. This is the perfect tank for those of you looking for a sub ohm tank that is small in size and diameter. The Reactor mini fits very nicely on smaller vape mods. To make up for the smaller capacity the Reactor Mini features a top fill function, to make re-filling a piece of cake. Despite its diminutive stature, the Reactor Mini still chucks huge clouds of vapor. The flavor, as with the Halo Reactor, is fantastic and when used with Halo’s high VG line, makes for an outstanding vape.

    Save 10%
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Variety of coils for various vaping styles
  • Mesh spit back protection
  • Awesome flavor
  • Huge clouds
  • Ideal for mid to high wattage vaping
  • Easy to use slide and fill design
  • Insulation layer prevents overheating
  • Quality construction
  • Beveled airflow provides nice draw
  • Cons
  • Mesh screen is non-removable
  • 510-drip tips don’t sit completely flush
  • Specifications

    • Size: 26.5 x 56 mm
    • Capacity: 5 mL
    • Coil: GT8 – 0.15 ohm (60-110 W) / GT4 – 0.15 ohm (30-60 W)

    Vaporesso knows exactly what they’re doing. They’ve been scoping out the market and observing the features from all the best sub ohm tanks around. The NRG is one of the most advanced sub ohm tanks to date by far. This tank is for people who want maximum clouds with the best possible flavor.

    The NRG sub ohm tank uses a slide and fill design. Refilling it is easier than most tanks on the market. Other unique features include a mesh screen to prevent spit back and a beveled airflow design. The Vaporesso NRG takes CCell ceramic coils, and a variety of GT cores ranging from 0.15 up to 0.4 ohms.

    Save 10%
  • Nice build quality
  • Smooth threading
  • Wide fill ports
  • No Leaking
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Resin/steel/carbon fiber options
  • Excellent flavor/vapor production
  • Superior coil longevity
  • Includes matching 810 resin drip tip
  • Cons
  • Need to empty tank to replace coil heads
  • Coils not currently for sale in matching colors
  • Specifications

    • Size: 24 mm (D) x 46.5 mm (L)
    • Material: 316L stainless steel + pyrex glass
    • Stylish knurled surface to replicate the appearance of mesh
    • Thread: gold-plated 510 connection
    • Diameter: 24 mm
    • Juice capacity: 3 mL max capacity
    • Fill: threaded top fill
    • Airflow: dual bottom adjustable airflow
    • 810 drip tip

    Freemax is leading the mesh revolution with their latest sub ohm tank. It’s available in a wide range of colors and styles. The Fireluke Mesh uses mesh kanthal coil heads to increase surface area and flavor. Another advantage to mesh is that they last much longer than your typical coil.

    The tank has a smooth airflow system and puts out tons of thick clouds. It is 24 mm in diameter and it holds 3.5 mL of juice. The Fireluke Mesh takes sub ohming to a new level with its unique coil heads. The tank has a fresh look that sets it apart from the sea of generic tanks out there.

  • Easy sliding top fill
  • Lots of coil options
  • 7 mL capacity
  • Huge vapor production
  • Great flavor
  • Innovative design
  • Compatible with Baby Beast coils
  • Tons of airflow
  • No leaking
  • Cons
  • Won't look right on smaller mods
  • Specifications

    • 25 mm diameter
    • Slide to fill top fill design
    • Large fill ports
    • 7 mL maximum capacity
    • Innovative isolation structure design
    • Compatible with the GT coil family
    • Triple adjustable bottom airflow
    • 11 x 3 mm each airslot
    • 11mm bore delrin drip tip
    • Heating insulation layer

    Do you want to push the limits? The Vaporesso Cascade tank allows you to vape at up to 200 watts! Can you handle it? The tank can produce rooms full of clouds while providing top-notch flavor. The 25 mm tank holds 7 mL of juice and uses an innovative plug-style coil head system.

    Not a cloud chaser? The tank comes with an adapter so it’s compatible with anything from the GT coil family. This means you can still get great flavor running it at just 25 W! The Vaporesso Cascade uses a unique isolation structure design to provide the ultimate sub ohm experience.

  • Good cloud production
  • Great flavor at midrange wattages
  • Unique wicking materials
  • Short coil break-in time
  • Good coil longevity
  • Cons
  • No RBA included
  • Not Baby Beast compatible
  • Slight leakage with mesh coil head
  • Specifications

    • 25.2 mm diameter
    • Threaded top fill system
    • Two fill ports
    • 5 mL maximum tank capacity
    • HorizonTech Falcon coil family
    • Dual bottom air slots
    • 14 x 3 mm each
    • Fully closable
    • 11 mm bore 510 Delrin drip tip
    • 8 mm bore 510 resin drip tip
    • Resin at random
    • Gold-plated 510
    • Stainless steel and glass construction

    The Falcon is different. Horizontech is taking it a step above and beyond with this one. It doesn’t just use your typical organic cotton, but also utilizes other materials to enhance flavor. They use flax, mesh and wood pulp paired with cotton to deliver unprecedented flavor for a sub ohm tank.

    The Falcon is 25.2 mm in diameter and holds 5 mL of juice. It takes their last Arco tank to a new level. The tank has two huge top fill ports and big bottom airflow slots. It comes in six colors and there are currently four different coils available. Ideal for mid-wattage sub ohm flavor chasers!

  • 8 mL capacity
  • Huge clouds and flavor
  • Variety of coil heads
  • Locking top fill system
  • Strong glass section
  • TPD version available
  • Quality machining
  • Cons
  • Incompatible with Cloud Beast King coils
  • Specifications

    • 25 mm diameter base
    • 28 mm at widest point
    • Hinge and lock top fill system
    • 5 mL max standard capacity
    • 8 mL max convex glass extension capacity
    • Compatible with the SMOK V12 Prince coil family
    • Dual-adjustable air slots
    • Stainless steel and glass construction

    The Prince is SMOK’s most powerful tank yet. This TFV12 tank takes everything great from the Cloud Beast King with a few features of its own. It features the same top fill system you love but with a new locking switch, so it won’t ever open in your pocket. Available in 18 different colors!

    Sub ohm tanks are notorious for running through juice. Good news, the Prince includes a strong bubble glass that holds a massive 8 mL of e-juice! A TPD version is also available for European vapers. Feel the quality machining on this tank everytime you unscrew it or adjust the airflow.

    Sub tanks explained

    What is a sub ohm tank?

    Sub ohm tanks (also called sub tanks, sub ohm clearomizers, or sub ohm clearo tanks) have both a generic definition and a specific marketing definition. The generic definition of a sub ohm tank is any atomizer tank where the resistance of the coil (or the aggregate resistance when multiple coils are used) is less than 1.0 ohm. The specific marketing definition is a tank of less than 1.0 ohm coil resistance that is designed to use and comes with a pre-made, factory-built, removable atomizer head containing a coil or coils with wicking material that screws into the base of the tank and can be replaced with a new head.

