Eleaf iStick 50W Review

Eleaf iStick 50W
Eleaf iStick 50W

Eleaf iStick 50W Intro

In this article we review the latest box mod by Eleaf – the iStick 50W. Eleaf are famous for their mini box mods and took the market by storm last year with their release of the tiny iStick 20W box mod. The 50W mod is their highest powered device in the Eleaf box mod range. Eleaf also do 30W, 20W and 10W mini box mods. The 50W will be perfect choice for those who are using some of the higher powered sub ohm tanks or RDAs that require more power.


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Eleaf iStick 50W Specs and Features

Eleaf iStick 50W Handcheck with the Kanger Subtank Mini
Eleaf iStick 50W Handcheck with the Kanger Subtank Mini
  • 50 Watts of vaping power
  • Ultra affordable, one of the most affordable high voltage / wattage device on the market
  • Features a native 510 connection for maximum compatibility
  • Brass Spring Connector for best conductivity and compatibility
  • 4400mAh Battery; ultra-long battery life
  • Multiple color options (Pink, Blue, Silver and Black)
  • Added button lock functionality protects the buttons and prolongs the life span
  • iStick 50W can fire down to 0.2 ohm resistance
  • Size: 83mm x 23mm x45mm
  • Color: Black, Silver, Fuchsia, Blue
  • Voltage output: 2.0V – 10.0V
  • Wattage output: 5W – 50W
  • Threading: 510 Connection
  • Rated Resistance Range: 0.2 -5 ohms


Affordable for what you get

The Eleaf iStick 50W fires up to 50W and only costs around $50! It also features an insanely powerful 4400mAh battery that will last you days and days. This added to the fact that it will be able to fire from 0.2 – 5ohms, means you will have no issues using any of the new sub ohm tanks etc. The sort of power and specs you get with this device makes its $50 price tag a pretty insane deal.

Small Size but Powerful Battery

Eleaf iStick 50W (Blue Edition)
Eleaf iStick 50W (Blue Edition)

The iStick is pretty small considering you get a whopping 4400mAh lipo battery with the device. It is bigger than the 30W device and is similarly sized to the Vaporshark DNA40. It fits perfectly in your hand and is really light. The battery will last you bloody ages. It will last around 2-3 days of decent vaping on something like the Kanger Subtank Mini at 25W!

The iStick 50W has a 23mm width at the top and means it will fit all 22mm and 23mm devices on without any overlaps. This means the iStick with a Subtank Mini or Aspire Atlantis, will look really sweet!

Good Build Quality

Eleaf iStick 50W Buttons
Eleaf iStick 50W Buttons

The build quality on the ELeaf iStick 50W feels improved over the old 20W device. The buttons no longer rattle and the device has a nice finish to it. The pin is a spring loaded brass pin, which means you will be able to use all tanks and clearos with a 510 connection on them, without any issues. Every tank I have tried, has sat perfectly flush on the iStick 50W. The threading is also stainless steel, which means that the threading should be more durable than that of the 20W. I think some people complained that the 20W threading was soft. This lead to the threading losing its hold and grip which meant at some point it wouldn’t hold any tanks or clearos. It’s good to see Eleaf listening to what the consumers want and sorting that issue out.

Good Screen

Eleaf iStick 50W Screen
Eleaf iStick 50W Screen

The screen isn’t anything spectacular, but it shows you everything you need to see. It shows you resistance of the tank you put in, as well as the voltage, wattage and shows the battery life on it. When you start vaping, it will count how long you vape for and it features a 10s cut-off for safety.

Using the iStick 50W screen:

  • 3 clicks of the fire button to switch from wattage mode to voltage mode
  • Hold both the up and down arrows to lock the wattage or voltage you are currently vaping at
  • 5 clicks of the fire button to turn the device on and off

Safety Features

The Eleaf iStick 50W features a 70ºC (158ºF) temperature alarm. Once the device hits this temperature, it will automatically shut off to cool down and the screen will show “temp protection”. I have seen some people test this function on Youtube and it does work.

The Eleaf iStick 50W also features short circuit protection and low voltage protection.


