iJoy Limitless XL Tank Preview

iJoy and Limitless team up once more for a rebuildable tank atomizer that should satisfy both cloud chasers and flavor fiends -- the iJoy Limitless XL Tank.

iJoy Limitless XL Tank
iJoy Limitless XL Tank

The Dynamic Duo Returns!

The partnership between iJoy and Limitless has produced some fascinating vaping products. Vaping360 has already covered the iJoy Limitless RDTA and iJoy Limitless LUX. The dynamic duo’s latest collaborative effort is the iJoy Limitless XL Tank. It’s an RTA with excellent potential to satisfy both cloud chasers and flavor aficionados alike.

iJoy Limitless XL Tank Features and Specs

iJoy Limitless XL Tank kit contents
iJoy Limitless XL Tank kit contents

Here’s the specs and features list for the iJoy Limitless XL Tank.

  • 25-Millimeter Diameter
  • Direct to Coil Fan-Styled Airflow Control Ring
  • Unique Rebuildable and Swappable Deck System
  • 19.8-Millimeter Building Deck
  • 3.5 x 2.5-Millimeter Rectangle Holes Dual-Coil Deck
  • 6.5-Millimeter Diameter Air Hole Single-Coil Deck
  • Pre-Made 0.15-Ohm Light-Up Chip Coil (50-215 Watts)
  • 4.0-Millimeter Tank Reservoir
  • Top Fill System
  • Philips Head Screws
  • PEEK Insulation

You Light Up My Life

Let me get this out of the way first — the light-up chip coil that comes with the iJoy Limitless XL Tank is frickin’ cool! Yes, I find it highly amusing because I’m a mental infant that’s dazzled by pretty lights, but I don’t care. Similar to my fascination with glass vaping products that allow me to see vapor in an atomizer or a drip tip, I find light-up vaping products endlessly entertaining.

On a more objective note, I’m loving the versatility of the iJoy Limitless XL Tank. There’s a dual-coil option for cloud chasers, a single-coil option for flavor hounds, and a replaceable-coil option for beginning to intermediate vapers. It gives newer vapers room to grow and offers experienced vapers different ways to experience the tank.

I love how the iJoy Limitless XL Tank appeals to a broad range of vapers in terms of preference and experience level.

Aesthetically, the iJoy Limitless XL Tank has a lot going on. Normally, I’m not a fan of busy designs, but this one works for me. The “X” that covers the chimney appeals to the comic-book nerd in me (essentially, all of me); I can totally see Charles Xavier vaping on this tank. The fan-blade-like airflow controller looks sweet. When coupled with the light-up coil, it looks like something I shouldn’t put my finger in…but do anyway.

The beauty of this product is its versatility. While the dual-coil deck looks great, I see myself using the single-coil deck for flavor and the light-up coil for personal enjoyment. I love how the iJoy Limitless XL Tank appeals to a broad range of vapers, both in terms of vaping style and experience level. What do you think of this RTA? Which mode do you see yourself using the most? Share your thoughts on the iJoy Limitless XL Tank in the comments section.

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