JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Review

JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt
JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt

JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Intro

Today we take a look at the handsome UK designed Series-B Tilt box mod, by JAC Vapour. The Series-B is a single 18650 box mod capable of firing up to 40W and down to 0.2ohm. The Series-B Tilt is designed in the UK by JAC Vapour, built in China and then inspected again for quality in the UK.

The Series-B Tilt is unique in that the atomizer on the mod does not sit perpendicular to the top of the mod and instead sits at an angle. This is meant to make it easier to hold your vape at less of an angle to your mouth.

The Series-B starts at around £52 and you can also add a battery and tank if you wish (the mod itself does not come with an 18650 battery). I therefore highly recommend getting a JAC Vapour high drain 18650 battery to go with your mod.

JAC Vapour is a UK based vape shop, but deliver worldwide.


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JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Specs and Features

  • 1 x JAC Series-B Tilt 40W Mod
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x In-depth, well written instruction manual
  • Wattage: up to 40W
  • Resistance: 0.2 ohms – 3 ohms
  • Dimensions: 79mm (lower edge) x 22mm x 33mm
  • Battery: Single 18650 (flat top)
  • Input DC: 5v 1A/2A
  • Charging: USB charging and pass through capable (pass through requires a 20A battery)


Build Quality

JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt with Supertank Mini
JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt with Supertank Mini

UK vape shop, JAC Vapour, are well known for their quality and customer service and take pride in their devices. The quality of the Series-B is really good and feels like the high end device that you expect it to be. The rubberized coating feels great and the device is extremely well put together. There is no cheap feel to this mod and it doesn’t have any button rattle or battery cover movement we have become used to from our Chinese designed mods.

1 Year Warranty

​JAC Vapour offers a 1 year warranty on the Series-B. A lot of the Chinese manufacturers now offer warranties as well, but I have heard some bad stories from people trying to use theirs. What I like about this warranty is that you are dealing with a UK based team with a great track record for customer service, who you know will be able to sort something out for you very quickly. If I am spending a bit more money on a mod, it is great to have the after sales service to back up a great device should something go wrong.

Single 18650 and Strong Easy to Remove Battery Door

JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Battery Compartment
JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Battery Compartment

I like that the Series-B 40W uses a single 18650. It means that if you run out of battery, you can just pop in another battery. The Tilt can also be charged in USB pass through mode, if you are using a 20A battery. I personally like to take my 18650s out and charge them in a charger.

The battery cover is also well made and was held in place well by the magnets. The door won’t fall off if you drop it or when you have it in your pocket.


JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt next to KBOX Mini
JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt next to KBOX Mini

The Series-B Tilt is marginally taller than the iStick 30W, due to the tilt function, but is thinner than the Kanger Subox and iStick 30W.

The Series-B is quite weighty, which to me adds to the quality factor. I like a bit of weight in my hand with such a small device.

Nice Rubberized Finish

I really like the rubberized finish on the JAC Series-B and again it makes it feel like a high class device. My brother and I have really put this device through its paces over the last month or so and so far the finish is holding up nicely. The only area that chipped slightly was the top edge of the mod after dropping it on the floor. The sides of the mod, have not chipped at all.


Changing Wattage & Lack of Accelerometer

JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Screen
JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Screen

I am someone who changes between tanks and coils quite a bit, so I am constantly changing wattages. I wasn’t a fan of the scrolling function between wattages on the Series-B. You hold either the plus or minus button down and the wattage will keep scrolling, albeit very slowly. To get from 10W to 40W took 32s! There is also no round-robbin feature, so to get back down to 10W will take another 32s. For some vapers this isn’t an issue as they will stay around one wattage, but not having an accelerometer in the scrolling, was something that I disliked a lot with this device.

Edit: You can swap units from VW to VV and scrolling will be a lot quicker​. – Thanks Frank!

Tilt Function

JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Top Pin
JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Top Pin

This is a very subjective dislike, as I have heard differing opinions about the whole Tilt function. For me, the tilt function just ruins the overall aesthetics of the mod and tank, but that’s just my personal opinion. I am not sure the tilt is worth it, as I don’t find having to tilt a normal mod to vape, an issue at all. Perhaps some might disagree with me, but that’s just how I see it. It feels like JAC Vapour has tried to solve an issue that doesn’t exist.


I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Tilt function on this device and the wattage scrolling really needs an accelerometer. Apart from that, this device is a fantastically well-made device that is sturdy and well crafted. I like that the mod features an easy to remove 18650, as it makes re-charging a lot easier when compared to a Lipo. I enjoyed the rubberized finish and its small size and it has been a pleasure to vape and carry around for the past month.


The Series-B Tilt is more expensive than the cheap Chinese mods we have become accustomed to, so is it worth paying the extra for? If price is an issue for you then look at something like the Kanger Subox or iStick series. If you have the money to spend and quality and after-sale customer service are important to you, then this is the mod for you. You get the 1 year warranty and you know you are dealing with a UK based firm who can sort any issues out for you easily. You are also supporting a UK based company, if that is something important to you.

I would recommend this mod for those looking for their first mod, mouth to lung vapers or the sub ohm vapers who use the lower wattage sub ohm tanks on higher ohm coils and who aren’t interested in temperature control. This isn’t one for the more serious cloud chuckers, sub ohm vapers who want a high wattage device or those looking for a cheap mod.


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