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Eleaf Melo
Eleaf Melo

Eleaf Melo Intro

In this article we take a look at the new sub ohm tank by Eleaf, called the Melo. We have reviewed the Kanger Subtank, Aspire Atlantis and Joyetech Delta 2 thus far, so I was interested to see how the Eleaf Melo would stack up against these already impressive sub ohm tanks (subohmizers). I’ll try highlight what makes the Eleaf Melo stand out and why you should buy it over the other tanks.

Eleaf, if you don’t know them already, is a Chinese manufacturer famous for their iStick mini box mods. Their mini box mods have been a massive success, so I was excited to see how their sub ohm clearomizer would perform.

Eleaf have opted to come in at a much lower price point than the other sub ohm tanks and the Melo costs just $19.99 at most online vape shops.


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PRODUCT Specs and Features

Eleaf Melo Kit Content
Eleaf Melo Kit Content
  • 1× MELO Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1× MELO Atomizer Tube
  • 2× MELO 0.5 Ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1× MELO Atomizer Base
Eleaf Melo Disassembled
Eleaf Melo Disassembled
  • Optimized vertical coil structure and sizing for performance, wicking, and durability
  • Stainless Steel construction with knurled accents for style and additional grip
  • High quality glass tank is paired with a stylistic and functional glass drip tip
  • 5 ml High Capacity Tank
  • Recommended usage at 20-30W
  • Top level vapor and flavor production
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Affordable without sacrificing build quality or performance
  • Parameter:
  • Diameter: 22.3mm
  • Length: 67.3mm
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Color: silver
  • Working wattage: 20W-30W
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Resistance: 0.5ohm

Notable Remarks


So this is probably the biggest difference between the Melo and the other sub ohm tanks. The Melo only costs $19.99 compared to the Subtank Mini ($37), Aspire Atlantis ($35) and the Delta 2 ($33). For someone who is looking to purchase a sub ohm tank on a budget, the Melo will be absolutely perfect. It is considerably cheaper and as far as I can tell so far, doesn’t forgo on quality.

For those looking for a sub ohm clearomizer on a budget, then the Melo is a good choice. It could also be a good choice for those who have never used a sub ohm tank before and want to try one out, without spending an extra $15.

For the quality of the tank and the flavour and vapor production, I was very impressed by its price point – a good move by Eleaf.

Organic Cotton Coils

So there was much talk surrounding the mysterious ceramic material used on the original Atlantis heads (I believe they are now being switched to cotton). If you read our Joyetech Delta 2 review, you’ll also know that Joyetech were using a weird man made glass fiber material as well. In all honesty this put me off both the Atlantis and the Delta 2, so I am very glad that Eleaf decided to use organic cotton with the Melo.

Coils Interchangeable with the Atlantis Coils

Eleaf Melo Aspire Coil vs Melo Coil
Eleaf Melo Aspire Coil vs Melo Coil

So it seems the Melo coils are very similar to the Atlantis coils and you can interchange these between your two devices. They are almost identical, bar the airflow holes being slightly lower on the Melo coils. As mentioned above the Melo coils are also organic cotton whereas the Atlantis ones contain a mystery ceramic material. You’ll also need to be careful when putting Atlantis coils in the Melo tank. Make sure that the air flow holes remain uncovered. With both sets of coils you need to make sure the airflow holes are aligned with the bottom of the chimney in the tank. If they are covered you will get dry hits (eww)!

Easy to Fill 3.5ml Tank

On the Delta II I found the tank a little tricky to fill without a needle type e-liquid bottle. The Melo on the other hand has a nice wide gap, which makes filling it really easy. The Melo also comes with a 3.5ml tank which is larger than the Atlantis, the same as the Delta 2 and slightly smaller than the Subtank Mini. The tank also didn’t leak at all which was a big plus.

Great Flavour and Vapor Production


Eleaf Melo on the iStick 30W

So I would say the flavor is better than the Atlantis, but not quite as good as the Subtank mini. It’s really difficult to say for sure and you might feel differently to me on this. The vapor production was immense, and perhaps outperforms all the others in this respect (again just my observation).

The sweet spot for me on the Melo was around 28W. The recommended range is from 20-30W, but 28W was just right for me. I have heard of some vaping the Melo above 30W without any issues. The wattage range means that the Melo will work perfectly with box mods like the Cloupor Mini, Innokin MVP 3.0 and the Eleaf 30W. *Update: I tried the Melo on 35W and I got a couple of dry hits, so I wouldn’t recommend using it above the 30W guideline.

The cotton wicking also worked brilliantly without any dry hits, at 28W and with a 70% VG e-liquid (I was using Driptonic Miss Samoa)


Airflow Holes Need to be Aligned Correctly

Eleaf Melo
Eleaf Melo

As mentioned above you need to make sure you align those airflow holes, so they are not covered by the chimney. If they are covered you will get some nasty dry hits!

Airflow Quite Stiff

The airflow options on the Melo allow for good airflow, as you would expect on a sub ohm tank. My only gripe is that changing/turning the airflow when you have your tank on a device is quite tricky. This is because it’s quite stiff making it difficult to turn. If you try and do so when you have your Melo on a device, you end up untwisting the whole tank. It’s nothing major but a little annoyance. I also found unscrewing the tank to refill, was quite tough as it is quite tightly put together. This does mean though, that it doesn’t leak at all which is great!

Plasticky Taste to Begin With

I haven’t heard of anyone else having this issue, so perhaps it was just our tank. The first 10 vapes or so had a slight plastic aftertaste to them. I am not sure if this was from the glass drip tip or the coil itself, but it tasted like plastic. It did disappear after 10 or so inhalations, so perhaps it was just the new coil or something. Did anyone else have this? Maybe I should I have cleaned out the tank before?

Build Up in the Drip Tip

I love the look of the Glass drip tip on the Melo, but after constant usage, it starts to acquire a little build-up of e-juice. It isn’t anything major, but it just looks a bit ugly and will need cleaning every now and then.


The Melo like the Atlantis, doesn’t come with an RBA and they don’t sell one separately either. If RBAs are your thing the Melo won’t be for you.


For its low price point, there is not a lot to complain about at all with the Melo. It is right up there, performance wise, with the more expensive sub ohm tanks and costs nearly 50% less! This makes it the ideal tank for those who want to try out sub ohm vaping for the first time or for vapers on a budget.

It only comes with the 0.5ohm heads so you will need a device that is capable of sub ohming. The Melo also won’t be suitable for those who like tighter draws and like to mouth inhale. The Melo will need to be lung inhaled, so bear this in mind if you haven’t done this before.

Overall we were really impressed with the Eleaf Melo, especially given its cheap price. I think it does everything the Atlantis does and does it better, for almost half the price. I still think that the Subtank Mini is better for flavor and is a slightly better all-round tank, but I would expect that for the extra $17 you will have to pay.

On a budget or want to try sub ohm vaping for the first time, then get yourself an Eleaf Melo!


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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