Ceravape Soter Tank Review – New Triple Ceramic Coil Tank

Ceravape Soter
Ceravape Soter

Ceravape Soter Tank Intro

Today I’m taking a look at a brand new tank from Ceravape. The Soter, an 8ml beast utilizing the latest ceramic wicking technology boasting an ability to taste your juice for 3 months on a single coil. Time will tell to see if they really do last 3 months, but for now read our first impressions on the Soter tank below.


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Ceravape Soter Tank Specs and Features

Ceravape Soter Kit Content
Ceravape Soter Kit Content
  • 1x Ceravape Soter tank
  • 1x Spare coil
  • 1x User Manual
  • 3x Spare O Rings
  • Size – Diameter: 26mm Height 75mm
  • Capacity – 8ml
  • Resistance: 0.4Ω (3x 1.2Ω coils)/0.3Ω (3×0.9Ω coils)
  • Top Fill

Notable Remarks


Ceravape Soter on SMOK xCube II
Ceravape Soter on SMOK xCube II

This tank is a BIG one! 8ml capacity is huge! Most sub ohm tanks we see on the market are anywhere between 3ml-5ml so an 8ml capacity is definitely on the larger scale.

However Ceravape have done a great job in making this tank streamlined enough that it doesn’t look stupid. I’ve had this tank sat on my iJoy Solo Mini, a small single 18650 mod and whilst it didn’t look the best, it most certainly didn’t look as stupid as I thought it would.

Yes it’s a bulky tank but it looks pretty sleek too.


Ceravape Soter Ceramic Coil
Ceravape Soter Coil

This tank uses 3 coils at a time, either 1.2Ω or 0.9Ω to get a combined resistance of 0.4Ω or 0.3Ω. It is recommended that you use 3 of the same coils as opposed to mixing the resistances.

The advantage of using 3 coils is that you can vape for longer and also if one is duff, you only need to replace that one.

However on the negative side, this thing guzzles the juice! (Probably why it’s 8ml in capacity!) So make sure you’ve got plenty before using this tank. Another thing to be weary of is when one coil burns out, you might have to check all 3 before you find the duff one which can be a pain!


This tanks performance matches it’s size! The flavor off this thing is just awesome! 3 coils all of which individually would be right up there with the best coils in the business mean this tank kicks some serious ass.

However something to be weary of is the wattage! You might be thinking woah 3 coils, 8ml capacity I’m gonna need to use some serious wattage, well you don’t. I’ve found you can get the best vape at anywhere between 30-45 watts! This isn’t a tank for you crazy 200w cloud chasers out there.

Ceramic Coils

Ceravape Soter Coils
Ceravape Soter Coils

The ceramic wicked coils are what define this tank, they are the big part of why I think this tank could be so successful. The flavor is incredible. Juices taste so clean and crisp. This tank has taken some of my juices to a new level and it’s all down to the ceramic coils.

I will be doing a review on ceramic coils and wicking compared to the normal cotton coils but for now, in my opinion, ceramic wicking is the way forward.



Whilst the Soter boasts an impressive 8ml juice capacity the tank itself doesn’t feel crazily big! Yes it is a 26mm tank but on the right mod it looks damn awesome without dwarfing the mod your using.


This tank produces some of the best flavour I have experienced, juices come alive within this tank and really get taken to a whole new level! The experience I get from a tank this size is mind blowingly good!



One issue I have had is leaking, and due to its size and capacity, a lot of it. I left it overnight and woke up in the morning to see a good half a tank of juice dumped on my desk! I wasn’t really sure whether it had leaked out of the airholes or what, but it certainly had leaked.

Just bare this in mind; I’d try to vape it dry before leaving it overnight. And if you do leave it overnight, don’t leave it on your mod.

Installing Coils

Ceravape Soter Taken Apart
Ceravape Soter Taken Apart

Having 3 coils is great, but installing them can be a bit fiddly as they are pretty tightly packed to try and keep the size down to a minimum! It’s not a deal breaker but it can be annoying when you have to replace a coil and sometimes have to take one out and put it back in.


The Ceravape Soter is an awesome new sub ohm tank with some really innovative features, namely the ceramic coils and packing 3 of them within one tank. Whilst the flavour from this tank is incredible the clouds aren’t anything to be particularly proud of. Yeah they’re better than a clearo but they wont win you any cloud comps that’s for sure.

I think this tank could do with a second version with the leaking sorted out and possibly a different way of holding/installing the coils. Maybe trying something like Smok with multiple coils within one coil head.

Overall this tank is well worth a shot! Big juice capacity and even bigger flavour! If you want to taste your juice then look no further than the Ceravape Soter Tank.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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