Eleaf iStick 50W
Eleaf iStick 50W

I think the iStick 50W looks really nice. We got it in the blue color, which doesn’t look bad at all, and it also comes in pink, silver and black. The screen runs down the middle, with the up and down buttons on the top of the screen. The fire button is well placed on the front side of the device. The iStick 50W is nice and compact and in my opinion looks great.

The iStick 50W as mentioned above will look great with tanks like the Melo, Subtank Mini and Atlantis on top of it! See the pics below.


Overall it was very hard to find any negatives for this device, as it really is a solid piece of equipment at a fantastic price. If I am going to be ultra-picky there a couple of things I will mention below:

No USB Charger with Some Kits

So the kit we got, didn’t come with any USB charger or wall adapter. If you get the kit from VaporDNA with our coupon code below, you will actually get a USB charger, a wall adapter and an ego adapter, which is great for those who might not have these lying around.

Lipo Battery

Eleaf iStick 50W Micro USB Port
Eleaf iStick 50W Micro USB Port

So this isn’t a negative for me whatsoever, but one or two have said they would have liked to have a 18650 battery in the device, to easily take out and switch between devices. As it is, you can’t really get at the lipo battery and it won’t work with most other box mods if you do manage to get it out. This means you can only charge it through the USB charger, which takes quite a long time. I wasn’t sure how long I should be expecting this monster battery to charge for, but Eleaf say that it takes around 5 hours, which seems quite a long time. I guess it is after all a 4400mAh battery! It is however a pass through device, so you can plug it in to charge and then carry on vaping whilst it charges.

Tiny Firing Delay

This isn’t a big deal at all, but for those extremely picky people out there, you should know there is a 60ms delay from when you hit the fire button to it firing at full power. This didn’t really bother me to be honest, but it might bother some people.


We were tremendously impressed by this device, so much so, that we struggled to find any major negatives. The iStick 50W by Eleaf, is set to be an insanely popular device, as everyone purchases their new sub ohm tanks, that are currently the new rage at the moment. These sub ohm tanks will work very well on this device and will sit flushly and look great. The Eleaf 50W with all its capabilities should future proof your vaping set-up for a good while, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading your mod to work with the latest gear on the market!

If you are looking for a mini box mod that has more power than the 30W box mods, the Eleaf iStick is a no brainer and inexpensive option. It’s a ridiculously impressive mini box mod that is packed with power and sub ohm capabilities, all at a very affordable price.

You can get the iStick 50W from VaporDNA through the link below for just $44.99 which is the cheapest you’ll find it from a reputable US based online seller (and that includes the USB charger, wall adapter and ego adapter!).


Check out this product via the button below

Save 10% below using the coupon code: V360

*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • B-Rice

    I’m going to be traveling to Europe. Can this be carged on the 220 outlet all I have is the adaptor plug? Or do I have to buy a inverter?

    • I am not American (based in Germany), but I am guessing a 220 outlet is an American plug. If you are going to the EU you will need an adapter from US to EU sockets (two pin). If you are going to the UK, they use different plugs to the rest of Europe, so you will need a separate adapter. Alternatively use the USB charger with a laptop.Enjoy your travels!

  • Andy Jacobson

    Just got my 50 watt today, running a .7 ohm single coil on a Derringer. Very impressed with it. Even using it at only 20 watts I get almost too much vapor. Bump it to 50 and it’s insane!

    • Thanks for your comment Andy. I agree its a great box mod at a very affordable price. The interesting thing will be to see how long it lasts over time!

      • Marc Brown

        Mine lasted 2 months. Now it constantly switches from W to V modes by itself, turns itself off all the time and stops and starts several times while I’m using it. It also will increase the voltage when it changes from W to V and I have it locked. It’s been 2 weeks since I emailed Eleaf for a warranty repair or replacement and they still haven’t replied. Stay away from this mod; it don’t work and they don’t back it up.

