Lotus Vaping Leviathan RDA & Jelly Slice Mod Preview & Interview

Lotus Vaping's Johnny Chavez talks to Vaping360 about the company's modular RDA and ultra-slim box mod.


Lotus Vaping’s Two For the Road

At VPX Las Vegas 2016, Lotus Vaping had two interesting products on display — the Leviathan RDA and the Jelly Slice box mod. The former is a modular RDA that offers great versatility, while the latter is the spiritual successor to the popular Jellyfish box mod. Check out the interview above with Lotus Vaping’s Johnny Chavez and keep on reading for more details on these two vaping devices.

Attack of the Leviathan RDA

Lotus Vaping Leviathan RDA
Lotus Vaping Leviathan RDA

For enthusiast vapers, the most interesting product Lotus Vaping had on tap was the Leviathan RDA. This modular dripper was fresh off an airplane from China and made its American debut minutes before my cameraman started filming this interview. The Leviathan RDA features a modular design that offers a ton of versatility, whether you’re a flavor fiend or a cloud chaser and whether you prefer 22mm tube mods or larger box mods.

The Leviathan RDA comes with numerous interchangeable parts. It has a popular Velocity-style deck and a more traditional T-post deck. It has an airflow control ring designed for maximum airflow and one for more concentrated flavor. Similarly, it hasĀ a wide-bore drip-tip for cloud chasing and a standard 510 top cap for better flavor. The diameter of the Leviathan RDA is 24mm, but it has an optional base that allows it to sit on 22mm vaping devices nicely.

For enthusiast vapers that enjoy different styles of vaping at different times of the day or those that like to experiment, the Leviathan offers fantastic versatility. I love how it gives vapers a ton of options in a single package.

Flying Jelly Slice Attack

Lotus Vaping Jelly Slice
Lotus Vaping Jelly Slice

The Lotus Vaping Jellyfish was one of my favorite box mods of 2015, so I was excited to play around with its followup — the Jelly Slice — at VPX. While the Leviathan RDA is squarely aimed at enthusiast vapers, the Jelly Slice box mod is aimed towards mainstream vapers. It doesn’t have all the current temperature control features or the highest output, but it’s an easy-to-use vaping device with a brilliant form factor.

The Jelly Slice can reach as high at 80 watts and has an internal 2,600 mAh lithium-polymer battery. It can hit up to eight volts and fire coils as low as 0.1-ohms in wattage mode or 0.05-ohms in temperature-control mode. For temperature control, it can handle nickel and…uh, nickel.

The really cool thing about the Jelly Slice is its thin design. The mod is so svelte that the atomizer connection has to flare out to 22mm in order to keep the design clean. As for the rest of the Jelly Slice’s body, it’s 15mm thick. Compared to most box mods on the market, the Jelly Slice is beautiful in that anemic-runway-model-with-an-eating-disorder way.

[This section heading was inspired by one of my favorite Shonen Knife songs.]

The Sea is Dark and Full of Terror

Although they’re named after terrifying sea creatures, Lotus Vaping’s latest products look like a lot of fun. The Leviathan RDA looks like a blast to experiment with, while the Jelly Slice is one of the most pocketable mods I’ve ever seen. Check out the video above to see more of these products. After you’ve done that, share your thoughts on them in the comments section.

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