Eleaf Lemo Drip Preview

The Eleaf Lemo Drip is the company's first RDA. After several serviceable sub-ohm tanks, Eleaf hopes to expand its reach through its first dripping atomizer.

Eleaf Lemo Drip
Eleaf Lemo Drip

And Now For Something Completely Different

The Eleaf Lemo Drip is the company’s first RDA and takes the name of the venerable Lemo line. While Eleaf makes a number of quality vaping products that are affordable, most vapers know it from the Lemo series of sub-ohm tanks. The company is hoping to attract new vapers and retain existing customers with its first dripper.

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Eleaf Lemo Drip Specs and Features

Eleaf Lemo Drip disassembled

Here are the official features and specs of the Eleaf Lemo Drip.

  • Dimensions: 47 x 23 millimeters
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Thread Type: 510 thread
  • Color: Silver

My, You're a Tall Drink of Water

Eleaf Lemo Drip deck
Eleaf Lemo Drip deck

The most noticeable aspect of the Eleaf Lemo Drip is its height. With a height of 47 millimeters, this RDA is as tall as several sub-ohm tanks. Looking at it, you’d think that Eleaf took the base from one of its tanks and slapped a dripper cap on top of it. Its dimensions are…unusual for a dripper.

Under the hood, there are some interesting aspects to this atomizer. The deck is fairly unobstructed, which should make building relatively easy. The deck type kind of seems like a cruder version of the one found on the Aria Terminus. Intermediate to advanced builders should have no problem building on this RDA.

The Eleaf Lemo Drip's height and chamber size seem strange for a 2016 RDA.

The airflow setup looks to favor cloud chasers over flavor fiends. Between the generous airflow slots and the atypically large chamber, the Lemo Drip should allow for a ton of airflow. Even if you minimized the intake, the chamber is so large that I can’t imagine this dripper providing great flavor. That isn’t to say it produces bad flavor; it’s just clear that the atomizer was designed with airflow as the priority.

Eleaf’s first attempt at a dripper seems a bit funky. The height and chamber size seem strange for a 2016 RDA. That said, it could be a decent choice for cloud chasers that want a big and inexpensive atomizer with strong cloud potential. What do you think of the Eleaf’s first RDA? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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