        • I’d be careful about using it further Marc. Some people who had issues then had their batteries explode on them http://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/34b9k4/alright_guys_i_just_created_ristick_for/. It seems as though the iSticks haven’t being doing well over the longer period of time at all. Ours is still ok, but I have heard many people having auto-firing issues and some have even had their batteries explode on them. Unfortunately dealing with their customer service is a nightmare as it is for the majority of Chinese firms. I guess for its price we shouldn’t be expecting too much, but it seems as though they are rushing their products out at the moment and foregoing on quality.

          We just got the Vaporfi Vox II and whilst it is very expensive, it seems like a really solid box and at least you get a 6 month warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and a customer service team in the US. I’d look at that or a Sigelei or wait on the new Innokin 3.0 Pro as the Innokin products tend to be well built, but again you pay extra for the quality. You get what you pay for I guess.

  • geordan

    I just bought one I’m new into vaping im using 3ml nicotine what would be the best watts and voltage to set at?

    • Hi Geordan. It will depend on what tank your are using on your iStick and the resistance of the coil/atomizer in the tank. What are you using and then I can help you more.

    • Jeff Kelly

      I use the Kanger Subtank Nano with a 0.2 coil, and I’m vaping 6ml nic at 25 watt but that may be a little much. I’d say start at 15 watt and adjust up or down depending on your taste.

  • Robin Spears

    I just bought the Istick 50w and run a Eleaf Melo at 15 watts and the battery last me for 2 days is that good or should it last longer? I also have the 30w and the melo and it only last about 5 hours.

    • That’s not too bad. The battery is a lot bigger on the 50W so it should last a lot longer than the 30W!

  • Robin Spears

    Took 10 hours to charge the 50w. I’m not sure I’m going to like that. But I was using the wife’s charger by mistake, will have to run the battery down again and try my charger to see if it’s faster. 10 hour’s is not going to work for me!

    • It shouldn’t take 10 hours on the normal charger. Ours took 4 or so hours, not great, but not 10 hours! Any other questions let me know.

  • Robin Spears

    Thank you for the quick reply. It’s nice to have someone to ask questions, I’m new to all this vaping stuff.

  • Robin Spears

    The Istick 30w will charge in 2.5 hours just like Eleaf says it will.

  • Jeff Kelly

    Took 5 hrs to charge. Been vaping at 25w very heavy for 2 days and still fully charged. I just plug it in when I go to bed at night. I use the subtank nano.

    • Ours took quite long to charge and did not lost as long as a 4400mAh battery should. It over-fires quite a lot and it auto fires a bit. Not too impressed about the iStick 50W as I originally was. Will be changing the review asap.

      • Jeff Kelly

        I havent experienced any of that yet. Hopefully, you just got a faulty unit. I have had problems with the iTaste vv and MVP in the past.

      • Ross Reurink

        I haven’t had any over-fires or auto fires yet. I had a full battery 24 hours ago and the readout just now shows that it dipped below 100% charge and I’ve put about 6-8 ml of liquid through it.

  • Ross Reurink

    I’ve played around with lots of other smaller vapes and this Istick50W is the best I’ve used thus far. Tons of power, super long battery life, 4400 mAh pass through battery eliminates buying the awful disposable batteries, sleek design and awesome price! I coupled it with a aspire atlantis 2 and it’s working beautifully. Great system for anyone looking into buying a really solid startup vaping system!

  • Gal34

    I got my unit about a month and as half ago….I was pleased until about two weeks ago….it started auto firing…BAD! I couldn’t get it to stop! It wouldn’t turn off or anything…no response , no matter what I tried…..it auto fired for badly for about a day….now, I constantly get a “low power” message every time I try to fire it up….even tho it has a full battery. I have to press the button two to three times to get it to fire. SOOO NOT HAPPY!!!!
    I’ve tried three different tanks with it….doesn’t seem to make a difference.
    I need advice! Can u recommend something else? I don’t want to have to replace it every month or two…and I prefer at least 50w….I did like not having batteries….but will gladly take any recommendations into consideration…thanks!

    • I would not touch your iStick 50W if it is doing that sort of stuff. Just scrap it!

      Other 50Ws to consider: Vaporfi Vox 2 (expensive, but very solid and a 6 month warranty). Sigelei 50W (solid no frills device). Kanger Subox (I think this has to be purchased with the new black or white Subtank Mini).

