Limitless RDA (Color Changing) Interview


Inspired By Zartan (Not Really)

One of the most interesting products I saw at SoCal Vape Convention was the Limitless RDA. This dripper has some unique features that allow it to appeal to flavor fiends and cloud chasers alike. On the outside, it comes in some special color-changing editions that remind me of Zartan from the oldĀ G.I. Joe cartoons. At the show, Vapor Hub CEO Kyle Winther was kind enough to walk me through the features of the Limitless RDA.


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Limitless RDA Specs

Limitless RDA

Before I continue with my preview of the Limitless RDA, here are the official bullet points from Vapor Hub.

  • 3-post design
  • True square centerpost with window for flat builds
  • Square insulator
  • Brass centerpost
  • Copper pin
  • Innovative O-ring to secure pin
  • Machined in negative posts
  • Large holes to accomodate all gauges
  • Undercut for additional cotton
  • Large phillip screws
  • Deep juice well
  • 4 airflow adjustments
  • First of its kind flippable cap for airflow
  • Limitless sleeve designs
  • Chuff style cap

Versatility and Safety

Limitless RDA Deck

There are several interesting things about the Limitless RDA. First, let’s take a look under the hood. The square center post is impossible to spin, while the negative post holes are slanted, allowing for easy builds. All of the post holes are large, allowing for ornate builds with thick wire. While many current atomizers use grub nuts, I love that the Limitless RDA uses screws.

The airflow control on the Limitless RDA is simple and ingenious at the same time. There’s a wide-open setting for vapers that want maximum clouds. If you flip the cap, you have access to three smaller airflow holes that can be fine tuned for flavor. It’s a very smart way to allow versatility while maintaining simplicity.

As for the color-changing models of the Limitless RDA, I’m absolutely sold. Some vapers might think it’s a gimmick, but I know that the feature would entertain me for years. My current vaping arsenal has a number of glass RDA caps and drip tips. I’ve been enjoying watching the vapor settle in those products for years. A color-changing Limitless RDA would provide me with similar entertainment. (And yes, I know I’m suffering from severe Peter Pan syndrome.)

Vaping Without Limits

What do you think of the Limitless RDA’s features? Are you a fan of the color-changing editions? Or do you prefer a standard color? After you’ve watched my interview with Vapor Hub Kyle, share your thoughts on the Limitless RDA in the comments section.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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  • Sam Bass-Cooper

    I love how they designed the airflow control on this! Perfect for switching from a cloud chasing to flavour chasing builds