    History of atomizer development

    Sub ohm clearo tanks evolved from various stages of atomizer development. Dripping atomizers came first — a coil on a ceramic base inside a cylindrical metal shell, which screwed into the base of a mod (power source) via a threaded connector that also provided electrical contact. E-liquid was dripped into the open end of the tube directly onto the coil.

    Some atomizers were marketed with two sections that fit together — one cylindrical section for the coil, and another that was stuffed with wicking material (usually silica fibers).

    After that came clearomizers. These were single-piece cylindrical metal tubes, open at one end with a connector at the other, where the coil was usually installed vertically, with wicking material wrapped around the coil. E-liquid was dripped into the open end of the tube until the wicking (silica or polyester fibers, but occasionally more exotic materials such as blue foam for fish tanks) was saturated. This allowed longer vape times before refilling.

    Next was clearomizer tanks (vape tanks), which used a clearomizer whose metal tube had holes punched or drilled. The clearomizer was then installed inside a sealed plastic or glass tank that held a larger quantity of e-liquid. Inhaling through the drip tip created negative pressure inside the tank that forced e-liquid into the clearomizer, saturating the wick. Early clearo tanks were homemade by cutting plastic syringes into sections.

    Not long after that development, factory-built clearomizer tanks appeared. Gone were the punched metal tubes inside the tanks. These clearo tanks had fixed coil “heads” with long wicks that extended into the e-liquid reservoirs of the tanks. Stardust Tanks, also called CE4s, where the first really successful disposable tanks. That genre was followed by non-disposable tanks whose heads could be removed and replaced.

    Through these years of atomizer development, the coil resistance was almost never lower than 1.25 ohms, and could be as high as 5 ohms.

    Then the sub ohm craze caught fire. Vapers discovered that ultra low resistance allowed higher power vaping that provided a much more intense vaping experience — better flavor and much more vapor production.

    The first sub ohm tank was the Aspire Atlantis, followed soon by the Kanger Subtank. These were glass tanks with removable/replaceable clearomizer-style coil heads that had resistance as low as 0.5 ohms. Soon after that the flood gates opened, and every ecig hardware manufacturer came out with its own sub ohm tank or, very often, complete line of tanks with custom heads — horizontal or vertical coils, organic cotton wicking, in single, dual, quad, or even eventually octet coil configurations, and at resistances down to 0.15 ohms (for nickel Ni200 temperature control coils).

    2015 was arguably the Year of the sub ohm clearomizer tank. They were amazing. 2016, however, is the year of the RTA. While sub ohm clearo tanks are still very good, the crown of vaping now goes to the best of the new generation of RTAs.

    Sub ohm tanks vs. RTAs

    Technically, the difference between a sub ohm clearo rank and a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) is that a sub ohm tank uses pre-built factory coil heads, while an RTA has a deck on which the vaper installs his or her coils (either homemade by hand, or purchased) and wicks. The clear waters that distinguish an RTA from the sub ohm Tank get muddied, however, by manufacturers offering RBA deck heads for their sub ohm clearo tanks. This gives buyers the choice of using disposable sub ohm factory heads or building their own.

    RTAs have generally come with more spacious, higher-quality build decks, but even that is changing. Some recent clearo tanks now come with very good Velocity-style build decks. RTAs have continue to move forward in development, however, with features such as e-liquid flow control, which most sub ohm clearo tanks don’t have.

    Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your sub ohm tank

    Prime the coil head before first use

    Before using a new coil head for the first time, it should be “primed.” E-liquid should be applied to the head’s inlet holes or slots to wet the wicking just inside the shell, then 2-4 drops of e-liquid should be dripped into the open top of the head, directly onto the coils and wicks. Let the head sit for about ten minutes before initial firing to allow complete absorption into the wick. This prevents burning the cotton wick because it’s dry.

    Break in the coil head gradually

    With a new coil head, start firing at low wattage, say 20 watts. You won’t get much flavor and perhaps no vapor at all, but that’s OK. You’re letting the coil head ease into doing what it does so well, and this is essential. Then gradually increase the power in steps over a period of minutes or even hours. No matter how well-primed a new coil head may be, hitting it with 70 watts of power right off the bat will probably shorten its life span dramatically.

    Keep tissues or paper towels handy

    Vaping is messy. There’s no way to avoid spilled or leaked eliquid. Whether the discussion is about RDAs, RTAs, or Sub Ohm Tanks, keep a box of tissues or a roll of paper towels within arm’s length. You will need them to wipe up e-liquid spills or clean up leaks.

    Replace the coil head when necessary

    Coil heads that last forever are the holy grail of vaping tanks, and manufacturers are moving in that direction with ceramic heads and plate technologies that eliminate coils completely. They’re not yet there, however.

    Coil heads wear out in two ways: 1. the coils themselves gunk up with residue and burned carbon, and 2. the wicking material gets burned or fouled and either loses its ability to wick e-liquid to the coils.

    The easy way to tell if your coil head is dead is to vape. If the flavor diminishes or gets funky, it’s time to change the head. Sometimes, however, we’ve forgotten how great the coil head was when new, so we don’t notice reduced or tainted flavor. For that reason, a second, visual method is needed:

    Whenever you’re about to refill a sub ohm tank, examine your coil head. Look down the open top end. Is the wicking material still white or darkened toward brown or black? If it’s black, it’s done and needs to be replaced.

    Rebuild coil heads if you wish and can

    For vapers who have the parts and skill and who enjoy rebuilding, many sub ohm clearo heads can be rebuilt with surprising ease. That’s not as quick as unscrewing an old, worn out head and screwing in a new one, but it can be both satisfying and inexpensive for those who enjoy it. Rebuilding factory heads gives the vaper control over wire type, coil build, wicking material, and resistance.

    If that appeals to you, hundreds of videos on rebuilding factory heads are available on YouTube. The learning curve isn’t essentially any more difficult than learning coil builds and wicking for an RTA.

    If it’s not your thing, however, don’t sweat it. Just buy another pack of replacement heads, and you’re good to go for six more months.

    What type of vaper are sub ohm tanks best suited for?

    Sub ohm tanks are ideal for vapers who want a more intense vaping experience, usually at higher power, and with ease and convenience — prime a coil head, install it into the base, fill the tank, gradually ramp up, then vape for days. Vapers who love sub ohm clearo tank typically don’t want to drip (as RDAs require) or build their own coils (as RTAs require).

    The Vaping360 team is a diverse group of experienced vaping contributors. We strive to bring you the finest content on all things vaping. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more!


      • The ego one on its 1 ohm coil works best for for mouth to lung in my personal opinion, as it’s intended more for beginners who probably prefer mouth to lung.

        The Subtanks don’t do a mouth to lung well in my opinion, as the vapor gets too hot on the lower airflow settings.

        The delta 2 has adjustable juice flow, so you can use a slightly heavier PG e-liquid on that and turn the air flow quite tight for a decent mouth to lung. The same can be said for the A1 coils on the SMOK VCT.

        Sub ohm tanks I don’t really think are intended for mouth to lung and work much better with direct lung inhales. That’s why I’d give the Ego one a go, as it can do both quite well. Check out our review on it:

        I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions!

