Inde Duo RDA Preview

A quick look at the upcoming Inde Duo RDA by Jaybo and Wismec

Inde Duo RDA
Inde Duo RDA

Our Thoughts on the Inde Duo by JayBo and Wismec

Inde Duo RDA Airflow
Inde Duo RDA Airflow

The Inde Duo is the latest RDA designed by Ja-Bo, the man who brought you the Tobh and Bambino RDAs as well as the RX200 and Noisy Cricket box mods.  Jay-Bo has teamed up with Wismec once again to manufacture this atomizer at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Jay-Bo has yet again come up with some new and interesting ideas with the Inde Duo.  The most interesting feature being the spin-off of the Velocity-style deck; instead of having one positive post and one negative post, the positive post is ‘T’ shaped and sits over two negative blocks.  This provides a positive terminal on top and a negative terminal on the bottom on both sides of the deck.  This really allows for some interesting builds such as easy quadruple vertical coils.

Inde Duo RDA Tank/Wall
Inde Duo RDA Tank/Wall

Another interesting feature of the Inde Duo is that the atomizer can have either a 30mm or a 22mm base depending on the atomizer tube you use (both tubes are supplied).  With the 30mm tube, the airflow enters the chamber through large, horizontally oriented slots and is directed downwards at the coils via the conical top cap; with the 22mm tube, the airflow is the standard Jay-Bo three holes on each side design as seen on the Indestructible and the Tobh.

With JayBo’s reputation as a modder, I have faith that the Indie Duo will become a very popular dripping atomizer that performs well.  With how busy JayBo has been recently, it’s nice to see that he is still innovating instead of rehashing his already well accepted designs.

Kyle Formeck
My name is Kyle and I have been vaping for almost a year now. I started vaping to kick my 9 year smoking habit and got hooked on trying to get the best flavor out of my atomizers. I am a software developer living in upstate NY and in my free time I like to write shoegaze and dream pop music.
  • Nathan @ Vaping 360

    An interesting design, I’ll definitely have to check out the full review.

  • Dale Freed

    I have had mine for a week now and it seems to leak a little bit if you don’t watch where you r wicking is. I have a very simple dual coil 24g kanthal build in it and it seems to vape fine. I am worried that if I build something like a Clapton, Tiger, etc. the temp might get too high and with a 5 post design (I don’t understand that one) what kind of room is there going to be inside.

    With that being said, I am worried about the drip tip installed in it and I am truing to fine a chuff cap instead of the 510 styled one provided, which seems short and a little cheap to the touch. I will get a chance to vape it a bit more and I will try different builds to see what’s up with it

    • sirtimpf

      For some reason the 22mm barrel only fits a few of my chuff styled tips which can be considered a con imo. My authentic chuff cap fits the 30mm barrel perfectly with that firm click we all love but, the chuff does not fit the 22mm barrel. It appears that the 22mm barrel is smaller in its upper diameter.

      Another thing that I noticed was that the logo does not line up when it is fully screwed in to the 510. It actually bothers some people, myself included. Personally I popped an o-ring on the top of the 510 connection of the mod. This will prevent any toppers from pushing down on to the 510 which can ruin the connection on the device. The ring also allows me to align the logos without unscrewing the toppers so much that they either won’t connect or fall off the mod.

      The rda is rock solid and somehow very “smooth” with the 30mm cap. 4/5 imo. One of the best rdas I’ve ever owned. Just wished my auth chuff enuff would fit. But hey!