GForce Vapor Earth Mod V2 Preview & Interview

GForce Vapor CEO Gabriel Gonzalez talks to Vaping360 about the Earth Mod v2, a hybrid mechanical box mod that uses a powerful lithium-polymer battery.


GForce Vapor Dares to Be Different

The Earth Mod v2 from GForce Vapor is an atypical 2016 vaping device. While most hardware manufacturers are releasing regulated devices to entice vaping enthusiasts, GForce Vapor went in the other direction. The Earth Mod v2 is a mechanical box mod. Beyond that, it’s a hybrid device with an integrated lithium-polymer battery. In addition to resembling TARDIS from Doctor Who, I love that the Earth Mod v2 dares to be different. Learn more about it in my chat with GForce Vapor CEO Gabriel Gonzalez above, with additional details below.

Earth Mod V2 Specs

GForce Vapor Earth Mod v2
GForce Vapor Earth Mod v2

Before I get into my thoughts on the Earth Mod v2, here are the official specs from the company.

  • The industry’s first Lithium Polymer Mechanical Box Mod
  • The industry’s first Hybrid Mechanical Box Mod
  • Integrated positive and negative silver plated stainless steel posts with
  • 3 mm holes — build away #coilporn #artists
  • All-in-one design — Atomizer, Battery, and Mod all packaged together for a complete, one stop, vaping experience
  • Custom magnetic top cap with integrated mouthpiece that will also accept 510 drip tips
  • 4000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • MicroUSB charging port — 2A charging
  • Pure silver internal wiring for the lowest possible voltage drop
  • 80 AMP continuous draw from the battery
  • 195 AMP rated MOSFET for Safety & Button Protection
  • Antivandal Button to Prevent Accidental Firing

Power Level Over 9,000!

GForce Vapor Earth Mod v2 Radiant Orchid
GForce Vapor Earth Mod v2 Radiant Orchid

As you can tell from its specs, the Earth Mod v2 is a potentially powerful mod. As with all unregulated vaping devices, the experience depends on the build. Adding to the Earth Mod v2’s power potential is its silver wiring, silver plating, and high-amp battery. In the right hands and with the right build, this box mod offers wicked power levels.

Aesthetically, I’m a sucker for anything that resembles TARDIS. Seeing each of the Earth Mod v2’s four colors in person, I’m partial towards the Radiant Orchid model. The purple color reminds me of the late, great Prince.

Even more than the mod itself, I’m thrilled that GForce Vapor has released a product that’s quite different from all the me-too mods on the market. In a vast sea of temperature-control box-mods, the Earth Mod v2 stands out.

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  • Mirza

    Man when I saw those colors it reminded me on 90s transformers figures. I’m for plastic it’s cheaper, lighter and no paint chipping but they could invest more into molds it looks cheap molded. I’m maybe noob for you guys but the well could be deeper or there could be gasket added so the upper rim on body stays cleaner. LiPo why not hopefuly the body secures those fragile little suckers that are burning like hell.

    • I totally agree on adding a gasket. The deck of the Earth Mod can get messy.