    1. Thanks for the reviews! So far my fave for taste and overall design is Herakles. I have a request. For your newer reviews, would you be able to also review the replacement coils after usage? Even though Herakles is my fave, I noticed that the replacements don’t last long. The coils and cotton turn dark brown quickly. Same goes for the Delta II. The one I found to be the cleanest even after weeks is High Voltage. I’ve been on the same replacement now for 3 weeks. Still going strong, clean, and tasting new. On all my setups, i stay at a steady 28w and 2.5-3V. I have Herakles .5ohm and High Voltage on .2ohm.

      • Hi Larisse,

        Sorry for the late response! Interesting you found the replacement coils didn’t last long, thanks for pointing that out. Are you talking specifically about extra coils you bought or the coils that come in the kit? Our two Herakles coils that came with the kit have been going strong for 3 weeks (albeit with on and off use as we have been using other tanks in between).

        We are getting the High Voltage soon and can’t wait to try it! We will try to review the replacement coils, but sometimes we aren’t sent any replacement coils just the one or two that come with the tank. We also have so many new tanks to try, so it makes it hard to vape on one tank for a longer period of time over several weeks. We will try our best and thanks for the advice. I am glad you are enjoying the reviews!

        Best regards and vape on.

    2. I just bought the joyetech ego one starter kit and I’m really disappointed. It hits great and is perfect size to be able to put in my pocket at work, but it leaks like crazy. And I don’t mean just a little bit either. Im guessing I lost a quarter tank of juice the last time it leaked. And that was just holding it in my hand. Not laying on its side or in my pocket. The first time I charged it, I laid it on my bed and lost at least half the tank of juice.

      • The glass liner in the tank is like egg shell! It’s the only problem I have had with mine.
        I wouldn’t recommend after speaking to joyetech.
        The glass in your tank is broken, 2 I’ve broken in a fortnight and my mobile has been through much much worse and is fine.
        Not really the portable tool I was after.

      • Also, if your atty isn’t really firmly in place, or the o rings come off of the atty, that can attribute to leakage as well. I work at Totally wicked and sell these a lot, and a common problem arises when filling because the tank can accidently untwist the atty. Hope that helps!

    3. Hello,
      I am planning to buy a Kanger Subtank mini soon and I need to get a higher wattage mod. I am not into the look of the box mods and am thus looking for a cylinder shape.
      Any suggestions for a cylinder shaped mod in the 20-25 watt range?


      • Hi Gino,

        I have heard that Apollo are coming out with a good looking cylinder vv device capable of 0.2ohm and up to 50W called the v-tube 4. I think its out in the next couple of weeks and could be worth waiting for that. Other than that take a look at the Aspire CF mod, but this works like a mech mod. There are plenty of mech mods to look at in a cylinder shape, but I wouldn’t recommend a mech for using the subtank, as you won’t be able to adjust the wattage to your desired setting. There isn’t much I can think of off the top of my head as the cylinder vv devices haven’t quite caught up with these sub ohm tanks as yet. If anyone else knows a good one, please let Gino know.

        I’ll find out when that Apollo device is out as it looks pretty darn good and would be exactly what you are after.


        • Thanks Chris, I will definitely keep an eye out for the Apollo unit.

          Do you know anything about Tesla product or if they would work?
          Any opinions on the Innokin SVD 2.0?

          • I think the SVD 2.0 only goes up to 20W and the Tesla only up to 15W. I’ll email my contact at Apollo and see when the V-tube 4 is out as that really ticks all the boxes for you and also gives you extra wattages should you decide on a higher wattage sub ohm tank at some point.

            • I have the svd 2.0 and I really like it for my subtank mini. It does only go up to 20 watts but I usually vape at 16.5 watts and that works well for me. Good flavor and clouds I mean you won’t be winning cloud comps but I do like it! I have had it for a year and it is still working perfectly!

    4. Question.. i was looking into buying the chainsmoker dual atty mod. Runs on 18650 batteries, and was wondering what wouls be the best tanks to use for this device

    5. I bought the Freemax and had tremendous leaking from the top of the glass where it meets and through the drip tip. Did the Starre you tested have an O ring on the top cap area. It has an indented ridge that it looks like it belongs…Any help is much appreciated

      • Hi Danny, I too had this problem. Yes I do have an o-ring but I could not get the Pyrex glass on properly because the o-ring kept on moving of the slot it is meant to stay in, because of this I cannot get the glass onto the top cap. Therefor I did have leaking issues, after a while of fiddling I did get the glass on and it does not leak anymore. Hope I could help and don’t forget to vape on!

      • Hi Danny, I too had this problem. Yes I do have an o-ring but I could
        not get the Pyrex glass on properly because the o-ring kept on moving of
        the slot it is meant to stay in, because of this I cannot get the glass
        onto the top cap. Therefor I did have leaking issues, after a while of
        fiddling I did get the glass on and it does not leak anymore. Hope I
        could help and don’t forget to vape on!

    6. Hi guys, there is a new sub ohm tank, called Beyang CVS by Joy4Life. This tank shall be great, I heard. Maybe you could test it. Greetings from Austria

    7. The votes clearly look to be chosen based on which people own and what tanks have been on the market the longest . Some of these newer tanks that got virtually no votes because very very few own them yet are vastly superior to the top picks.

      I have tried many and compared to the top picks they are far better performers.

      • Hi Chris. You are quite right and we completely agree that some of the newer ones are better and we try to reflect that in our reviews and the summaries on this page. We might just get rid of the voting function, as seems a bit redundant. I’ll speak with my brother and see, but thanks for the comment!

    8. Have you had a chance to review the Vapeston Maganus? You mentioned it was similar to the Freemax, but that was the last I saw.

      • Hi Steve. They are the same tank, just under different names. I think Freemax made it and then allowed Vapeston to resell it. I have however heard that Vapeston are coming out with a different/improved version soon that will be completely unique to them. Hope that helps!

        • Thanks, Chris. I am expecting the Vapeston on Tuesday. Can’t wait to compare it to my Herakles.

          • No worries. I am sure you will enjoy it as the Freemax Starre/Vapeston has outstanding flavor and imo a touch better than the Herakles! Let me know what you think when you get it. Enjoy!

            • Will do. Love the Herakles, but 3ml just don’t cut it. Wish the subtank plus would hit like that!

    9. According to the article, Herakles sub tank does not provide RBA yet but I just bought one which sold separately from the tank. Was it a new product from Sense or produced by other manufacturer? Anyway, it performed as well as the OCC coils.

    10. Hi I was wonder if I can get some help with this. I am looking to get a tank for conveniance but I am looking for flavor and clouds. I have a stingray mod right now but I am looking to get a bow mod of around 100 to 150 watt very soon. I want a tank that can integrate both at the switch of coil. I was looking at the atlantis v2 for its big bore tip, looks, and how its availability has enabled vapor shark to make a nice nickel coil replacement at around .15 ohms I believe I was wondering if you guys have looked in this if not what other tank do you recommend for this set up and desired qualifications.