      I hope those help!

      • Gal34

        Yeah… It “exploded” last night…. Piece of junk! Less than two months old:(

        • Gal34

          What about innokin mvp pro 3.0 pro? Any thoughts?

          • Ah yes I forgot about the MVP pro. We have one on the way, so I can’t comment on it yet. The Sigelei 75W temp control could be another option. I think its out very soon!

        • I thought that might happen, hence my warning. I hope you didn’t get injured!

          • Gal34

            No… Luckily, no injury…. I got it out of the house asap! Crazy! All the smoke and burning u could hear and smell coming from inside the unit…. 🙁 im done with that brand!

          • I am glad nothing happened – lucky! Let me know what you go with.

          • Gal34

            I’m picking up an Innokin MVP 3.0 Pro in a couple hours:) Hate paying so much more at a local place rather than ordering online, but I don’t want to wait on shipping 🙁
            Will let u know what I think of it:)
            Thanks again!

          • Thanks for the info! Good luck with the MVP 3 Pro and let us know how you get on!

          • Gal34

            Oh! Also, forgot to mention…. I called the shop where I purchased the istick 50…. They stated they have recently pulled them from the shelves due to similar issues amongst customers….

  • Michael Chåvez

    So I fell in a lake with my eleaf 50w and after 2 days of letting it dry out it still works flawlessly. I’m impressed. I’d like to move up to a sigali 150 with in time but for now this little box is nice.

    • Thanks for your comment Michael. That is Impressive stuff and wouldn’t have thought it would have survived! I would wait a bit for a 150W box mod, as I reckon Sigelei will be making a 150W with temp control soon. Or take a look at the IPV 4 100W: vaping360.com/ipv4-review-100w-temp-control-box-mod-pioneer4you-10-coupon-code/

  • Zack Leboeuf

    Is there a way to set the ohms?

    • Not quite sure what you mean, but the ohms is entirely dependent on the resistance of your atomizer/tank. You cannot set the ohms in any way, only wattage or voltage. Hope that helps!

  • A Rigbuy

    I have purchased this and several other items from this site, and my experience has always been positive. This mod in piticular has been great. I have used everything from tanks to sub-ohm drippers. I using dual parrell 26ga coils right now, and couldn’t be happier with the results. The battery lasts all day, and charges overnight. I have had zero problems with this product. http://www.arigbuy.com/electronic-cigarette/vv-vw/istick.html

  • Mark Marchesini

    I have yet to have any sort of problems with my (silver) 50W. I purchased a blue one (like the one shown above) first, but within the first week it fell into water and wouldn’t fire, even after leaving it to dry in white rice (has worked for iPhones and other electronic devices). My local shop is fucking awesome though, dude replaced it on the spot and returned it to his vendor. Since having the silver, I have had zero problems. I use the Aspire Atlantis 2 tank with it, and I have been supremely satisfied. Had it over a month now. Started with the 20W and decided to upgrade when I purchased the Atlantis 2. The battery has lasted between 3-5 days with intermittent use, and most times over 24 hours with chain usage. Two thumbs up, for sure.

    • Glad to hear its working for you Mark! The iStick 50W seems to be a hit and miss.

  • Tresea Hebert

    I purchased an Eleaf 50 and an Aspire Nautilus tank together, well lets just say the shop got the tank back within a wk. It leaked fluid and even with priming the coils for over 30 minutes the coils would burn within minutes. I then purchased an Aspire Atlantis 2. Using the .3 coils with my battery set on 40 my juice which is 70/30 would turn almost black within minutes and the entire tank and battery felt hot. I replaced my coil and changed my juice to 80/20, same result. I changed my coil to a .5 and dropped my watts to 25 and all is well.

    • AlpineNewt

      Hi Teresea,
      What power have you got the battery set to, it might be too high. I never go over 12 watts with the Nautilus, I have three of them and only have had problems when turning the power up too high.

