IPV5 First Production Run Issues – 75W Glitch and Fix for It


IPV5 75W Glitch

If you are about to purchase an IPV5, it might be worth holding off on your purchase! Apparently the first batch of IPV5s are susceptible to a glitch where the device won’t fire above 75W. This is because of the chip Pioneer4you are using in the IPV5. It is rumoured P4Y will be replacing this chip with the next batch of IPV5s.

Quote from a reliable vendor:

From what I was told, we received a batch of IPV5’s and they were all or mostly all defective. I understand that P4Y basically sent out a first batch to every vendor who ordered, and had to stop production once again because everyone who was selling this mod had the same issue where the device wouldn’t fire over 75 watts. This was an issue with the SX Chip in the IPV5. There is a fix to this issue, but it’s not something that was announced by the factory, rather you have to search on YouTube for the solution. They are changing the IPV5’s to carry a different SX chip. It is very possible that those vendors currently selling the IPV5 have received ones with the bad chip.

Fix for Those Who Have an IPV5 with the Glitch

Check out Mike Vapes video/review below where he shows you how to fix the glitch with the IPV5 not being able to fire above 75W (6.51 for fix):

IPV5 75W Fix From Mikes Video:

  1. Click 5 times and enter Joules mode
  2. Enter Titanium mode and exit
  3. Scroll and set the device at 120J
  4. Click 5 times and go back into power mode

You will now be able to fire up to 200W.

Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • Jeremy

    I’ve already seen some say theirs works fine, so this is, once again, not EVERY unit, but apparently there are some that will have this issue.

    • Joe B

      30%! that’s total and utter bullshit,, I’m in Fla and went to 5 shops that had IPV5’s to buy one,, I personally opened and tested over a dozen of these units,, EVERY SINGLE ONE HAD THE 75W GLITCH,, Like the man says there’s a work around,, HOWEVER this is just a work around, IT DOES NOT FIX A BAD CHIP! My estimate is based on my experience, I would say the real number is more like 90%+ failure rate…

      • Jeremy

        I got one and mine needed the work-around too (did you see my other post?). It works fine now though. When I bought the mod, I realized that the fix was as simple to correct as turning the mod on. I do, however, know people that got theirs (in the beginning) and did not have this problem. So if they are in the ~10% minority, so be it, that is a problem for P4U.

        p.s. BTW, it was never my “math”, just the info being floated at the time, which is why (at the time) I said “apparently”.

      • Paul Gross

        Calm down…p!ease do your homework

      • Jake A

        I must say, you can’t accurately verify the ratio of bad ones shipped to good ones shipped by going to your local vape shops. Did you take into factor that someone in another region went to the same number of shops and all of them worked fine? I’m just saying that they probably shipped out tens of thousands of these mods throughout the world. So certain regions may have gotten the bad ones and others didn’t. Just a thought.

  • Brian Prosek

    I have three IPV5’s two with the issue and one without. I have also noticed that the +/- buttons will not operate at times along with the screen not coming up out of sleep mode when these buttons are pressed, resulting in having to remove the batteries and restart. These issues are a bit of an annoyance along with battery door issues on two of the three mods, 1 having the top magnet properly seated and both having significant side to side wobble.

    My question is how will we know when a “new batch” is available rather than receiving more of the old batch vendors are trying to unload?

    • Jeremy

      Dunno, but I just got mine in and all of your annoyances are what is up with mine!

    • Difficult to know for sure Brian. You can ask the vendor specifically, but whether or not they tell you the correct answer is another matter! They might not even know themselves. Waiting it out could be the answer. Honestly I don’t really know.

  • Joe B

    I was torn between the rx200 and the ipv5.up to about 5mins ago before reading the above,, ,, looks like my decision got a hell of a lot easier.. so Much for quality assurance,, it amazes me that the consumer had to find the problem and that it wasn’t found before shipping… it says a lot about pioneer4you,, it tells you exactly what they think of their customer base… I’ve heard a lot of people saying how bad a Co p4u is and that they’d never buy another one of their product not to mention the handfull of guys that have been on these sites warning everyone about 1st run quality of the ipv’s since December 2015 ,,, In hindsite I find it hallarious that they were 110% correct…

  • Paul Gross

    Jesus! Calm your tits everyone! Its not actually a “glitch”! It comes set in ” pure” mode, which is for their new tank and is maxed at 75. Simple fix, just go into any other mode. The “community” needs to relax

  • Darren Carroll

    Anyone else having fire button issues? Mine started today. I heard it fire up on its own sitting in the table next to me. I picked it up jiggled the button and it kept going. Took the tank off and it read check atomizer. Eventually it stopped. Then while at work it did it again at some point and fried my coil. WTF??

  • Maybe D’LaVega

    I bought the IPV5 for the first time in April. it started malfunctioning about 3 weeks into my purchase. I couldn’t raise the wattage and it wouldn’t fire up. The vape shop I bought it from replaced it with a new one. The new one works fine but the other night I was sleeping and woke up to hear a hissing sound. It seemed to be firing on its own. I thought maybe I imagined it but began to remove the batteries just in case at night. Just now I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to read some emails, right in front of me it fired on its own. I watched it for a few seconds and it just kept going. I’ve removed the batteries and will start using my RX200 again. I don’t trust IPV5, what it’s doing can’t be good. Just not sure what to do about it.