      • Hi Rafael. The Atlantis V2 is a great choice. Those nickel coils you mention and the IPV4 together should be a great combo! We haven’t tried those nickel coils yet for the Atlantis v2, but they should be pretty solid if done by Vaporshark. The other choice would be to look at a sub ohm tank with an RBA section, so you can make your own nickel builds. We are getting the Zephyrus soon and that looks promising. The new RBA section for the Subtank mini also looks to be much improved.

        I hope that helps!

        Check out our IPV4 review if you haven’t already:

    11. Does anyone know anything about the Goliath v1 RTA by UD I heard it’s the best RTA on the market and I was thinking about purchasing it? I also heard that UD was already making a v2, and so idk if I should buy the v1 or just wait for the v2. Are there any major improvements between the two?

      • The Goliath is an excellent sub ohm tank. It has no stock coils and is rebuildable only – if you’re looking for one with stock coils UD also makes zephyrus which has an RBA deck and stock coils.

    12. Hi. I am looking for a tank that works well with rhe itaste mvp 3.0 60 watt mod. I am looking for the biggest clouda nd best flavor mixture possibe any advice as to whick tank i should purchase? I was looking at the freeman starre but am unsure whick tank is best. I also love to vape at 60 watts. Advice please
      My coil/automizer is .6

        • How would the vision mk sub tank be at .2 ohms be for my device? I want the most cloud production possible without going for an rba?

          • Hi Caine. The Vision or High Voltage (same tanks) will produce massive clouds, but I felt they performed best at 70-75W, so that would be a bit much for your 60W box mod. It will still produce awesome clouds at 60W, but I didn’t think the flavor on those tanks was up there with the Freemax Starre! I hope that helps!

      • I’m a huge Arctic fan, you will NOT be disappointed, out of the 5 or 6 sub ohms I’ve had it’s the only one I kept, just phenominal. and the coils last FOREVER.

    13. Hi Chris, great review, however, for me, I’m not into cloud chasing or huge flavor, as an ex smoker I’m more interested in the throat hit, which tank would be best for this? Or is this more down to Nic/PG levels on the actual Juice? Cheers

      • Hi tedster. The sub ohm tanks are all more suited for direct lung inhales rather than a mouth to lung inhale, so bear this in mind.If it is a mouth to lung you are after I’d look at the Aspire Nautilus Mini or the Kanger Aerotank 2 (less clouds than a sub ohm tank). The throat hit will come down to what nic/pg levels you have in your e-juice. If you do use a sub ohm tank, you would need to use a lower nic level as you will use far more juice as on those other mouth to lung tanks. Let me know if that helps and if you have any other questions!

      • If you are looking for throat hit and to hit it like a cigarette you will want to get a non-subohm tank and get a higher nic juice (nic helps with throat hit). On a sub ohm you would use 3-6 mg juice so get a Nautilus or Nautilus mini with the bvc coil (great tank for non-subohming) and a good variable voltage battery, something simple like a vision spinner or ctwist would work. Get 18-24 mg juice imo depending on how much you smoke a day. I was a one pack a day guy and started with 18 mg. Was good for throat hit and eventually I transitioned to lung hitting and big clouds with a sub ohm tank so now I’m on 3mg. Hope this helps!

    14. Ok, I’ve had an Atlantis with both coil types (ceramic and cotton), tried a melo, had a Delta II, had 2 subtank nanos, 1 subtank mini, and now have an Arctic, along with many RDAs. Both of the subtank Nano I got were flawed (eventually the metal supports got bent by screwing the base with an atomizer in it out of the tank). So I got the mini, I loved the rebuildable section, but the juice holes were way too small on the OCC coil and it choked out on high VG, even with 50/50 I was lucky to vape at 30w PLUS the coils lasted 3 days before I had dry hit city. I moved to the Delta II but for some reason could never get much flavor out of it. The Atlantis was good but I wanted something just a little different, so I got the Arctic. Wow, These coils last me 3 WEEKS! (the .2 ohm btdc) They take a few days to break in but I can vape max vg for 2 weeks and 50/50 or 60/40 for 3 to even 4 weeks!! I was planning on switching to my Yep RDA before I got the arctic, since the coils last so long I don’t mind buying them. 3 times longer than any of the previous ones I had tried. Also, once the arctic coil gets broken in after a few days it doesn’t suck up NEARLY as much juice. I switch flavors all the time and even after 2 weeks I can switch flavors on the same coil np. I think it should be higher on the list! I do hit my Tanks pretty hard, but the flavor on the Arctic was better than any of my previous tanks.. Plus I only vape the 0.2 ohm BTDC at 50-60 watts!! still more flavor than any other tank I’ve tried. Just wanted to give some props to the Arctic as it deserves it!

      • Thanks for the info Josh! We weren’t the biggest fans of the flavor on the Arctic, but maybe we had some bad coils or something, who knows. Good to hear about the coils and I will add that into the positives of the Arctic above. Have a good weekend!

        • Hi Chris,
          My name is Mariah and I’ve seen all the helped you’ve given people with their evoke orders. Can you please help me! I sent in and order yesterday after I realized the shipping address had a mistake in it, I’ve tried to contact them to correct it and I’ve heard nothing back! Please help me my order number is 3387 if you can contact me at [email protected] Thank you so much

    15. Artic is the best at 70 watts have had every other tank about to get the smok tfv4 pre ordered it

        • Hi, Alex can you or Chris PLEASE!!! help me with evoke. I just ordered some products yesterday and I had a mistake in my shipping so I’ve tried to contact the 3 times and I’ve heard nothing back. My order is number 3387 Please Please Please help me I am begging you! If you can just email me at [email protected] as soon as you can. I will be forever thankful Please!

    16. Wouldn’t buying the ‘new coils’ for the original Kanger Subtank Mini accomplish the same thing as buying a *new* Kanger Subtank Mini in black or white? Assuming you already have a Subtank Mini?

    17. This list is awesome, but i would love to be able to sort through the tanks like “latest added” and “higest wattage” “higest ml capacity”.
      Wouldt that be an awesome feature on an article like this that constantly updates? 😀

      • Fully aware of the Hatrick tank. We should be getting one sometime next
        week. Looks interesting, can’t wait. We only chuck up tanks we have done
        a full review on, so stay tuned.

        • Great! Cant wait to here something on it other than the sales pitches for it!! I also wondered if it could use atlantis v2 coils or other coils in it…3(0.3 Ohm) coils in one tank would be a crazy set up for those who can actually power it 😉

    18. u have done a mistake with the arctic tank its a perfect tank great taste huge clouds really a superb tank I vape on 60watts the taste in extreme and the clouds are huge I have the 0,2ohm dual coil lasted me 5 weeks so far and still going great never had a dry hit when chain vaping and is less noisy than a lot of normal tanks and sub ohm tanks …… only negative thing is it takes about 4days to break the coil in to get the great taste along with the clouds

      • I think we just had a really bad experience with the Arctic. I have the feeling it is still breaking in (after a few months). It just did not satisfy me compared to the Freemax/Crown or the Herakles.