  • Promoter

    I bought the iStick 50W a couple months ago, and purchased a Beast Silo sub-ohm tank a couple weeks ago. The vapor and hit are both excellent at low levels, but it seems to burn the liquid over 30W, leaving a terrible taste and burning hit. I switched out the pre-installed coil – assuming it was just burnt out – for the 1.2ohm coil, but that has not made much of a difference. Although I prefer to keep the mod at 30-35W, I would like to be able to take it up to 50 and still get a good hit, without the terrible burnt flavor. Do you know what could be causing this or if I should look into other coils?
    As for the auto-fire and locking problems others have mentioned, my iStick has not shown any of these problems.

  • Paul Stevenson

    I have recently purchased two of these iStick 50w’s. One I use with my Aspire Nautilus mini at 13w with mainly 50/50 pg/vg juices.
    The other one I am using with the new Aspire Triton, with their new 0.4 ohm coil, and 70/30 VG/PG juices, set at 35w (3.6v)
    I must say I’m very impressed so far.

  • Jimmy

    Funny thing is that it actually does have to 18 650 batteries in it however I recommend the EVIC VT product it is a much better by for the value and the quality

  • Elena

    Just dropped my Istick 50w on the ground once after only having it for two days and now it won’t turn on…. Pissed AF and worst ever ?

  • Tresea Hebert

    Okay, now that I have had and used my eleaf 50 watt battery for less than a month with my Atlantis two tank, the battery keeps saying low power even when fully charged. When its on the charger it shows full charge, as soon as I take it off the charger and put my tank on it, it says low power. getting very frustrated. Any suggestions I appreciate anything at this point.

    • Hi Tresea. I would try and take the iStick back to the shop you got it from. If it still gives you that error I would not use it, as it might do something silly (aka blow up). It seems the iSticks have been very hit and miss, with some working great and others not at all. Sorry to hear yours isn’t working!

    • Mike Hunt

      Get a real box mod, dump eleaf, i did

  • Jordi

    i have the VOX II 50w with a atlantis 2 sub ohm tank and its producing little to no vapor how can i fix it

    • Hi Jordi. What coil are you using on the Atlantis 2?

      • Jordi

        how can i check that?

        • The coil itself should have a resistance on it in ohms. You are most likely using the 0.3ohm coil which requires 70-80W.

          • Jordi

            yes i already checked it and it does

          • Yes change to the 0.5ohm coil as this will work well at 30W on your Vox 2!

          • Jordi

            thank you very much it works great now

          • No worries at all, enjoy your vape!

          • Jordi

            should i change it for the replacement one which is for 20-30w

          • Tyler

            That’s odd- I have an Atlantis II and have used all three coils(.3, .5, and 1ohm) on the istick 50, and never had an issue. 40-50 watts on the .3 always worked well for me.

          • Interesting, thanks for the feedback Tyler!

          • Bryce lampert

            Hey would a 0.2-1.5 ohm coil in the protank 2 on the istick 50w be able to handle above 20 watts preferably in wattage range of 25-50 watts

  • That’s very unfortunate Elena, sorry to hear. I guess you get what you pay for with the iStick.

  • Mike Hunt

    No, the istick is garbage, my first one lasted 3 months, got it replaced and three months later, all of the same issues, it’s a children’s toy.

    • Jared

      Guess somebody doesn’t know how to take care of their stuff. I guess anything can be a child’s toy if it’s treated like one d:

  • melody

    I have the 50 w for about 3 m now and its has a mind of its on just wondering if anyone has the same problems . I know a few people who have them and they all seem to have the same problem . For starters it will change the v/w on it on then it will just cut it self off when it wants .

    • Sadly the iStick 50W has some issues. If you read through the comments you will find that you are not the only one with issues.

  • Jules Cote’

    I’d just like to say what an excellent, informative source this website is. I have an immense appreciation for all the reviews and information made available here. I’ve already learned a fair amount by some of your articles, and was able to glean the information needed for upgrading to high watt mod and sub ohm tanks. Thanks for providing this website, you are doing the vape world a huge service.?

