Greensmoke E-Vapor Kit review

A mainstay in our industry, Greensmoke has been around since the early days. They have continued to be a great help to smokers looking for an alternative.


Greensmoke E-Vapor Kit Intro

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Green Smoke is one of America’s first and most popular e-cigarette companies. Sam Capuano founded the company in Miami, Florida in 2008 as an answer to increasing regulations forcing smokers into designated outdoor areas. The products quickly became known and sold worldwide.

Green Smoke’s goals are to innovate and utilize technological advancements to provide an electronic product that appeals to smokers looking for a the size and shape of a cigarette, that also produces a similar feeling, minus all the known issues with smoking.

This review will be about the Green Smoke EVapor Kit I recieved along with some different flavor cartridges for the purpose of this review.

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Greensmoke E-Vapor Gallery

PRODUCT Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 3 batteries (long)
  • Two 5 packs of cartridges (Classic
  • 2.4% or 24 mg/mL)
  • One classic carrying case
  • One USB rapid charger
  • One wall adapter
  • One car adapter

Notable Remarks

Performance: vapor and flavor

The vapor you can get from a Green Smoke cigalike is on par with the smoke from a cigarette. But you can take lighter puffs, or larger ones. You are in control. The largely odorless vapor you blow out is all determined by how long you draw on it.

But this is not a vape device that is meant to win awards with vapor production, it is a device that can almost seamlessly help a smoker transition to a better alternative. So you can take light puffs for a brief second and blow out next to nothing — and you can still feel the pleasure.

In a place where you can’t smoke but you want a fix? give yourself the green light! Puff away.

The Green Smoke cartridges are available in five flavors: Classic, Signature Red, Southern Gold, Menthol Ice and Smooth Cream. The Classic, Signature Red and Southern Gold are familiar American tobacco blends. The Signature Red emulates the bolder taste of Marlboro cigarettes, and this is the flavor I most wanted as a new vaper because those are the brand of cigarettes I smoked. The Classic is a very straight forward tobacco flavor, while the Southern Gold is mellower. At this stage in my vaping I have been enjoying the Smooth Cream the most as I don’t particularly vape tobacco flavors anymore, but I know many smokers looking to switch to vaping want to simulate the taste of their favorite brand of cigarettes.

All cartridges are only available in 2.4% nicotine (24 mg/mL).

Design and Functionality


The Green Smoke e-cig is designed to strongly resemble a tobacco cigarette in the “100” length. The batteries are white like most paper wrappers on the genuine product with a beige cartridge that emulates the filter’s look. The end lights up with a green LED when the user draws on it (so no one will mistake it for the real thing).

Ease of use is a primary asset to the Green Smoke vaporizer. Each cartridge contains a green rubber plug on each end. Simply pull on the plugs to remove them and then screw the cartridge onto the battery. The Green Smoke batteries are automatic, so they will heat the coil in the cartridge as the user draws in vapor without any button presses.

Vaping a Green Smoke e-cigarette is similar to smoking a tobacco one. Aside from being heavier since most of it is a battery, the length and diameter is similar. Likewise the user holds it in the hand the same way. The draw will be very familiar to smokers; a tight pull into the mouth and then inhaled into the lungs (called a Mouth to Lung, or MTL draw in vaping).

Battery Life

Battery life on these kinds of e-cigs (cigalikes) is rather short compared to big e-cig batteries. The long batteries I received with my Green Smoke E-Vapor Kit are rated at 270 mah and we estimate they are good for approximately 275 puffs before needing to be recharged.

New vapers, especially those who have just quit smoking tend to vape a lot so one battery may not get you through a work day. Luckily the kit contains three batteries because I am estimating that you will need two of them to make it through work, and that will leave you a third to use while the others are charging.


  • Pleasurable draw/inhal
  • Closely mimcs smoke output from a cigarette
  • Green light won’t let anyone confuse with the real thing
  • Long-standing product in our industry
  • Smooth Cream is really tasty


  • Short battery life
  • Only 5 flavors
  • A bit too heavy to hold in your mouth like you can a cigarette


The Green Smoke E-Vapor Kit has the look and hand feel of a cigarette, and vaping it simulates the smoking experience. Current smokers hoping to retain the appearance and experience of a cigarette will appreciate those attributes. Vapers looking for a small, stealth device for certain situations might also take a look.

One tip I offer is that once you have determined what flavor(s) you enjoy is to buy the replacement cartridges in bulk to save some money. And be sure to have an extra battery with you at all times in case you need it.

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