    19. I’m on the fence of upgrading to Freemax, Crown or the Herakles… which would you guys choose if you were in the same position?

    20. Hi, I’m a retailer in Korea, and translated some of your great articles to share with Korean vapors.
      I hope you understand this. I added clear state of origin of articles, and used original image you posted.
      Thanks for the great articles!

    21. Where is billow v2.. can u do the review..i heard the waping experience and flavour is strong too..kindly introduce us more.on the billow v2

    22. hey was wondering about getting a nautilus got sold a delta 2 and is costly will the nautilus work as well but be less costly i dont really do lung hits

    23. Trying to decide between the Atlantis 2 and arctic sub tank looking for big clouds and day to day use so functionality and cheaper coil price is a must any help would be greatly appreciated. Also open to other suggestions but want to be able to run on higher wattage

      • Hi Scotty, we were not the biggest fans of the flavor on the Arctic. I’d take a look at Horizon Techs latest tank the Phantom as that is an improved version in my opinion and I think they have a mini version coming soon as well. The Atlantis 2 is solid and so are the coils in terms of prices. One to look at for cheaper coils is the Phazer tank by Apollo. The replacement coils don’t have steel casing and you re-use the casing on your first coil. 5 replacement coils are around $12 with our 15% coupon code TBEC15 and the tank vapes well and produces great vapor (check out our review for more info). I think the Herakles coils are also quite reasonably priced and that thing chucks vapor!

    24. Hi I have a sigelei v2 50w I enjoy clouding everything up but I also vape all day long what tank would fit me best, and also a couple of local shops are carrying the SteamGear Hercules V2 but I have had no luck on finding any reviews

      • Hi Chris. The Steamgear looks ok, but doesn’t look like anything special (my opinion from just looking at it, haven’t tried it yet). The Silo Beast, Triton, Atlantis 2 or Apollo Phazer are all good options for a 50W box mod.

    25. The Freemax Starre is the best tank out there. No question. You don’t hear to much about it because the big reviewers aren’t paid by Freemax to pitch the bitch. As a matter of fact none of them even mention the Freemax Starre. In terms of vapor production flavor production the Freemax Starre can’t be beat. If you are looking for the same greatness but with nickel and top fill the Freemax Starre Pro is your answer.

    26. Would like to know how the new TubeTankPro from Volcano and the Vea Elite from Johnson Creek and the Thunderstorm Tank from Thunderhead Creations are ?

      • Got the tube tank pro in the review queue right now. I will write to the Johnson Creek and see if they will send us a Vea Elite, as that one looks interesting. I wrote to Thunderhead but never heard back form them,so will try again!

        • I saw the Volcano Tube Tank Pro in the review queue for awhile and now I don’t see it there or a review of it…I know it is a bit simpler in design than the latest tanks but it looks well built and Volcano usually does a good job with coil design. So what happened ?

          • With so many tanks to review it is hard to follow up on one specific tank. We are trying to get our hands on all of the new tanks (with new tanks coming out every week). We have at least 10 sub ohm tanks that need to be reviewed at the moment. We will try our best to get the product as soon as possible but I cannot promise anything.

            • Hey Alex, I have a quick question for ya. I have a Subox Mini and I just bought a Kanger’s new .2 ohm coils that they just released. On the coil it says 25W to 75W, will my Kbox Mini 50W be able to handle that coil in the Subtank Mini? Or do I need to put the Subtank Mini on my X Cube I just bought. I would prefer the Kbox (more portable) but don’t want any issues. Thanks for all your great info…. it’s appreciated

            • Hey Joe, yes you will be able to use them but not to the coils full potential. I think the .2 coils should be fine at 50W but do take battery life into account as you will be running the KBOX mini at its max wattage and that will drain the 18650 quite fast. No problem, anytime!

    27. Has anyone tried the UD Tech Goliath V2? I heard it was better then then v1, and I’ve heard tons of good stuff about it. It includes the RTA as well as the included dual coils w/ single coil adapter. However I trust the word of a good team over the word of 1 man with Youtube access.

    28. The sub-ohm tanks bridges the gap between beginner and the advanced. Sub ohm tank were designed to match the flavour and vapour production of the rebuild able atomizer. Long seen as the pinnacle of both taste and clouds. The sub-ohm tank has grown substantially since its inception and the market for these tanks is huge.

      [email protected]

    29. Smok tfv is the best. I review tanks too and nothing tops the tfv. Starre pro is up there too(best tc). Uwell crown isnt even on my top 5. But i love your reviews

        • So true that everyone’s experience and preference is different. I put the Crown as best, by miles and miles, the Starre Pro second. As for TFV4, I only have a mini, but I would use my Kanger SubTank over it. I don’t like it at all.

          • Thanks for the feedback, we love the Crown too! Yes, like you said it does come down to your personal opinion. This list is based on the opinion of our team, so everyone has a different taste.

    30. Hi, this is a very good read and I’ve been following for quite some time, thank you. So I would like to suggest a new tank for your review, called the MaxTank Pro, by Vpark. Info here:
      The thing is I’m intrigued by its design n features, but I’ve googled around for more reviews n info but nothing much found, (esp on the coil replacement) So I hope u guys can step in. 🙂

    31. Aspire Triton all the way. Top-fill is bless. Use freemax coils in your triton for best results .. 🙂 just sold my “Herakles Sub Ohm Tank by Sense” to a buddy. Would like to get my hands in that Crown Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell.

    32. Vaping360, I just started working at a smoke shop and we sell some mods and accessories. I’ve been thinking about buying one just to get more of a handle on it and how it works (I have a e-cig pen already but it doesn’t have enough kick for me anyway). I was thinking about buying the CoolFireIV but I’m not sure what tank would go best with it to give me the pull I need to keep from smoking. Any thoughts?

      • Hi Asher. It depends what type of draw you are looking for. If you want that tight draw you are used to from smoking and from your pen, you want to stick to tanks like the Aspire Nautilus Mini and Aspire K1 etc (mouth to lung draw). However, if you want a direct lung inhale and airy draw, then check out the Innokin iSub G or Apex, which will both go well with the CoolfireIV. Hope that helps!

        • Be warey with the isub g, it floods and the coils burn up quickly, my 0.5s lasted 2 days heavy vaping. Bang on for flavour tho

    33. Can you please get a review in for the isub apex sub ohm tank as well as the sauce code flavor tank review. Thanks new and supposedly best tanks on the market for flavor even out beating the smok and crown from what I hear I’d like your opinion

    34. I would just like to state thate the Smok Tfv4 prebuilt coils last an incredibly long time and the flavor on the quad coils is amazing, the topfill is great but be careful(I would use the bands to make sure the topfill doesnt come off when you dont want it to) Otherwise this tank is amazing,Super easy to rebuild.
      also noticed some of the tanks on this list cannot vape at 0 watts lol.

