Mutation X V4 RDA Review

Mutation X V4
Mutation X V4

Mutation X V4 Intro

A commonly held belief in business is that you must “innovate or die”. This is exactly what Indulgence did with the new Mutation X V4. Their goal was to create an RDA that stands out in an oversaturated market where authentics are starting to look like clones. They say it’s designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, without compromise. Whatever that means, let’s just see how this RDA vapes.

The Indulgence Mutation X V4 is a 22mm RDA that originally came in white, copper, stainless-steel and black. They are now available in lime green, tiffany blue, pink and carbon fiber. I got the logoless copper one to match my Mutation X copper mechanical mod. For lack of better terms, this thing looks sick as balls.

To be completely honest, I did not like the way it looked at first with the stock drip tip at all. It made my mech mod appear way more phallic than it needs to be. Not to mention, the contrast between my worn-in copper mod vs a fresh copper RDA. Fortunately, I was able to solve my first-world problem with the handy 510 drip tip adapter that was included in the box. They also give you a little clear extension piece that sits under the drip tip so that you can actually see the vapor forming.


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Mutation X V4 Specs and Features

  • Mutation X V4 by Indulgence
  • Preinstalled 11mm Widebore Competition Drip Cap
  • Flush Heat Reducing Delrin 510 Adaptor Top Cap
  • Polycarbonate Chamber Extender
  • Silicon Bottom Airflow Sealing Plugs
  • Manual
  • Additional O-Rings, Screws, and Screwdriver
Mutation X V4 Disassembled
Mutation X V4 Disassembled
  • Multi-sized Angled Bottom Airflow
    • 5mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm
    • Airflow Controlled By Included Silicon Sealing Plug
  • Dual Parallelogram Side Airflow Array
    • 18 Total / 3 x 3 Array
    • 2mm Each
  • Bladed Angular Side Airflow Control
    • Single, Dual, or Fully Closed
  • 11mm Widebore Competition Drip Cap
    • Delrin Tip
  • Flush Heat Reducing Delrin 510 Adaptor Top Cap
  • Polycarbonate Chamber Extender Compatible With Either Top Cap
  • Deckmilled Negative Posts
    • 2mm Postholes
  • Split Positive Post
    • 2mm Postholes
  • 5mm Deep Juice Well
  • Phillips Screw Heads
  • Triple O-Ring Secured Base
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Black, White, and Logo-less Copper
  • Silver Plated Copper Connection
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Individually Serialized

Notable Remarks


Mutation X V4 Airflow Fully Open
Mutation X V4 Airflow Fully Open

The flavor was awesome once I found an airflow setting that worked. At first I was getting so much airflow that there was practically no taste. I got the best flavor from closing off the top airflow and using the one that feeds directly to the coils.


I don’t care what anybody says, this is a Cloud Chasing device! Yes, the flavor is amazing but any RDA vape that produces good vapor is going to taste good. If you want the best experience possible with this atty, build it between .2 and .5 ohms. The vapor production is great and the best part is that it never gets too hot. In fact I am always shocked how much vapor I am exhaling because it cools it down so well and that’s without using the (silly-looking) polycarbonate extension piece.


Mutation X V4 (Bronze Version)
Mutation X V4 (Bronze Version)

Everything appears to be very well-machined. The threads are clean and smooth. The top cap is very easy to adjust but it comes off with little effort despite the fact that it has 3 O-rings. The threading wasn’t so great on the polycarbonate piece.

​Drip Tip

I did not like the stock drip tip, it was just way too wide and just did not look right. That was immediately improved by changing it out. Thankfully, they include a 510 drip tip adapter for people who are not yet ready to enter a cloud competition.


Ok, so before I tried this RDA, I heard somebody say it has too much airflow but I questioned whether or not this was even possible. Now I understand what he was talking about because even on the smallest setting, it still has a ton of airflow! It is clearly designed for low resistance builds where massive airflow is required. This is a cloud-chucking device, make no mistake about it. It performs great with sub-ohm builds between .2 and .5 ohms, and you also have a single coil option. I love the bottom coil airflow design and the 18-degree airflow controller up top but I don’t see myself ever using more than half of the airflow available to me. I guess it is always good to have that option in case you ever want to build super low.

Build Deck

Mutation X V4 Deck
Mutation X V4 Deck

​It features 4 round posts, with some bigass holes, that are milled into the deck. The juice wells are nice and deep with kind of a dogbone shape to them. (They are not as deep as the V2 but that is the price you pay for direct-coil airflow.) If you have ever built on a 4-post deck before then you will have no problem with this one. The post holes are nice and big so you can build with virtually any wire. I was literally able to set this thing up and vape on it within a couple of minutes.


  • Looks simple, stylish and elegant.
  • 510 drip tip adapter included.
  • Deep juice wells.
  • Solid center dual-hole post (doesn’t spin).
  • Direct-coil airflow


  • Stock drip tip is too wide.
  • Top cap comes off too easily despite 3 O-rings.
  • Most of the airflow settings provide way too much air for me. (Super low resistance builds are needed to get the most out of the airflow options.)


Overall Score – 9/10

Overall, this RDA chucks like Norris. But seriously, this thing is for the extreme Cloud Chasers. It can support just about any build you throw in to it and has so much airflow, you won’t even know what to do with half of it. It looks great on any 22mm device and has a look about it that says “I ain’t playing around”. If you are looking for an RDA for clouds, but only have $29.99 in your pocket, then this is for you. I’ve been using it for a week and I am digging it!

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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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