Cloupor Mini Plus Review

Cloupor Mini Plus
Cloupor Mini Plus

Cloupor Mini Plus Intro

Today I will be taking a look at the Mini Plus from Cloupor. This super small device seemingly has everything a vaper new to sub ohm would want. Power, temperature control and the ability to vape sub ohm coils all wrapped up in a neat little package. Below I take a more in depth look at the Cloupor Mini Plus.


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Cloupor Mini Plus Specs and Features

  • 1x Cloupor Mini Plus 50W Box mod
  • 1x USB Charge Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x VIP Warrantee card
  • 1x Silicone Case
  • 4x Spare Magnets (for back door)
  • Dimensions: 78.5x37x22mm
  • Wattage range: 1-50w
  • Resistance support: 0.1-3.5Ω (VW/VV), 0.1-0.5Ω (Ni200), 0.1-0.8Ω (Ti)
  • Temp Range: 200-600°F
  • Spring Loaded 510 pin
  • Powered by 1x 18650

Notable Remarks


Cloupor Mini Plus Color Variations
Cloupor Mini Plus Color Variations

The Cloupor Mini Plus is a great looking device; I like the glossy finish with the little sparkle on the mod too. The silicone case is nice too and adds a more comfortable feel to the device.

The size of the mod is another great feature, when I say this device fits in the palm of your hand, I MEAN IT! This really is a tiny device. Perfect for a stealthy option or for those of you that prefer the smaller lighter mods as opposed to the bulky big box mods.


Cloupor Mini Plus Silicon Case
Cloupor Mini Plus Silicon Case

I was a little disappointed with the quality of the device. The magnetic back panel is simply too loose. There is a notch to be used to prise the door off but I can slide the door off with my pinky finger it’s so loose! I can even partially slide the door off with the silicone sleeve on!

Aside from the battery door, there is a little bit of button rattle, which is annoying. The buttons themselves are nice and clicky however they do have a rattle to them that is a shame. I see too many mods with silly issues like button rattle and insecure battery doors! I like that spare magnets have been given but I would rather they added a couple of those magnets into the actual mod!

Using the Cloupor Mini Plus

Cloupor Mini Plus
Cloupor Mini Plus

Using this device was super simple and straightforward. There is no complicated menu system, just simply pressing and holding the fire and wattage down button to cycle through VW, VV, TC Ni200 and TC Ti modes. There is also a good feature of flipping the screen by holding the fire and wattage up buttons down as the same time.

The screen is bright and clear which is very helpful. Everything you need to see; like wattage, resistance, battery life is displayed clearly yet it doesn’t feel oversized for the mod like I was expecting. Cloupor have done a great job with the usability of the mini plus.

The Cloupor mini plus has an interesting TC feature, not only can you vape Nickel or Titanium wire; but it will automatically select a Joule power output to best match your coil. To adjust the joules manually simply hold the power button and wattage up button for 3 seconds and you can adjust between 10-50J. Then to return to auto mode, just adjust the joules above 50J or below 10J.

I like the auto feature and it seems to work well, I haven’t had a vape that feels overpoweringly strong or awfully weak whilst using it in auto. However there have been a few occasions where I have felt the need for a little more power so have switched over to joule mode.


The size

I love the size of the Cloupor Mini Plus! It’s perfect for a stealth vape whilst at work, or brilliant for taking out on a night out with your favourite sub ohm tank without having to worry about taking a bulkier dual 18650 mod like the X Cube 2 out with you.

Temperature Control

Having a mod this small with temp control is fantastic. Especially seeing as a lot more vapers are now starting to venture into the temperature control arena.


On top of all the features about this mod, the price is probably the best feature! Retailing anywhere between £30-£40 in the UK and $28-$35 in the US, this device is an absolute steal! For 50W, Temp control and the size of this mod all for less than $50!


To conclude, this device is fantastic for the price. Yes it won’t compete with the likes of the DNA200 mods or the Sigelei 150w or the IPV3 Li in terms of power. But for the price and the size, this mod is a true bargain! It has everything a sub ohm vaper would want. Enough power to vape sub ohm tanks, temperature control and Ti support!

Sometimes the bigger sub ohm tanks do look a little silly, and the battery door is very poor. But if you can get past the awful magnets and limit the use to the smaller sub ohm tanks this device is a no brainer and an excellent device to add to your collection!


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