      And finally aspire is a good starter tank but every one I bought had a metallic taste and was kinda spitty.

    35. there is a new tank out that fires at .2 ohms and 50-200 watts it called kore sub ohm tank its really new there is like one youtube video on it

    36. just got a coolfire iv with i sub tank using jamakin 3mg juice its brning my lips i can only have very quick draw am i doing something wrong

    37. Wonder which are best for coil longevity, given I am working long days and traveling now. Right now using a Crown and an Arctic, both with 0.5 ohm dual coils, and vaping around 60w with 3 nic. I like the Arctic as daily driver, with good airflow to coil but tighter draw at the tip. I like sweet juices like chocolate, which may not help. Both go through their share of coils despite the typical precautions.

      I am tempted to get a Herakles, but open to suggestions. My concern with the Stsrre is reports of glass breaking. Valid? As for TFV4, will coils add to the cost of an already pricey tank, and would availability be an issue? Open to suggestions.

      My hope is that the Herk would be similar to Arctic style vape but with better coils and a little better all around. But if its more of the same, I would save money and enjoy what I have. Thoughts about which would best add to the experience, given DIY is not yet an option……?


      • Hi Mike,

        I’m not the best to comment on longevity as that is one area we struggle to test due to having to do so many reviews. I have heard good things about the Herakles coils in terms of longevity and in terms of flavor they are fantastic. TFV4 coils are very expensive unless you use the RBA section. The two tanks you already have are pretty good and the Crown is my favorite. How the longevity will stack up and I can’t really say for sure. Perhaps someone else can help you out there who has used the Herakles coils a lot.

    38. Subox mini still leaks slightly past the bottom seal needs careful attention to prevent this leak, and will leak through the vent holes if over filled. The Ijust2 vape band is best used to protect the glass from breaking if the device falls over

    39. I just bought the smok X cube II and the TFV4.. now I’m waiting for the package to be delivered, and I can’t se to “unexcite” myself for even a second!! I hope it’s gonna be amazing ?




    41. I have a sigeli 150 w temp control and was wondering which of these tanks would be overall the best choice, I’ve never used a tank and i’ve been vaping for well over a year now, right now i’m sort of leaning towards the crown by uwell or the SMOK TFV4. I’m looking for something that can absolutely chuck clouds while still having fantastic flavor. money isn’t the issue here, simply lack of knowledge when it comes to tanks, any input would be fantastic! (also do they work with temperature control?)

      • Hey Jake, yes both tanks have optional Ni200 coils for TC vaping (you have to purchase them separately for both tanks). I really like the TFV4 but it has a very expensive upkeep because of the coils being extremely expensive. We also know of leaking issues on the TFV4. They both chuck and they both have great flavor, but if you do not want to dither around I would suggest you take the Crown by Uwell.

    42. Can u give a review for billow v2 n nano,bellus, n other new rba enjoyed read all of your review ?

    43. Please help. I have been vaping for a little while, and have my interest in subohming peeked. Aside from chasing clouds I think it might be for me. I am after something that will give me flavor. I have a nautilus mini with a itaste vv4 pen I either get a burnt taste or bland metalic taste I have tried all watts and volts as well as 2.1 1.8 and 1.6 ohm resistance coils and I still can’t get the flavor right. When I buy new juice I can get the flavor the first time I fill the tank but when I refill its nothing or burnt. I have to keep my settings on lowest watts with the biggest airflow to keep from having a strong burnt taste and I inhale straight to my lungs not mouth to lung. often my itastevv battery flashes because I am inhaling for too long. I am not crazy about clouds but don’t care too much. I am considering a sub ohm setup and have been told conflicting info about which tank provides the most flavor. Any advice would be great. Sorry for length.

      • Hi Layla. For flavor the Crown is our favorite, but will require quite a high powered box mod to get the most from it (perhaps not best for your first sub ohm set up). The TFV4 Mini is also worth looking at, as it provides fantastic flavor, although the tank capacity is on the small side and replacement coils are expensive. I’d look at a kit like the Subox Nano or Mini or the Innokin iSub G kit, as they are solid kits and the Kanger coils and Innokin coils produce good flavor. Check out the sub ohm kits that Direct Vapor have here:

        I hope that helps!

    44. The vape shop I go to offers 1.2 ohm and .2 ohm could for the I sub g and plastic tank. I’ve been using .2 with the cool fire 4 at 34 watts and it’s awesome for the price. And coils seem to last forever. Definitely a tank top go with for mobile and beginner use!

    45. Please do the Sense ‘Herakles Plus’ next. People are saying Crown killer, so bump it up your queue if you can. Cheers.

      • Vaping on it as we speak, could take a while for the review to go online as we are re-structuring our site at the moment. Seeming as we all love the crown and the herakles I really think this review is going to be quite interesting!

        • Lucky man. You’ve yet to produce a review that doesn’t agree with my own experiences. I highly value your opinion, so I eagerly await your review.

          Good luck with the site stuff, I know how tedious & stressful that stuff can be 🙂

    46. I’m looking at possibly getting the efiel t1 165w, and looking for a good tank. I’ve heard good things about the freemax starre. But I’m confused about the different versions.
      starre sub ohm at 45$ seems to have a great review, and a friend has it and loves it.
      The starre pro tc does not seem to have as good of a review, though I’m not sure why, and its only 16$…
      I’m new at all this and confused.

      • That is no problem, sadly the market the way it is at the moment can be very confusing, even for us! So the Freemax Starre was a great tank, had great clouds and amazing flavor. The Freemax Starre Pro was a slight letdown due to the minor issues it had. In our opinion the Freemax Starre Pro coils were not as good as the original coils. I would suggest to go for the Freemax Starre or wait until the Fremax Starre V3 is reviewed. Hope that helps!

        • It does. Thank you.
          I’m currently running eleaf 50w with delta2 tank. I’m hoping the t1/freemax will be better. Though I’m fairly satisfied now. I burnt out a coil on the delta 2 withing 4 days or so at 32.5 watts, so the 60-80 tanks they claim for the starre is appealing.

          I never did see a review on the t1 here…but I have looked and looked and can’t find the search button..

          Your site has helped me understand a lot about vaping. And I’ve read much more than I understand.
          Thank you for all the great information.

    47. I was hoping maybe someone could help me pick out a good tank for me. I’m not very interested in clouds as I am about flavor. I use vaping as a means to quit cigs. Towards the beginning of the year I bought my gf a setup. The Smok XPro M80 Plus with a Arctic Horizon Tech tank. She stopped using it so i started using it, but now she asked for it back and now I want to get my own setup. Anyways, I was looking at the Eleaf iStick 100W box but can’t figure out what tank to get. I picked this box because of its range and price. So any help with picking a tank would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

      • Well, thanks to the market expanding nearly every day you have quite a few tanks to use on your iSTick 100W.

        Let me list a few of my personal favorites:

        – Crown by Uwell
        – Sense Herakles Plus
        – SMOK TFV-4
        – Silo Beast
        – Smowell Hatrick V2
        – Freemax Starre V3

        Those are some great tanks that you will be able to use on your iStick 100W. Enjoy!

