NoPity RDA Review

We get our hands on the NoPity RDA by high-end Italian modders NoName Mods!

NoName Mods NoPity RDA
NoName Mods NoPity RDA

NoPity RDA Intro

We here at Vaping360 were lucky enough to get our hands on the NoPity, the latest RDA from high-end Italian modders, NoName Mods.  They’re known for producing high quality atomizers that differ from the pack and the NoPity is no exception.  The NoPity does have similarities to the AX1 RDA by Sector One Vapors and Vicious Ant, but the NoPity is its own product!

Let’s see what this intriguing beauty has to offer and how it performs.

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NoPity RDA Specs and Features

  • NoPity RDA
  • Helicoidal cloud cap
  • Bottom-feed pin
  • Allen wrench for the post-screws
  • Allen wrench for removing the standard center pin
  • Allen wrench for attaching the bottom-feed pin
  • 2 spare black o-rings
  • 2 softer red o-rings
  • 2 extra post-screws
  • UNS SS31600 deck
  • Four post deck with 2mm post holes
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
    • 6 x 1.8mm air holes
    • 6 x 1.4mm air holes
    • 6 x 1.0mm air holes
  • Helicoidal cloud cap with 2 x 2.5mm side airflow holes and 6 x 1.8mm bottom airflow holes
  • Single or dual coil build deck
  • 10mm deep juice well
  • 99% pure silver coated center pin
  • PEEK insulator


  • 22mm diameter
  • 5mm height without drip tip*
  • 5mm height with drip tip*

[*Applies to both top caps]

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

NoName Mods NoPity RDA Cap Variations
NoName Mods NoPity RDA Cap Variations

The quality of this atomizer is just phenomenal; from the tight tolerances to the beautifully polished finish, this atomizer looks and feels high-end in every way. The top cap o-rings will require some juice the first time you take it apart due to the tight tolerances, but, after that, it goes on and comes off without too much effort. As a testament to the precision of the machining, when pushing the top cap on you’ll feel some pressure build up, and as you pull it off you’ll feel the suction created by the air tight seal. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced this on any other RDA.

[Important Note: NoName Mods was kind enough to send us the NoPity for review, but in order to get it to us quickly, they sent us a non-production unit that hadn’t yet had the deck fully polished up.  If the pics of the deck look rough in some areas, do not associate that with the product for sale.]

Build Deck

NoName Mods NoPity RDA Build
NoName Mods NoPity RDA Build

The build deck has a four-post design with a positive and negative post on each side of the deck which is reminiscent of the AX1.  However, instead of having vertically oriented slots requiring precise lead trimming, the NoPity RDA by NoName Mods has a horizontally oriented 2mm hole in each post.

The positive posts are located directly across from each other which brings up the interesting insulator design: on the positive post half of the deck, there’s a thin piece of stainless steel insulated with a single piece of PEEK.  The insulator wraps around that entire half of the deck which I think is a pretty elegant design.

Ease of Build

NoName Mods NoPity RDA Build 2
NoName Mods NoPity RDA Build 2

This has to be the easiest deck I’ve ever built on, even easier than anything with a Velocity-style deck.  It’s the four-post design and the location of the airflow holes relative to the posts that make it so easy to build.  Properly positioning your coils is no longer a chore and happens almost automatically.

To mount the coils, simply trim the leads short and insert them into the post holes.  Pull the leads tight, fasten down the post-screws and the coil should then be sitting directly over the airflow.  How brilliant is that?!  NoName Mods suggest that you pull the excess wire around the posts into the grooves built into the backside of the posts to prevent it from shorting on the top cap.  I found this unnecessary as I tend to grab the extra wire and twist it around in circles until it tears off.  The post-screws hold the wire firmly in place without clipping your leads and  I was able to tear the extra wire off without having to re-tighten the screws.

Juice well

NoName Mods NoPity RDA Dual Build
NoName Mods NoPity RDA Dual Build

The juice well is certainly deeper than your typical RDA; at 10mm deep, this thing holds a ton of juice.  It will hold about 27 drops of max VG juice in a single coil configuration and about 20 drops of the same juice in a dual coil configuration.

Another awesome feature is that it comes with the tools to convert it into a bottom-feeder.  Use the middle size allen wrench to unscrew the reverse-threaded center pin from the juice well side.  Then use the largest allen wrench to thread the bottom-feed center pin into the deck from the 510 connector side.

Airflow and Controller

NoName Mods NoPity RDA Dual Build 2
NoName Mods NoPity RDA Dual Build 2

The airflow controller allows for an extremely wide range of draws, from two 1mm air holes for a mouth-to-lung hit, all the way up to six 1.8mm air holes for a smooth, restricted lung draw.  On top of that, the supplied helicoidal cloud cap provides two 2.5mm side airflow holes on top of six 1.8mm bottom airflow holes.  The draw is one of the smoothest I’ve ever experienced in every configuration.  With this versatile of a draw, there’s a configuration for just about everyone.

Aesthetics of the NoPity RDA

NoName Mods NoPity RDA
NoName Mods NoPity RDA

I’m not the kind of guy that likes logos or anything like that on atomizers, but this is definitely an exception.  The NoName Mods logo is on both sides of the standard top cap but the engraving is deep with rounded edges making it a little quieter than something like the Tugboat logos.  It also seems to break up the empty space very nicely, making it look a bit shorter when the engravings are visible.

They also got the width-to-height ratio of the drip tip and top cap perfect; the short and wide drip tip looks awesome on the medium to slightly tall top cap.  It’s like NoName Mods couldn’t just make an atomizer that performs really well, they had to make it beautiful too!Note: We just found out that the included tip does accept most standard drip tips.

Note: We just found out that the included tip does accept most standard drip tips, but it ends up being not too aesthetically pleasing.  But, it is nice to have the option.


