Man “brandishing” vape mod killed by police

Police shot and killed a mentally disturbed man near San Diego after he pulled a mod and aimed it at them

El Cajon PD badge
El Cajon PD badge

Police shot a man when he apparently pulled a vaping device from his pocket and held and aimed it as though it were a handgun. Alfred Okwera Olango, 38, was killed in El Cajon, CA, on Tuesday. El Cajon is a small city about 15 miles northeast of San Diego.

Olango may have been mentally ill, according to USA Today. The paper reported that Olango’s sister called authorities, asking for help preventing him from walking in traffic. When police arrived, they apparently confronted the man, and he pulled the mod from his clothing and brandished it like a weapon.

Police told Good Morning America that Olango “rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended them rapidly toward the officer, taking up what appeared to be a shooting stance.” One police officer shot him with a taser, and another fired his handgun several times. Olango was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police told the press that the device the man held was a Pioneer4You vape mod and a SMOK TFV Mini atomizer.

The San Diego district attorney’s office is investigating the event, according to USA Today. Since the shooting, protesters have assembled at the shooting site after a growing sense in the community that this is part of a larger problem of police killings.

Jim McDonald
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  • Sane vermonter

    See the Fda was right after all….vaping does kill. It’s also 95% safer to be white in America.

    • Ron

      A white person would have been shot just the same… Pointing something that looks like a gun at a cop is going to get you shot no matter what color your skin is.

      With that said, they need to get their shit together and communicate with the operators better, because they had all the information needed to deescalate the situation without firing a single shot.

    • WeAreAllDeplorableHere

      Actually, if you read FBI crime stats, white folks are more likely to be killed by the police.
      They are not afraid of white people rioting or calling the cops racist.

      • Jim McDonald

        Yeah, I’m not sure what that stat proves. *Of course* more white people are killed, because black people are just 12 percent of the population.

        • WeAreAllDeplorableHere

          First let me say I like your articles.
          The comment I originally replied to was just too ludicrous to leave alone.

          It is not just about population, if you read what I wrote, it did not say that more white people are killed, it says they are more likely.
          It is based on number of interactions.