        • So i was doing some more research and came across the X Cube mini TC by Smok. Would these tanks work well with this box? Also which box would you recommend? I was thinking of getting the starter kit on DirectVapor for the X Cube with the Smok tank. What do you think? Is it worth it or should I just get the Istick with the Crown tank and save some bucks?

      • The Crown is tops for flavor. I can’t speak to the Herakles, but it’s better than anything Aspire puts out (except possibly the Cleito which I haven’t tried, but I doubt it), the TFV4, the Vaporesso Target, anything by Kanger, and the Starre. The Starre is the closest thing to it that I’ve tried, and I’m really interested in giving the Horizon Tech Arctic V8 a go because of all the interesting coil options. That said, go with the Crown. I guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with the flavor production. I run mine on a Smok XCube II, but I never go above 60 or 70 watts so you’ll be fine pushing the Crown with a 100W iStick. Happy vaping!

    48. Awesome reviews. Thank you! In regards to the innokin I sub and I sub g they do make 0.2 and funny enough 2.0 ohm coils.

    49. All I have to say is love the list and keep the great work coming. One more thing. If the Herakles Plus is better than the Herakles then my Lord………my crown will be in a drawer for sure. I run both the crown and the herakles now.

      • Hey Nick, thanks for the kind words. We try our best to keep the list updated. That being said, new tanks are coming out every 2-3 days, so we try and keep the list to a minimum and try and get only the most exciting tanks in. Otherwise this list would have around 200 sub ohm tanks, lol. The Herakles Plus is definitely one of our favorite tanks, to say that it is better than the Crown is something that you would have to find out for yourself.

    50. Mutank looks like an interesting new entry. It now has replaceable coils as well as the rebuildables that all their previous tanks had- only. Given it can supposedly handle 150w with prebuilt coils, plus their previous success with RDA, might this one be worth a look?

    51. Anyone know what the difference between Hatrick V1 n V2 is…? Other than the drip tip with AFC…

      Also are the V2 coils on gearbest any different than the original coils?

    52. In the description of the Uwell Crown, a lot of sites mention a “temperature control visibility feature”. This described as an upgrade that can be added later, but is not included in the initial purchase. I am new to vaping and have been unsuccessful in finding out what this add on entails. Could you please help me? Thanks!

      • The Uwell Crown comes with a spare Ni200 coil and 2 Stainless Steel coils, a lot of people have been complaining that the SS coils are unable to be used in TC mode. On the other hand the Ni200 coils work perfectly in TC mode. I am not quite sure what you mean by “temperature control visibility feature” and that you are able to upgrade later on? That sounds like a TC Box Mod to me, that you are able to add a TC feature to the box mod as a software upgrade, could this be? Please give me more information.

      • I had the same question a while ago. They’re shaped similarly, but until someone tries it we won’t know. There’s a shop nearby that sells whichever V8 coil it is that comes in the yellow box. I may have to buy one and try it in my Crown. I’ll drop back by and let you know if I manage to pick one up pretty soon. I really hope so. I figured out that the Vaporesso cCell ceramic coils will fit in my Triton 2 and Aspire 1, which saved me some cash buying the tank itself. The coils are as good or better in the flavor category as the Aspire Triton 0.3s and 0.4s and they last more than twice as long. My hope is that the V8 coils will do the same for me in the Crown tank, but I guess I won’t know until I try. I was hoping someone had beaten me to the trial punch, but I guess I’m going to have to be the guinea pig on this one.

    53. So as of 2016…

      Herakles plus
      Tfv4 (mini or full size)
      Or freemax Starr (not pro)
      Or something I left out.

      Which tank to get…?

      Or stick with the herakles and wait to see what’s next?

      200w sigelei fuchai tc mod BTW.

            • Well, either y’all are running behind, which is fine, happens to me all the time, or nothing ended up being the game changer y’all hoped would be better than the herakles or the uwell….
              I could have just missed it, had a woman run me over last week on my motorcycle, and lost a solid week.

              Survey says?

            • Hey David, we did do a small update:

              – Added Ceravape Soter (26.01.2016)
              – Added Aspire Cleito (03.02.2016)
              – Added COV Vengeance (03.02.2016)
              Other than that, we are still reviewing a few new tanks, but until now they are nothing special. Herakles Plus, Uwell Crown and the Uwell Rafale are probably still the best ranking tanks.

            • That’s a bummer. I was hoping that you had found a game changer.
              Thanks Alex I’ll keep a look out and hope you get a chance at a game changer soon.

              I tried the target vtc mod, it was a good tank, but I was reading about some questions about health of the ceramic. I did enjoy it. But not enough to trust and buy more. Yet anyway.

            • We are in the talks with a possible game changer, we got the specs a few days ago, sounds really interesting. I am just going to leave that as a cliff hanger, lol! That is sadly the issue with vaping, a lot of new products, a lot of new materials and no one knows what the health impacts are. We said the same about Kanthal back in 2011 after using silica. We just have to wait and see, I don’t quite get the market at the moment, it seems that even the Chinese companies have no idea what they are creating. I think patience is going to be needed, with regulations and the way the market is going at the moment.

    54. I ask myself if you have review the vengeance tank from the council of vaper. They say its one of the best flavour tanks on the market. I dont know if that is true but i have trust in your reviews. If you will agree on this statement then i wil probably believe it. If i just missed it, let me now. But i almost know for sure you did not. Hope you ever tried it or gonna.

    55. The subtankmini leak is rom the coil itself and can be fixed ive done it and it cured the leak the wire potrudes the seal on thebottom of the coil and the coil inside is pulled away from the wick causing burnt hit

      • The best I know of personally is the herakles plus @ 75-80 watts…

        Someone may chime in with a better one. But that one blows big clouds.

      • Hey Maggus, seeming as you have a Vamo with a max wattage of 20W, I would go for something that has higher resistant coils such as the Apollo Phazer that can chuck clouds at a lower wattage. You can also go for the Crown or some other tank that has higher ohm coils.

      • The best tanks I have tried for vapor production have been the Herakles Plus and the Smok TFV4. Both are amazing tanks however you will require a higher wattage device to fire either of them effectively. Something that goes up to 100W at least.

    56. Hey. Wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I purchased the Aspire Odessey mini kit (Pegasus mini/triton mini tank) and I got it for super good price. I really like it…. but I am having to fill my tank multiple times a day as it holds 2ml. Can anyone suggest a sub ohm, temp control compatible tank that holds more juice but wouldn’t look completely ridiculous with the Pegasus mini? BTW the diameter of the Triton mini is 20mm. Thanks

      • The problem with 20mm tanks is that they all have a small liquid capacity due to its size. Unless you have an extremely tall tank there is no way of getting more out of a 20mm. The only thing you can do is go for a 22mm tank, you can find a few on the list above.