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Jules. We are working really hard to make the website better and better and have some excited stuff planned for the next few months! Thanks for your support 🙂

  • mup the irish

    i just got the 50w and the subtank plus but it keeps saying atomiser low and i dont know what to do

    • Check to see if the pin on the Subtank Plus is stuck. We had a similar issue with one of the tanks.

      • D.j. JohnDraisey

        How do you check to see if the Subtank is stuck and how do you see the ohms?

        • You can see if the pin is stuck if it is not raised, get a screwdriver and press against it a few times, if its springs back intro place it is not stuck.

    • Bryce lampert

      That means either your coil isnt making a good connection or the coil ohm is too low for the device

  • michael

    istick 50w is it safe to charge over night

    • Given the track record of this mod, I would not recommend it Michael.

  • Bryce lampert

    Hey i was wondering if 0.2-1.5 ohm coils on the protank 2 with the istick 50 watt be able to handle more the 20 watts preferably in the range of 25-50 watts as well?

    • Hi Bryce. You sure you mean the Protank 2? I haven’t heard of 0.2ohm coils for that tank.

      • Bryce lampert

        Yea i rebuild my coils i watched rip trippers on youtube build them but he builds 1.1 ohm coils but the istick can handle .2 and above so figured it would be fine to build .2 ohm coils and above

        • Bryce lampert

          There isnt .2 ohm coils you have to build them

        • Oh I see. Well the iStick can fire up to 50W and down to 0.2ohms so you should be fine.

          • Bryce lampert

            Yea i just need to make sure that i dont use 50 watts above 1.1 ohm coils

          • Bryce lampert

            I got another question so i put my newest rebuilt coil in and let it soak for a bit to get rid of gurgling so now the gurgling is gone but now all i get is burnt hits do i have too much cotton or too little and there isnt enough juice getting into the coil?

          • Hi Bryce. I am not an expert at rebuilding, but you will have to play around with different amounts of cotton. Make sure the cotton is reaching the juice. I’d re-watch the RIP vid you watched and see exactly how much he is using.

          • Bryce lampert

            Ok thanks

  • chris

    Ive had this device for months now, ive had no problem what so ever with it. Ive used a wide array of tanks on this device and all work perfectly. The UD Goblin Mini with a 24g 6 wrap reading .2ohms has to be my ultimate match for this device. Vapes like a dream.

    • Good to hear Chris!

      • chris

        Im looking to purchase a 100-200w box mod with temp funcionalitly, i cant seem to find any that really jump out to me. Have you got any suggestions?

        • Well if you want a DNA 200 (Evolv chip), the Vaporshark, Lavabox and Hotcig DX200 look like good options. Other non DNA 200s include IPV3 Li, Sig 150W, Koopor Plus & SMOK X-Cube 2. The non DNA 200s will be a lot cheaper. Sigelei have two new 200W TC boxes coming soon, so might be worth taking a look at one of them.

          Its overwhelming right now with the amount of new mods, so have a read around and watch a few Youtube vids before buying anything. Hope that helps!

          • chris

            Yes thanks alot mate, very usefull information. I want a dna200 to be honest just dont want to pay the price tag. But ill keep looking.

          • Ecig.com have the VT200 for about $126 right now, but I think as they are offering it for such a low price, the warranty is voided. Still worth looking at if price is an issue. Here is the link: http://vaping360.com/link/vt-200-ecig-com/

          • Chris Mannion

            they make a dna200 with a joyetech chip instead of the evolv chip. its called the Wismec Realeaux Rx200. I bought mine off amazon for $65, with a uwell crown .25 dual coil sitting on top its the best setup i have

        • Darrell

          I just got the Wismec Realeaux Rx200 with the joyetech chip in it. it is alot like the DNA 200 with the new upgrade 3.0 it is easier to use then the DNA 200. and it does all of the wires and now you can go into the memorie 1,2 and 3 and tweek the temp. and its alot cheaper then the DNA 200 got mine from vaperoyalty.com for 38.00 dollars plus shipping.

