A list of pod mods and pod vapes

Here's a pod mod roundup, the latest vaping trend of all-in-one e-cigs that use a simple cartridge-and-battery system. These all-in-one pod-vapes will be huge in 2016.

XOLO color lineup
XOLO color lineup

The Pod Vape Invasion Has Begun

Thanks to various laws being passed throughout the world, it’s currently a precarious time for enthusiast vaping devices. Several manufacturers have reacted with pod mods — all-in-one e-cigs that attempt to blend the ease-of-use of a cig-alike with the robust experience of an enthusiast device. Many of these pod-vaping devices are closed systems, meaning that they’re only meant to be used with pre-filled cartridges and not meant to be re-used by the user. (There are, of course, exceptions.)

For the most part, pod-vaping devices are more ornate versions of cig-alilke devices. These AIO vapes have a battery and a cartridge. You pop a cartridge onto a battery and you’re good to go. These devices have different features, different e-liquid partners, and different form factors to help make them stand out.

In order to help you find the right pod mod for you, here’s a roundup of these all-in-one e-cigs. This list will be updated on a rolling basis.



The Juul was an early entrant to the pod-mod field, hitting the market well before most vapers starting panicking about the FDA and TPD. It’s a small, rectangular device that uses 0.7-milliliter cartridges that are five percent nicotine in weight. In addition to having high nicotine levels, the company claims that the Juul’s use of nicotine salts over free-base nicotine is what helps give it a satisfying vape.

Kit Cost: $49.99
Cartridge Cost: $15.99 (Four-Pack)
Pax Juul Review

V2 Vertx


From one of the most established brands in the cig-alike market comes its most powerful model yet — the V2 Vertx. This AIO vape comes in two versions; the Vertx Plus features a touchscreen that allows users to adjust wattage, while the vanilla version runs at a fixed voltage. Both models feature 420mAh batteries and use cartridges that are purported to last 650 puffs (not a scientific measurement). Both Vertx models can be used with blank pods allowing users to use e-liquids of their choice. The pods can be used up to 20 times.

Kit Cost: $89.95 (Vertx Plus), $49.95 (Vertx)
Cartridge Cost: $14.95 (Three-Pack)
Vertx Plus Preview

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Apollo Brez

Apollo Brez
Apollo Brez

The Apollo Brez (pronounced “breeze”) is a pod mod that comes from one of the oldest American vaping companies. In addition to having a name that screams “Straight Outta Snapchat!”, the Apollo Brez features a 320mAh battery and Micro-USB charging. This AIO vape is a semi-closed system, with 1.5-milliliter cartridges that can be filled with the e-liquid of the vaper’s choice, as well as pre-filled cartridges featuring Apollo’s most popular flavors.

Kit Cost: $49.95
Cartridge Cost: TBA

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Cync by Vape Forward

Cync Stealth Battery

Cync is a line of pod-mod products from Vape Forward, a company known for the Vapor Flask line of box mods. In addition to a standard starter kit, the company offers three battery sizes — micro, standard, and stealth. The first two look like cig-alike products, while the latter looks like a shrunken box mod. Cync AIO vapes use 1.5- and 2.5-milliliter pods filled with e-liquids from several popular companies.

Kit Cost: $17.99
Cartridge Cost: $8.99 (Two-Pac)

Myvapors Myjet by Wismec

MyVapors MyJet By Wismec pod cartridge

Produced by Wismec for Myvapors, the Myjet is a pod mod with features that appeal to enthusiast vapers, while still retaining the ease-of-use that’s suitable for necomers. The personal carrying charger (PCC) that comes with the “full kit” runs on an 18650 battery, which most enthusiast vapers have. The Myjet uses 1.2-milliliter cartridges with e-liquids from several popular companies, but it can also use empty cartridges that allow vapers to use the e-liquid of their choice.

Kit Cost: $39.99 (Full Kit), $24.99 (Express Kit)
Cartridge Cost: $2.99 (Reloadable)
Myvapors Myjet Preview

Von Erl My.

Von Erl My.

The Von Erl My. is a svelte, rectangular pod mod out of Austria. Extraneous punctuation aside, the My. is a simple and easy-to-use AIO vape with an understated design. The company offers four flavors available in three nicotine levels. The stealthy battery has a capacity of 350mAh.

Kit Cost:$22.27
Cartridge Cost: $9.25 (Four-Pack)


XOLO in black

With an emphasis on design and ease-of-use, XOLO Vape hopes to be a major player in the pod-mod space. Out of all the pod-vape devices released in 2016, the XOLO is arguably the best-looking. In many ways, it resembles an enthusiast-vaper box-mod, but it’s certainly easy enough for beginners to handle. The XOLO uses 10-milliliter pods, with e-liquids from several established companies.

Kit Cost: $64.99
Cartridge Cost: $12.00
XOLO Preview

Kimsun Air 10

Kimsun A10

Another pod-mod device that resembles a miniaturized box mod, the Kimsun Air 10 is manufactured by Kimree. While the brand might be unknown to many vapers, the company has extensive experience making cig-alike products for tobacco companies. The Air 10 is part of Kimsun’s “Vaportridge” line of all-in-one e-cig products. The Air 10 has the most power and highest capacity of the bunch, using 10-milliliter e-liquid cartridges coupled with a 1,700mAh battery.