    57. Hi all forgive me but I’m a bit of a newbie. Have just purchased a aspire pegasus 70w mod with a triton 2 tank but I’m a bit worried about all this talk of burnt out coils due to this 30w charge it produces initially. Am I right in thinking that if the coil is saturated properly first I’m good to go?

    58. just got my UWell Crown using the 05 coils on my Istick 50 at 49.9 w and i can not say enough how great this tank vapes and taste and as a truck driver the top fill is so much easier to use can not wait to move up to the new 200w tc from seigle

    59. I just bought the Smok TF4v and I was just wondering what would be a perfect but not expensive box mod for it? Thx

      • I Have TF4v on a cuboid and it works perfect. I also have the Uwel crown. The crown I have noticed has better flavor but haven’t tried all the coils yet on the TF4v.

        When I am at home or work I use the Uwel Crown for better flavor. But when I go dancing I prefer using the TF4v. Bigger tank size and much easier to fill than the crown.

        Cuboid mod is awesome decent power good design quality build. It’s got the good kind of heavy where it feels like something built of quality but no too heavy a nice small size. I use a CLC cell phone clip to hold it on my belt don’t notice the weight or the bulk.

        The TF4v will look good on the cuboid as well.

    60. Can you please have a review about the Ehpro Etank F1. It’s an RDTA. I need info about its flavor and vapor production, the build and etc.

      One question. Does an RTA gulp juice more than RDTA?

      Thank you so much!

      • I am pretty sure they both use a lot of ejuice, it all depends on what build you have and how it wicks. We currently do not have the Ehpro Etank F1 in the review queue but I will take it up with the team.

        • Thank you Alex.

          I just bought smoktech’s tfv4 mini. It’s still being shipped. Then I saw the reviews about the geekvape griffin. Do i have to regret buying immediately the tfv4? I just think the rba of the griffin is better than the tfv4’s.

    61. I have a Crown, TFV4, Triton 2, and Atlantis 1 (along with numerous Protanks and Evods). Over 2 years of use I’ve realized that I’m in it for the flavor. I’m married so chucking clouds isn’t that important to me as I’m not trying to impress anyone or overcompensate for something ;). Anyway, with regard to flavor I enjoy the Triton 2 with the Clapton coils, although they don’t last very long. The TFV4 is underwhelming IMO, and I’ve tried every coil but the octuple Clapton. The Atlantis doesn’t get much use since I bought the Triton 2. Finally, the Crown is the clear winner as it produces the juiciest, most flavorful clouds I’ve come across. I use the 0.25-ohm dual coils exclusively in it.

      Short story long, I’m intrigued by the new Artic V8 and its plethora of coils. As I recently tried the Vaporesso cCell successfully in my Triton 2 (great flavor and long life, btw), it got me to thinking. Can the V8 Snake, Tiger, and Hive coils be used in the Crown? They look an awful lot alike and I’d much rather just buy some new coils rather than throwing down for both coils and a tank if I can get away with it. It worked for the Vaporesso/Triton 2 combo. Will it work for a V8/Crown mash-up? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

      Oh, and I’m using an XCube II if it makes any difference.

        • Alex,

          I looked up the specs on the two coil sizes and, sadly, the V8 coils are quite a bit bigger in all three dimensions than the Crown coils. It looks like I’m just going to have to take the plunge and try out the V8 tank in order to find out if these coils are as much of an improvement over standard coils as the Claptons are over straight Kanthal.

      • I have a V8 and have tried all the different coils offered. If you are vaping at lower wattage, then this is a good choice tank. I switched to the TFV4 because it offers better airflow due to the larger coils. It also seems to produce more vapor and better flavor at higher wattage.

    62. Stay clear of the OBS Crius in black color. I have sent two back to the supplier due to aggravating leaks around the base / air flow area. Perhaps purchase instead the metal “color” for better results. A friend has one (metal) & has no leak problems.

    63. Quick question I’m looking into purchasing the tug tank (cermaic coil tank) by flawless. I only vape my uwell crowns for the best flavor production from a tank..flavor is what my goal is to get the tank that produces the best flavor. So far that has been the crown for me for over a year now.. have you yet to try the tug tank by flawless? Would u say that the cermaic tanks are comparable to the crown on fkavor on would u say crown still has number one fkavor put of all sub tanks? Your input would be greatly appreciated and can’t wait to hear your feedback on my inquiry today thank you

    64. Check this out, Vaping360 readers! The best tanks are at VaporFi! Head over to Save $10 on VaporFi (click) and upon checkout, an instant $10 discount will be applied to your purchase as a thank you for reading this Vaping360 post! The $10 discount is good on ANY PRODUCT on the VaporFi website! For example, if you buy one of our 30,000 juice flavors for $10, it is yours for FREE if you buy using this exclusive discount.Many products are only $10 which means it’s yours for 100% free! What do you have to lose?

    65. Interested to see upcoming ceramic tanks like the COV Defiant, COV Phoenix, Vaporesso Gemini cCell, and Horizon Krixus. Main concern will be replacement parts availability, if any!

      Ehpro Bachelor RTA is also promising, if any vendor will ever offer the semi prebuilt coils for vapers who don’t build much, or just starting.

      For now, I’m into trying 316ss TC vapes if you know some good ones. That, and finding the tfv4 is much better on a daily basis with a variety of their newer coils, not the original quad. Tfv4 micro might turn out to be a nice multi purpose tank.

    66. Cloud Chasers INC. Maus sub ohm tank, would love to see a review on it. This thing is a beast and I’m thinking it may be to much for me. lol

    67. Hey there, how up to date is this list? In the “note/update on sub ohm tank reviews” posted in the Intro section, it mentions that this list compares tanks you reviewed in 2015 and 2016, but it looks like the article was originally posted March 16th of 2015 and the “note/update” is dated January 18th of 2015. Thanks.

    68. Hey, I got a Endura T22. I was wondering if its possible to use a sub ohm tank for it? If so what could I get for it?

      • No, due to the mod being regulated at 14W you will be unable to use most of the sub ohm tanks. To use a sub ohm tank you will need a higher powered mod unless you use something like the Kanger Subtank Mini/Nano with the 0.5 ohm coils, but you will be unable to get the most out of the coils at 14W.

    69. You should check out Steam Crave’s Aromamizer RDTA and recently they launched the V2 and also the Aromamizer Supreme. The latter has all the best bits that makes the Supreme simply superb.

    70. GRIFFIN! … outperforms all the ones on your list that I have tried. Prefer it over my TFV4 for sure. Review it!

    71. I’d love to see review on Aqua Footoon FX review. So far I didn’t see anywhere a good review on it. By the pictures and price it seems like a high end RTA subohm tank.

    72. Hi. I was super impressed with the flavor on the target vtc set up by vaporesso, they actually just came out with a new tank called the gemini! People are saying it is even better than the target and could be an everyday tank right up there with the crown and tfv4, while staying down in the lower(ish) wattage range. Are you guys planning on doing a review for this? If not I think it would be worth the time…there might even be a change in the top 5 best sub ohm tanks.

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