DOVPO TC-50 Box Mod Review


DOVPO TC-50 Intro

Today we will be saying hello to my little friend called the TC-50 by Dovpo. It is a single 18650 regulated mod that goes up to 50 watts and is capable of, you guessed it, temperature control! In case you haven’t noticed, this is a big trend that may just some day become the new standard.

My take is that companies are now more focused on maximizing performance versus wattage. In other words, quality over quantity. (Gotta love that.) The battle of the watts may not be completely over yet, however many people stopped caring and just want a good vape. Turn down for watt?!

The first thing I noticed about this device is its size. Dovpo does not market this product as a “mini” so I was expecting it to be around the size of a Sigelei versus that of a Sigelei Mini. As a box mod, it works great but the main question I have is how well does its temperature control feature work? This could very well be one of the cheapest (and smallest) temp control devices. I know a lot of products have been coming out lately that try to simulate that DNA 40 experience, but did Dovpo nail it? We’re about to find out if this is your cheap ticket into the world of temp control vaping. . .


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DOVPO TC-50 Specs and Features

  • 1 x DOVPO TC-50 50W Body
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x English User Manual
  • 1 x Gift Box
  • Brand: DOVPO
  • Accessories type: MOD
  • Mod: VV/VW Mod, Temperature Control Mod
  • APV Mod Wattage: 50W
  • Features: Temperature Control, Variable Wattage, OLED Screen
  • Battery Form Factor: 18650
  • Charge way: USB
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Available Color: Black

Temperature Control Mode support 0.1 – 1.0ohm pure nickel wire atomizers only
Variable Wattage Mode support all 0.1 – 3.0ohm atomizers

Notable Remarks



So, if you have been following the market then you know that recently manufacturers have been focusing a lot more on aesthetics than ever before. This box mod is no exception. I am tired of calling all these devices “sexy” but unfortunately there is no other word to describe this beauty. As soon as I opened the package, I had this type of experience similar to when you meet a celebrity that appears huge on the screen, but is actually much shorter in real life. I was expecting it to be way bigger considering that it is a 50 watt temperature control device however, this thing is tiny! That being said, the black aluminum alloy with stainless steel trimmings on the edges looks sick. It feels nice in the hand despite the fact that it is very boxy with only slightly rounded edges. If you like that real boxed-out feel, similar to a Sigelei, then you are going to love the way this thing feels. Overall, Dovpo usually puts out very sleek and stylish devices, the TC-50 being no exception. A few other things worth mentioning would be the branding which looks great (despite the fact that they still use the term “electronic cigarette”) and the nice round, clicky, stainless-steel buttons.


When I first got this device, I used it as a regular 50 watt mod in Kanthal mode. I was getting a nice vape at 35-50 watts using a .5 Ohm coil. When using my Mutation X RDA built at around .3 ohms, I noticed that after a couple pulls this device would get hot and needed a few minutes to cool off. Fortunately, Dovpo was smart enough to include overheat protection when it exceeds a certain temperature. Due to the size of this mod, it can get quite hot and may take a while to cool down. I also noticed a slight delay from the time I press the button to when it fires, which is not a huge deal, but something to bear in mind. The battery life on this device is decent, I have gotten close to a full day of usage out of a single 2500mAh cell. The TC-50 also has a built-in charger, which is nice when you are on the go, but obviously it won’t charge faster than an external unit.

Temperature Control

Of course I was skeptical at first when I heard that this is a temperature control device. It is unlike any other given the price and size of this product. However, after giving it some testing, I have to say, the temp control function on this device works! The whole point of this feature is to prevent dry or burnt hits, thus ensuring perfect flavor all of the time and this device delivers just that. Using an Ni200 coil head on my Kanger Subtank, I was able to vape this tank down to the raw bitter end and there was nothing bitter about it. On the TC-50, you can actually adjust wattage in temp mode however, by adjusting the temperature, your watts will fluctuate. In other words, you adjust your wattage just like any mod, then set your temperature to regulate that wattage. You can actually see the watts ramping up and down while you are vaping to achieve that consistent temperature.

Ease of Use

DOVPO TC-50 Battery Compartment
DOVPO TC-50 Battery Compartment

Figuring out how to use the controls can take some time. Adjusting wattage and firing is going to be very straight-forward, however the temperature adjustment can be a little annoying. You need to first lock the power (by pressing the fire button 5 times) then hold the up and down buttons until the temperature pops up. Unfortunately, you need to repeat this process each time so essentially you will be be locking and unlocking the device constantly until you find a setting that you like. It has reverse battery protection which is good considering this is the only device I have ever used that has the positive end of the battery on the bottom. (Why Dovpo, just why?) In addition this guy has low-voltage and overheat protection as well. When adjusting the wattage/temperature, I like how the numbers go nice and quick. Although it round-robins, it will actually stop at 1w and 50w.


  • Very small, easy to carry around
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Awesome price
  • Temperature control function
  • Decent battery life
  • Solid yet lightweight metal construction


  • Screen very hard to read in daylight
  • Adjusting temperature is inconvenient
  • Gets very hot with low-resistance builds
  • Only supports Nickel wire
  • Ohm meter fluctuates
  • Micro USB port on the bottom (Not a biggy but c’mon already, it’s 2015)


Overall score – 7.5 out of 10

Although there were some minor cons with this device, overall it is a solid little box mod. I have been using it consistently for a while now and it hasn’t failed me. The only thing I would say is that if you are planning on buying it for use with low-resistance Kanthal builds, you might want to look elsewhere. That being said, it is ideal when using temperature control mode, mostly due to the fact that its small size lends itself to overheating. In temp mode, you will not have that problem as it will regulate the wattage accordingly. For the price, this is a solid temperature control box mod!


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  • Henrik Ringtved

    Good review 😉 But I must admit it’s a big con with the way temp setting work, A shame because it a nice looking mod and good size it seems

    • Dave @ TBEC Review

      Thanks for the comment! Yea, adjusting the temperature was a pain in the butt man. You need to keep locking and unlocking, then holding the up and down arrows. It feels like a code for Nintendo. Anyways, they are probably going to stop making this box mod since they have a lot in the works.