  • Sarah Frances

    Hi! I found this review as I was searching to see if anyone had the same problems as I am experiencing w my Eleaf 50w and Kanger sub tank nano. Right now I have it set to 18 and it’s not burning, but anytime I go much higher, it without a doubt burns. I get awful smoke like hits that make me choke. At first I thought it was because the juice was low, (hadn’t realized when I went to grab it off my nightstand) and the coil had burnt from being dryer than usual. After countless failed attempts to correct every would be mistake, many,many, coils later, and a vape that is very lackluster unless you want to feel like you are inhaling campfire smoke- I’m still trying to figure out why this is happening. My bf has the mini on the same box, and doesn’t have any issues. Neither of us vape very high, but at least at 25w. I had him take my eleaf on his rant for a day, and again no problems. I’m wondering if the tank is just too small for a 50 w tank? (didn’t want or need but lost my 30 somehow and shops were all the rage and stocked w them at the time)
    The obvious difference between the Kanger nano and the mini is size, but also airflow. The nano has one valve, while the mini has two. Could this be an issue? Obviously Kanger makes high watt mods, however, the devices are meant to go together. I’m just really tired of this nonsense. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you. 🙂

    • Michael Buckley

      I see your problem two very big ones.
      They say dont use a sub tank with this mod.
      And dont use a nano.

      Maybe your bf has gotten lucky but people have said this a lot.

      • edwardjdarlow

        It is known!

    • Dianna Horne

      i use the same. it works fine for me on 16.0W.
      i read somewhere that around 15 is the sweet spot. i was using 25.0W with no problem but switched and i have more flavor and bigger clouds for some reason.

      also read above… i had an issue after changing to a new drip tip. evidently i pushed too hard and my box shut off.

      i put it on charge with the usb and immediately it came back on and said atomizer short circuit.
      i left it alone for a few seconds and the message cleared and it started working again.

      it has been working fine since.
      i just said that to let you and others know to be very gentle with the tank.

      the tip that came with it goes on super easy. my new one required a hard push. i guess i better leave it on or take the tank off before changing tips.

  • Sara

    Would this be suitable to use with a Kabuki 510?

  • 2cent Jason

    what would be the better coil to use with a silo beast and this mod, a .5ohm coil or a .2ohm coil?

    • You will be able to get the most out of the 0.5 coil. You would need a higher wattage mod to get the most out of the 0.2 coil, but it will still work.

  • Angie

    will the Starre Pro Sub Ohm tank work with the I Stick 50 watt mod box ? Is the I stick 50 watt a temperature control mod ? Will the Starre Pro Sub Ohm work with the Innokin I Taste MVP 3 , 30 watt box ? Is that mod box a temperature control mod ?

  • Rachel Jorgenson-Childers

    I am having different issues with my iStick 50W. The battery completely died and now I can not get it to turn on again. Yes I charged it, pushed the vapor button 5 times and still nothing. Please Please help me out with some advice on how to remedy this. I do not want to cave and smoke a cigarette. Thanks

    • Do you get any feedback from the device whatsoever? Seems like the LiPo has died.

    • Dianna Horne

      i had this prob after changing my drip tip. the screen turned off and it wouldn’t come back on. finally i put it on to charge with the usb and immediately it came back to life. out didn’t need charging so i unplugged it.
      when i went to use it it said atomizer short circuit and wouldn’t fire of course. i left it alone for a moment and the message went away and it is working fine again.

      evidently i pushed too hard trying to put the new tip on. the one that comes with it goes on super easy.
      the new one is on now and its back to working fine.

      i will be more gentle from now on. hope i haven’t injured it.

      oh in case it matters i have a kanger top tank nano.

    • Brett Jennings

      If u just bought it, return it… It has a warranty

  • crossyz

    Rachel Jorgenson-Childers and
    Dianna Horne—-> check the pin on the 510 connection may be jammed in so its not connecting properly

  • Derrick

    WARNING!!! If you buy this eleaf 50watt device be ready to replace it and buy another in 4 or 5 months not only do the firing buttons ware out quick but it will also start to misfire and not work my suggestion is spend the extra ? money and get yourself the new provari radius every provari i have bought still works perfectly the one i have is 4 years old! American made is built to last the provari is made by a company called provape wich is in the usa…..

