Hadaly RDA preview (Psyclone Mods)

The Hadaly RDA from Psyclone Mods has a great chance at being the best rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) for flavor released in 2016.

Hadaly RDA and Caps

Hadaly, celebrate

The Hadaly RDA is an upcoming rebuildable dripping atomizer from Psyclone Mods. The company is known for its high-quality Evo DNA 200 box mod. When the Hadaly RDA was teased, many enthusiast vapers were intrigued by its potential as an outstanding flavor atomizer — and with good reason. On paper, this should be one of the best RDAs for flavor released in 2016. Here’s a closer look.

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Hadaly RDA features and specs

Here are the features and specs for the Hadaly RDA.

  • Diameter: 22 millimeters
  • Stainless steel construction
  • PEEK insulator
  • Delrin drip tip and bottom-feeder pin for squonking
  • Two-post deck with coil-clamping system

Supreme flavor, intelligent design

Hadaly RDA deck

In some ways, the Hadaly RDA reminds me of a more sensible version of the NarDA by NarMods. In Vaping360’s review of the NarDA, Kyle Formeck noted that it has the, “Best flavor I’ve ever experienced with an RDA.” The Hadaly RDA appears to have fantastic flavor potential while being even easier to build on.

The deck of the Hadaly atomizer looks best for single-coil builds. It uses a clamp system, which was popularized by 528 Custom’s Goon RDA. The chief difference is that the Psyclone Mods atty uses one screw per clamp instead of two screws. This makes sense, since the chamber of the atomizer is relatively small in order to provide concentrated flavor; two screws would have been unwieldy and certainly unnecessary for single-coil builds. One advantage of using clamps instead of screws, like the NarDA uses, is that the atomizer can accommodate thick wire. This makes the Hadaly RDA appropriate for Clapton coils, alien coils, and other ornate wire.

The Hadaly RDA has two air holes under the positive post and two under the negative post. The cap can be used to adjust airflow. As you inhale, the air is drawn to the center of the atomizer, right where the coil sits. Combined with the reduced chamber, the airflow design should optimize flavor.

Psyclone Mods appears to have a huge winner on its hands with the Hadaly RDA.

Psyclone Mods has a number of caps available for the Halady RDA. There stainless steel, clear, clear Ultem, and black caps available. Between the various cap color and material choices, you’ll be able to accessorize nicely. While I’m usually not big on clear Ultem (the color reminds me of a smoker’s teeth), it looks handsome on this atomizer.

Psyclone Mods appears to have a huge winner on its hands with the Hadaly RDA. The company released a small run a few weeks ago and the customer reviews have been ecstatic. Some have even claimed that the Hadaly RDA outperforms the NarDA in terms of flavor. Considering the outstanding reputation of that atomizer, that’s an impressive accomplishment. Psyclone Mods will be giving this highly-anticipated atomizer a full release in mid-October. Any of you excited for it?

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    Got my (pre) order in! I can’t wait to see how this compares to the O-Atty.

    • Just pre-ordered two :p