MyMini by MyVapors review

A sleek and stealthy vape delivering a classic mouth-to-lung hit. The myMini is a compact unit for those on the go.


The myMini intro

Following on the heels of the myJet, myVapors released the myMini. The ~$25 myMini is a pocket-sized vape based on the platform of the iCare with a few improvements.

First a bit about the kit, then the few things you should know about the myMini. Let’s get to it.


The myMini currently comes in all black, and white with chrome accents. Just off of looks, the myMini is a good-lookin’ unit. And although it is thin and tiny, it feels solid and sturdy (standing no taller than an 18650 batt, minus the myMini mouthpiece).

The myMini is a little 650 mAh all-in-one kit with an automatic draw, adjustable airflow, and a 1.8 mL tank. The tank and coil are accessed by unscrewing the mouthpiece and pulling out the attached chimney. The 1.1-ohm coil head (two are included in the kit) screws onto the bottom of the chimney just like in the Cupti, the Cubis, the iCare, etc.

Filling the myMini is simple and straightforward. Just fill up to the fill-line. Adjust the airflow ring in the middle of the chimney, and that is it. Wait a minute or two and draw on it.

After you’ve been vaping on the myMini for awhile, you are supposed to know your battery level by the light inside the tank that glows green when the battery is between 100-16%, yellow from 15-6%, and red from 5% to totally drained. This light is virtually impossible to see in the daylight.

Things to know

Essentially, the myMini is an iCare. The same size, same specs, same coils. The key improvements are the new mouthpiece and a simple way to access the coil/tank, which is all the same improvement. The iCare is a PITA to refill. You have to pop off the triangular tip, and then use it as a tool to unscrew the tiny chimney. With the myMini it’s as simple as unscrewing the mouthpiece and the chimney comes right out with it.

I wish that I can say it vapes better than the iCare, but the coils perform the same. It may be a small percentage different due to the design of the tip and chimney… but they are the same coils for crying out loud! Still hit or miss. Lackluster flavor sometimes, and decent flavor other times. Even when they are good, the lifespan is also inconsistent.

I appreciate the look and feel of the myMini. When I first saw it out of the box, I just knew it was going to be great… until I saw those dadgum iCare coils! The difference between the two is slight. Maybe better flavor in the myMini, the same vapor output, and a slightly slower ramp on the myMini.


Really a good-looking unit
Legit MTL draw
Stealthy size
Regular drip-tip style mouthpiece
Charge port on the front side
Coils are cheap
Easy to use
Adjustable airflow
Decent vapor
No exposed actuator like in the iCare


Lackluster flavor
Inconsistent coils
Airflow ring is difficult to manipulate
Difficult to see battery indicator light
Heavy for its size (~8 grams more than the iCare)
Slow ramp


This unit is overall built and designed much better than the iCare, but there is little difference in the vape. If someone was wanting to try this or the iCare, I would recommend this since the iCare has been auto-firing on me and others I know.

If you have an iCare and you do love the way it vapes, I recommend keeping any eye on the myMini to see how it plays out in the coming weeks. If no weird reports pop up like with the iCare, I say take those iCare coils and swap units for the myMini. Just the improvements to the design warrant a switch.

Recommended for those that enjoy the iCare, or for those that were going to get an iCare. For everyone else, I can’t recommend it.

Jeremy Mann
My name is Jeremy and I am a content manager and editor here at Vaping360. I reside in southeast Michigan and I have been vaping for over five years. Thanks to vaping, I've been off cigarettes since my first ecig purchase in 2010.