  • Kathleen Finley

    I have the eLeaf istick 50 am I’m pretty happy overall and normally vape at about 30W. The issue is here that I’m going thru juice like crazy! You think I vaped in my sleep. So my Q is…is your wattage proportionate to the amount of juice you are using?

    • Normally depends on quite a few things such as: airflow, coil size, wattage, VG/PG ratio and resistance of your coil. If you use a sub ohm tank over a standard clearomizer you will use more eliquid. Subohm tanks use larger coils and lower resistance thus using more airflow to keep the coil cool, all in all if you would like to use less eliquid I suggest getting a higher resistance coil/tank.

      • Kathleen Finley

        Ok I try to keep my airflow minimal; coil is a .5, vape at 25-30 watts generally using max VG juice. I’m using an Ego One tank. What tank would you recommend Alex?

        • I highly recommend the Innokin iSub series, the G and the S are fantastic tanks with great flavor at low wattages. The Kanger Subtank (TopTank) series is great for low wattage as well.

          • Kathleen Finley

            Mucho Gracias Alex! I will definitely check this out at my vape shop.

          • De nada! Good luck! 🙂

    • Brett Jennings

      Coils and wattage both affect how much juice u use. The new dual ,triple and even quadruple coils really suck down the juice! Try setting your variable volts at 3.8 and that should give you the Max amount of juice relief!

  • Aidan Wong

    I’ve had the eLeaf Istick 50w and the IsubG since last autumn and I’m planning to move to an RDA setup with the Istick 50w, are there any coil wire that you recommend? im currently running a 0.5 Ohm coil sitting between 26 to 32 Watts depending on the E-Liquid I use, the RDA’s Im currently looking at are the Mutilator, Black Widow, Baal and Black Horse

  • Phallon Rivenbark Justino

    Can I use a eleaf istick 50w with a kanga mega, mini or pro tank II? With what looks like a 2.0 wick??

  • Catt

    I have a crown tank with a .05 dual ohm coil on a Eleaf 59w tank. What should I be burning at ? I’m burning my coils out every 2 days it’s so frustrating !!! Help please

    • Brett Jennings

      Your running too hot man… Set the variable volts at 3.8 and leave it! Your coils will last at least a week this way.

    • Josh Lyons

      I haven’t burnt my coils out that fast but when I was getting a burnt taste every once running my Tobeco Mini Super Tank with .2 ohm coils I just set it at 34.5 watts and haven’t had an issue since.

  • Esh

    I’m getting a burnt taste when smoking through the tank…like the battery or something is burning when firing …what do You think ?

    • Brett Jennings

      Your running it too hot! Set it on 3.8 volts and u should be good.

    • Josh Lyons

      I had that issue when running my Tobeco Mini Super Tank with .2 ohm coils so I set it at 34.5 watts and haven’t had an issue since.

  • K-v Anya

    I had mine for 4 months, all of a sudden it started playing up, the display’s working but it won’t let me inhale anything, i tried 5 clicks in case i accidently locked it still waste of time. Frustrating!!!

  • Josh Lyons

    I just bought mine recently and run a Tobeco Mini Super Tank with .2 ohm coils. I was getting that burnt taste every once in a while so I set it a 34.5 watts which solved that issue and now it works great. Overall I love it. I’ve noticed comments from people saying theirs stopped working around 4-5 months and honestly if that happened to me it really wouldn’t bother me that much because of the price. I bought mine at a shop for $50 and can find them on eBay for $30 which is relatively inexpensive for something that could last me anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 a year or much longer as other people’s have.

  • NerdAtHeart

    This battery is not that good. I had it paired with a Triton 2 tank and if your juice leaks the button will stick causing multiple unsolicited hits. I wasn’t aware of this problem until I woke up one morning with an empty tank, the battery wouldn’t turn on and the coil had burnt through the cotton. I replaced the coil and charged the mod. once i put the tank back on the mod, it auto fired and burnt another coil. To solve my curiosity I took the mod apart. The inside was caked with juice and the buttons were all sticking causing it to randomly fire. But hey, up until it didn’t work, it worked just fine…