Kanger K1 Box Preview (Stabilized Wood Mod)

The Kanger K1 Box is a stabilized-wood box-mod that uses the DNA 75 chip. It's the first "higher" end product from a company known for great affordable vape gear.

Kanger K1 Box Mod
Kanger K1 Box Mod

Kanger Gets Wood

The Kanger K1 Box is, to me, the most fascinating product the company has ever produced. As many of you know, Kanger has a strong reputation for making quality vape gear that’s affordable. While not a “high-end” product, the K1 Box is certainly higher end for Kangertech. It’s a stabilized-wood box-mod that uses the Evolv DNA 75 chip. Comparable custom stab-wood mods cost upwards of $600. Kanger will surely shake up the market by offering a DNA 75 stab-wood box-mod for a fraction of the cost. Here’s a closer look at the K1 Box.

K1 Box Mod Specs

Evolv DNA 75

Here are the official specs for the K1 Box.

  • Casing: Unique stabilized wood
  • Display: OLED
  • Height: 90 mm
  • Length: 42 mm
  • Width: 22 mm
  • Weight: 125 g (excludes 18650 cell)
  • Output: 1 to 75 watts
  • Charging: Micro USB, DC 5 volts at 1.5 amps
  • Cell: Lithium 18650, 3.7 volts (must discharge over 20 amps)

Disrupting the High-End Market

Kanger K1 Box
Kanger K1 Box

The high-end mod box-mod has some of the most ardent collectors I’ve ever seen. That said, it’s a sliver of the overall vaping market. I love that Kangertech is bringing the beauty of stabilized wood to a broader market with the K1 Box. It’s also great to see the company using a high-quality chip like the Evolv DNA 75. As some of you know, Kanger’s temperature-control chips aren’t the best performers. Moving from its in-house chip to the venerable Evolv chip is a fantastic move.

In terms of performance, expect a great deal from the K1 Box. The DNA 75 is an outstanding variable-wattage temperature-control chip. Aside from being slightly less efficient than the DNA 200 and (obviously) having lower output, it’s every bit as capable as its big brother. Vapers can customize the chip’s performance with Evolv’s EScribe software for Windows. There’s a ton you can do to the DNA 75 through EScribe that alters your vaping experience.

The Kanger K1 Box will be the first affordable stabilized-wood box-mod from a company with broad distribution.

Naturally, you shouldn’t expect the same level of craftsmanship from the K1 Box as you would from a handmade stab-wood mod, like Apocalypse’s DNA 75. This is, after all, a mass-produced product and not a bespoke vaping device. That said, I’m sure that many of the people that buy this mod won’t care. It will be the first affordable stabilized-wood box-mod from a company with broad distribution. For those vapers, the affordability and accessibility will be more than enough.

While I’m excited to try out the Kanger K1 Box, I’m even more excited to see what it does to the market. I’ve seen stabilized-wood box-mods with DNA chips purchased for thousands of dollars. Pre-order prices for Kanger’s box are in the $100-$150 range. I love that Kanger is making this style of box mod accessible to the mass market. How about you? Any of you interested in picking up the K1 Box? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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  • Yes & plz!

  • Stuart Harper

    Looks great. Would love one.

  • Phil Birkhimer

    I saw a pre-order deal for $54. Went back to buy it the next day, it was $98,,,

  • Justin B.

    I thought the SMOK Treebox was the 1st mass produced, affordable Wood box mod distributed by a large, mainstream company almost 10 months ago!?

    • Jason George

      The SMOK Treebox isn’t stabilised wood is it? That’s why it needs treating etc to maintain it….

    • As Jason mentioned, the SMOK is not stabilized wood.

    • Amanda

      Since ya mentioned tho.. check out the (black) version of the Treebox PLUS. Sexxxxy. 🙂 Enjoy. Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm

  • Michelle Lerpiniere

    Would love to own this. Only have the one Cleito tank and a cool fire plus. I’m saving for aspire quad flex survival kit. And need a mod that will make the most of the Quad Flex. Any suggestions/advice is greatly ap

    • It’s hard to recommend anything without knowing how you vape (wattage, clouds vs. flavor, etc.). Be sure to check out Vaping360’s box mod guide.


      • Michelle Lerpiniere

        Thank you I will check it out. I’m a direct to lung vaper. And flavour is most important to me. Currently Vape at 50watts on the Cleito 0.4ohms. But wanting to move on to also use a RDTA as I’ve read a lot on it and been told I will get really good flavour. So looking for a mod that will work well with Sub and RDTA tanks. And would like it to also have Temp Control and also if possible upgradable. Been advised that the Cleito is the best sub tank for flavour. But would also like your advice on that please 🙂

        • For sub-ohm tanks, I alternate between the Cleito and the Uwell Crown, though I’ve been playing around with the Crown 2. If you want to give temperature control a shot, perhaps one of the new DNA 75 box mods would work for you. They’re relatively inexpensive, but full-featured. That said, if you think there’s a chance you’ll vape beyond 75 watts then you’ll need something more powerful.

          • Michelle Lerpiniere

            Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it

  • Darren Bentley

    Efuntop has pre order now 69.99 usd

  • Luke Nader

    That is beautiful, I would love to have one!

  • Joseph Tuzzolo

    I would love to pre order this mod! Please email me back ASAP!

  • E Crash

    Still, no release. Any news on this?