I have used a ton of atomizers and have been looking for the most intense, yet crisp flavor I could find since I’ve been vaping.  This atomizer easily fits into the top five best flavor atomizers I’ve ever used.  The flavor is strong and the vapor is dense as fills your lungs up with deliciousness even from a restricted lung hit.

This atomizer doesn’t suffer from the congested draw the AX1 had; I believe this has to do with the three 1.8mm air hole configuration on each side versus the AX1s four 1mm air hole configuration.  The larger air holes provide a less turbulent draw and allow better circulation of airflow around the coils, thus leading to better flavor.

My first build was a dual 26g kanthal, 12.5 wraps around a 2.4mm screwdriver and came out to around 0.66 ohms and the flavor was fantastic.  Then I built a single coil using 24g nichrome-80, 9.5 wraps around a 4mm screwdriver centered in the middle of the deck; the vape was smoother and lighter but even more flavorful than the previous dual coil build.  The flavor was less intense but I picked up notes from my juice that weren’t there with the dual coil setup.

With the cloud cap on, the draw becomes pretty airy.  The warm and dense vapor produced by the 0.66 ohm dual coil build at 35.6 watts was now seemed cold and wispy.  So I built a dual 24g nichrome-80, 10.5 wraps around a 3mm screwdriver setup to see what this cap can do with the right build in it.  With this amount of airflow, I was pretty blown away by the flavor I was getting.  The vapor production was about on par with the Tsunami RDA but the flavor was in another league.  I have never had flavor AND vapor production like this before; kudos to NoName Mods for making this atomizer so versatile!


  • Absolutely fantastic flavor
  • Dense vapor production
  • Easiest build deck to date
  • Very high quality machining and tolerances
  • Exceptionally smooth draw
  • Stays cool even throughout chain vaping sessions
  • Holds a ton of juice
  • Performs well in all possible airflow configurations
  • Post-screws hold the wire firmly in place
  • Supplied helicoidal cloud cap adds even more versatility
  • Elegant insulator design
  • Included tip accepts standard drip tip


  •  Although the included tip accepts standard drip tips, using your own makes the whole unit just a bit too tall and wonky looking.


Just by looking at the number of pros versus the number of cons, it may be obvious that I am a big fan of the NoPity RDA.  It’s hard not to like it when the flavor is so good, the vapor is so dense, the deck is that easy to build on and the draw is super smooth and versatile.  With the cloud cap and the right build, this atomizer could satisfy even a cloud chaser. The amount of flavor you get from that amount of vapor production and airflow is unreal.  If you’re willing to part with a fair amount of money for an extremely well made dripping atomizer with incredible flavor, this atomizer is worth the effort to find and the price to buy.  Believe me, it’s worth every penny of the price tag (even though mine was free, I would’ve bought one anyway.)


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Kyle Formeck
My name is Kyle and I have been vaping for almost a year now. I started vaping to kick my 9 year smoking habit and got hooked on trying to get the best flavor out of my atomizers. I am a software developer living in upstate NY and in my free time I like to write shoegaze and dream pop music.
  • So SO SOOOOO smitten with the NoPity. Fine review, good Sir.

  • John Songer

    Looks soo familiar. I reviewed one almost identical a year ago. Got this weird feeling this isn’t a true original design

    • John, you are correct, it isn’t a ‘truly original’ design since it’s pretty similar to the AX1. However, they did take that design and improve on it in many ways.

  • Liam Ashburn

    Thank you for the review,my interest has been piqued.Might have finally decided on a replacement for my poor haze mini.

    • Liam, thanks for kind words! This atty is hard to beat.

      • Liam Ashburn

        You’re very much welcome mate.Looks pretty sweet,hope i can get my hands on one.Have a great day/night.

  • vagelis

    please take a look to my email,for narda or no pity rda,thanks

  • Thoroughly enjoying the NoPity, so far. It’s SO easy to work with and vapes dreamily.

  • Questa

    hey, where can i buy one? can’t seem to find it everywhere.

  • Yarits Urfan

    Can i still get this rda and the narDA? I absolutely must have them no matter what, but it’s so hard to find them it pisses me off haha
    Btw i know those rdas from the reviews you made, so thanks a lot, though i still can’t find it
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    • I believe the NoPity is still available but now they are selling the revised version, the NoPity S.

      As for the NarDA, they’re still pretty hard to get and will probably become even harder to get soon since they just released the NarTA. I’d recommend trying to get into their Facebook group by finding two people already in the group and having them vouch for you.

      • Yarits Urfan

        Does the revised version better or is it just some minor improvements? I hope the vape quality doesn’t change, or even get better.
        And what’s their group name? I’ll try find them.

        • I actually have never used the NoPity S so I can’t really say whether it’s any better. From looking at the pics, I’d say it’s possible the S could have a tad better flavor. Worse case, it should vape just same as the original NoPity. You can ask Raymond though, I’m pretty sure he has both.

          As for the Narmods group, it’s a secret group so you won’t be able to find it by searching.

          • Yarits Urfan

            I see, at least the vape quality won’t change. And I suppose I could try to find the two people for the NarDA.
            If I couldn’t get them, can I buy it online? Like VaporDNA or eBay for example.

          • If you’re talking about the NoPity, then yes, you should be able to find them online. Check out the vapinart web store. If you’re talking about the NarDA, then the only way you will be able purchase one is by getting on a list in the Facebook group.

          • Yarits Urfan

            I’m glad to hear that I can get the NoPity online. I’ll just try my best for the NarDA.
            Thanks for sharing your time and for all the info, I really appreciate it. And great reviews and news as always by the team these days.

          • You’re very welcome! And thanks for the kind words, we truly appreciate it!!