Kit Cost: $39.99
Cartridge Cost: $14.99
Kimsun Air 10 Preview

Kimsun Slim2

Kimsun Slim2
Kimsun Slim2

The Air 10’s little sister, the Kimsun Slim2 features a two-milliliter tank that complies with TPD regulations. The Kimsun Slim2 also boasts a 0.25-ohm titanium coil, an 1,100mAh battery, and constant temperature control set to 510F. The huge deal with this product is its distribution; Kimsun has reached a deal with Walmart, one of the largest big-box retailers in the world. With more than 11,000 stores in 28 countries, this gives the Kimsun Slim2 enormous reach.

Kit Cost: TBA
Cartridge Cost: TBA

Mistic 2.0 Pod-Mod

Mistic 2.0

The Mistic 2.0 Pod-Mod is a small all-in-one e-cig with robust features. It features a 1,700mAh battery with a fixed voltage of 30 watts. The device is available in two colors and has a form factor that resembles a small box mod. The Pod-Mod uses 10-milliliter cartridges in a variety of in-house flavors, as well as flavors from one popular e-liquid company.

Kit Cost: $39.99
Cartridge Cost: $19.99

Europa Blade

Europa Blade

The Europa Blade is a pod mod with some surprisingly advanced features for this style of vaping device. It has more in common with an enthusiast-vaper box-mod than a typical pod vape. The Europa Blade is a variable-wattage device that fires up to 20 watts. The device can pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth for connectivity with the Vaporcade app. It uses four-milliliter cartridges that will launch in five flavors. The Europa Blade is currently slated for a November 2016 release.

Kit Cost: $59.99
Cartridge Cost: $14.99 (Five-Pack)

Digirette eVapor System

Digirette eVapor System

The Digirette eVapor System features a pod mod that’s available in four different colors. The AIO e-cig use five-milliliter vapor pods that are available in ten different flavors and two nicotine levels. The company touts its device’s functionality as plug-and-play; you simply pop in the flavor cartridge and vape.

Kit Cost: $49.95
Cartridge Cost: $6.99

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  • bk4u2312

    I think Digirette may have changed names to Cue Vapor.

  • ShishkaBerry

    320mah? So like 4 puff to a charge?
    Why are we going backwards here

    • Jeremy

      Not backwards for beginners (just the opposite). These little devices could be a godsend to smokers looking to quit. The resistance of the pods also play into how quickly your device will need before a charge. I’ve used a few of these and I would give them to a smoker without hesitation. Now, I would never give a big box mod and RDA (or even a sub-ohm tank) to a smoker.

      The battery life ain’t great, but considering how small and inconspicuous some of these are, they are quite impressive. The Juul puts out for such a tiny device.

      Lastly, these devices are a direct answer to the FDAs deeming regs. I doubt any of them get “approved”, but I applaud the designs (though maybe not the prices on some).

      If these devices were actually replacing enthusiasts’ gear, then I would take issue. They are not. Just another tool in the tool box. 🙂

    • Tyler Lopez

      Actually the cync last a long time it’s 380 and surprising it’s amazing little device

  • Amanda

    Something that you might want noted also…? Tho one would assume they’d all be standard MTL (mouth to lung) inhale style, they most certainly are not. That “Digirette” for one… is DL (a direct lung type) of inhale only.. & offered in very low nic levels only. Sounds like the other fixed at 30w (tho just an assumption) might also be DL… I know for a fact the CYNC I tried was DL also. JUUL is MTL & there is “something” about those nic salts… I’d suggest them TO ANY smoker & have. Just a feeling it provides, not too harsh, but has the hit, vapor, everything…. closest to a “cig” I’ve EVER vaped in 6 yrs.. be it liquid, device, etc. Would be great if Juul could use that formula & then get some popular flavors on board. Personally never cared much for any of their own flavors… tho have used one here & there for quite some time. Always consistent, fuss-free, long-lasting (cuz you’re taking quick sharp pulls… totally different from how we vape otherwise) & for a smoker… ideal imho. A smoker to whom.. MTL (based on self & any I’ve interacted with over the years, anyway) will be imperative.. a “must have” feature. Those that don’t, esp for smokers/new vapers, can pretty much be crossed off the list. If using as an established vaper, DL would be perfect.. I liked the Cync for that reason. (VonErl also offers multitude of “known” flavors, btw… just like Cync does) Thanks for the listing… 🙂 Live long(ER) & vape on!

    • Great stuff Amanda! Thanks for the input.

  • Jack Lowson

    The Juul and that Mystic pod mod 2.0 are amazing. I just don’t like the fancy led light on the Pod mod, it lights up and looks like a piece of tech that would be sitting in a UFO. It’s a little too much.

    • That could be a useful feature at a club or concert :p

  • anna

    Even if I agree that the Juul is the best device, I think it is just a shame how Pax handles distribution. In Florida (eastcoast) there is no place to buy and limitations in the online-store. Guess they won’t make it really long now that other great devices are coming…