Youde Goblin Mini RTA Review

UD Goblin Mini
UD Goblin Mini

Youde Goblin Mini Intro

Today I will be taking a look at the goblin mini RTA by Youde technologies. This short stubby RTA bucks the trend from most tanks on the market at the moment. Below I go into more detail about the goblin mini from UD.

Youde Goblin Mini Specs and Features

UD Goblin Mini Package Content
UD Goblin Mini Package Content
  • 1 x Goblin Mini Tank
  • 1 x Spare pyrex glass
  • 1 x Spare glass drip tip
  • 1 x User manual


The goblin mini from UD tech came nicely packaged. The box is small and compact with the goblin mini logo on the top lid; the logo is quite large which let down the professional feel of the box in my opinion. Inside the tank is protected by a thick foam insert.

UD Goblin Mini Disassembled
UD Goblin Mini Disassembled
  • Height – 28.6mm (without drip tip)
  • Width – 22mm
  • Capacity – 3ml

Notable Remarks

Using the Youde Goblin Mini

UD Goblin Mini
UD Goblin Mini

The goblin mini is a small stubby RTA; this doesn’t take away from the vape quality of the device. In fact I think it enhances the flavour of your e-juices due to a shorter chamber and chimney section.

The concept of the RTA is not a new one however I would not recommend this device to any of you who haven’t used RTA’s before. Unfortunately the build deck is on the smaller side which makes builds significantly harder to install. Also due to the small build deck your coils will have to be wrapped around a smaller drill bit/screwdriver. For those of you, who like me, like those big 3mm coils and bigger this device isn’t for you! Another flaw in the device is the airflow.

The actual airflow is fine; plenty large enough to compete with many other RTA’s at the moment however the adjustment system is a complete pain. Having the slider on the underside of the device means that adjusting airflow whilst it is on your mod is near on impossible. This is such a shame as in my opinion it was a needless diversion away from the classic and working afc ring style airflow control.

Quality control of the Youde Goblin Mini

I was very impressed with the quality of the UD Goblin Mini; all the threads were buttery smooth and very little machine oil in the tank. No burrs on the postholes and everything felt well manufactured. The postholes are relatively large for RTA’s however you wont be able to fit any crazy builds in there! I was kindly sent some Clapton wire with the Goblin Mini which just about fit in the postholes.



UD Goblin Mini Pin View
UD Goblin Mini Pin View

The style of the device really appealed to me, the short stubby shape really worked with my smaller mods, unlike most RTA’s and sub ohm tanks which dwarf my mods! I also really liked the fact that there was minimal metal on show; the glass exterior really caught my eye and looks different from other tanks.


Despite the small size the Goblin Mini from UD still manages to maintain a respectable 3ml e-juice capacity, which is still a good amount of e-juice. I find I can vape for a good day without needing to fill up this RTA.


The flavour from this RTA is one of the best I have experienced. It is by far the best RTA for flavour I have used and is close to some of my drippers. I think the Goblin Mini has such good flavour because of the short chimney section and short chamber, which gives that great flavour.


Small build deck

UD Goblin Mini Disassembled (Deck Open)
UD Goblin Mini Disassembled (Deck Open)

I really am not a fan of the build deck on the Goblin Mini; I find it too small to fit any real good builds in and I think this limits the potential of the tank. A slightly bigger deck would allow for some awesome flavour builds which would make this device almost unbeatable!

Airflow adjustment

UD Goblin Mini Bottom Airflow Control
UD Goblin Mini Bottom Airflow Control

The airflow adjustment really bugged me. I like the actual airflow coming from below the coil however the sliders on the bottom of the tank make it almost impossible to adjust the airflow whilst the tank is on your mod. Why UD did this is beyond me and just annoys me every time I think about it or use the Goblin Mini.


The Goblin Mini from UD has the potential to be a really great RTA. Fantastic flavour and decent cloud production puts this on par or above most other RTA’s on the market. However a couple of little issues like the small build deck restrict the Goblin’s ability to fulfil its potential. Small builds mean low watts and therefore you have to tailor your builds to this device. If you can manage that and get past the annoying airflow you’ll have a fantastic RTA on your hands. However if your looking to get into RTA’s this device will, unfortunately, leave you infuriated.

Sam Bass-Cooper
Sam is a UK Based reviewer currently studying applied sports science at university. Vaping for over 2 years and with a passion to keep vaping alive his enthusiasm and desire to help others get the best experience comes across in his reviews. A sport loving aspiring athlete with a particular interest in Pole Vaulting.