Joyetech Ornate preview (sub-ohm tank)

The Joyetech Ornate sub-ohm tank is aimed at high-wattage vapers. It has launched with single-coil Clapton and triple-coil heads for vaping up to 260 watts.

Joyetech Ornate

Joyetech Ornate targets power vapers

The Joyetech Ornate is the company’s answer to the numerous sub-ohm tanks geared towards high-wattage vaping. These types of tanks have become increasingly popular since the release of the SMOK TFV4. While Joyetech tanks have always done well with mainstream vapers, this is arguably its first product expressly designed and marketed to hardcore vapers that enjoy outputs over 100 watts. Here’s a closer look at the Joyetech Ornate.

Joyetech Ornate specs and features

Here’s the official features and specs list for the Joyetech Ornate.

  • Dimensions: 25 x 70 millimeters
  • Capacity: 6.0 milliliters
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Drip tip and 510 adapter included
  • Colors: black, silver
  • Available coils: 0.15-ohm stainless steel Clapton, 0.15-ohm triple coil

Ornately designed for high-wattage vaping

Joyetech Ornate coils

There are a lot of things to love about the Joyetech Ornate. The 6.0-milliliter capacity means a lot of vaping between refills. The e-liquid slots at the top of tank are generously large, making filling and refilling a snap. As it was designed for high-wattage vaping, the airflow slots are also generously sized. The mechanical design is relatively straightforward, making it easy to use and clean. This is a tank that was designed specifically for modern vapers using high-powered mods at relatively high wattages.

The Joyetech Ornate has launched with two types of coils for two different types of vaping. For cloud chasers, the triple-coil head is the way to go. This bad boy comes with a recommendation of 70 to 260 watts. For vapers that prefer lower wattages and a bit more flavor, the single-coil Clapton is the preferred coil. It’s no slouch in the output department either, with a recommended range of 60 to 180 watts. Both coils have adjustable juice flow; you can control the juice intake by rotating the coil’s sleeve.

The Joyetech Ornate is a well-designed sub-ohm tank that should serve high-wattage vapers well.

Aesthetically, the Joyetech Ornate looks good enough, but it also looks like it was assembled from parts of two different products. The base of the tank has cool, futuristic lines that remind me of Tron. The top cap has more of a classical look. While it’s not an ugly product by any means, the design of the base and top cap are disparate. I would have loved it if the top cap had lines similar to those at the base.

From the days of the eGo e-cig up until today, Joyetech has been one of the most popular companies in vaping. Its wheelhouse has been with mainstream vapers and the company hopes to broaden its appeal with products like the Joyetech Ornate. On paper, it’s a well-designed sub-ohm tank that should serve high-wattage vapers well.

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  • Michael Abrams

    Some of the reviewers had issues with the jfc on the coils getting stuck, and dry hits. Starting to watch for the Horizon Tech V12 instead. Looks like triple parallel quad coils at 0.1 ohm, with rba section too.