IJOY CIGPET ECO12 Tank preview | A tank that performs at 400W

The CIGPET ECO12 is a super-tank capable of handling.



Vaping at 400 watts is a bit much, don’t ya think? Well, the designers at CIgpet don’t think so.

A division of iJoy, CIGPET is apparently attempting to corner the market on high-watt super-tanks, but they have a lot of competition. The TFV12, MAXO V12 or MELO 300 might give them a run for their money. Or maybe it will be the other way around.

Let’s take a quick look at what this tank is about.

IJOY CIGPET ECO12 Tank Gallery

IJOY CIGPET ECO12 Tank Specs and features


  • Capacity 6.5 ml
  • Diameter 28 mm
  • Optional ECO-RTA Deck features in 4 different fun builds
  • Optional ECO-T14 coil (0.12ohm / 60-360W)
  • Optional ECO-T16 coil (0.11ohm / 60-400W)
  • The smoothest airflow combined with the best flavor
  • Cloud vapor
  • Adjustable Airflow

Kit content

  • 1x ECO12 TANK
  • 1x ECO-T12 Coil 0.12 ohm(60-350W)
  • 1x ECO-Q4 Coil 0.15 ohm(60-180W)
  • 1x Extra Glass
  • 1x O-Rings
  • 1x Warranty card

Duodenary, tetra-decimal and hexadecimal coil heads (oh my!)


As of right now, we only know the CIGPET ECO12 holds 6.5mL of juice. It is 28mm in diameter, much like the IJOY MAXO V12. But here is the crazy part. The various coil heads are available in the duodenary, tetra-decimal, and hexadecimal variety. What the hell does that even mean?

It means there are a LOT of little coils stuffed into these tiny coil heads. Actually they are not so tiny, which explains why they have 12, 14 and 16 coils in them. You haven’t vaped until you’ve vaped on 16 coils at once… Not really, but imagine what it would be like? Clouds for days, bro.

One thing I find quite amusing is how CIGPET lists one of the ECO12’s specs as “cloud vapor”. They are claiming for this sub ohm tank to be perfect for cloud chasing, but also great for flavor. The jury is still out on that one, and there’s only one way to find out so stay tuned for our review.

Innovate or die


The CIGPET ECO12 also offers a wide variety of coil-heads, including a rebuildable section. I’m not sure which other brand coil heads it will be compatible with but we will get to the bottom of it. The ECO12 also comes in stainless, black and rainbow, each with a funky, custom resin drip-tip.

I mean, there is no other logical explanation than CIGPET spotted a trend and jumped on it. The question remains whether this tank is anywhere near the level of quality that the big boys offer. If it performs well at 400W, then it might be a winner. All I can say is, “dat drip tip doe….”

I don’t have much experience with CIGPET’s products, but it turns out they are actually a division of IJOY. What do y’all think about the CIGPET ECO12?

Dave Kriegel
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